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1. Examples of Bouffant in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web With his piano-pounding performances, wild vocals, Bouffant hair and makeup, Little Richard burst onto the musical scene in …

Bouffant, Burst

2. Adjective puffed out; full: a Bouffant skirt.


3. Bouffant Scrub Hat by Green Scrubs Scrub hats for nurses, doctors and patients

Bouffant, By

4. LATEX-FREE Polypropylene Bouffant - Recommended for pharmaceutical and manufacturing


5. We found 4 answers for “Bouffant


6. This page shows answers to the clue Bouffant.Bouffant may be defined as “Puffy being puffed out“Puffed out; full: a Bouffant skirt“Bouffant describes a dress or a hairstyle which is puffed-out”.

Bouffant, Be, Being

7. Bouffant Caps (33) Sort By: Best Match

Bouffant, By, Best

8. Best Match; Manuf A-Z; Manuf Z-A; Single-Ply Polypropylene Bouffant Caps

Best, Bouffant

9. Boundary Heavyweight Polypropylene Bouffant Caps

Boundary, Bouffant

10. Madison ~ a messy Bouffant pushed back, secured with an elastic art deco inspired hairband with the bangs tucked behind the ears

Bouffant, Back, Bangs, Behind

11. Brooke ~ A slightly neater teased Bouffant with angled bangs framing the side of the face and showcasing both ears.

Brooke, Bouffant, Bangs, Both

12. Bouffant She wore a lace bodysuit and a large Bouffant wig, took to a giant keytar and performed a techno rendition of the track.

Bouffant, Bodysuit

13. This crossword clue Bouffant, for one was discovered last seen in the March 15 2021 at the Daily Themed Crossword


14. Bouffant Daddy is a one of a kind boutique and salon located in Historic Downtown Maplewood

Bouffant, Boutique

15. Bouffant-STYLE SURGICAL SCRUB CAP 13.Sew the band to the hat and then either zig-zag or serge the edges

Bouffant, Band

16. Bouffant Scrub Cap Purple Passion, Scrub Hat, Surgical Hat, Surgical Cap, Nurse OR Hat, OR Hats, Scrub Hats for Women, ORHatsByBonita ORHatsByBonita


17. Add to Favorites XX large cheetah Bouffant Surgical cap, bigger Bouffant surgical scrub hat, scrub cap for women, with button option

Bouffant, Bigger, Button

18. Bouffant - a woman's hairstyle in which the hair gives a puffy appearance coif , coiffure , hair style , hairdo , hairstyle - the arrangement of the hair (especially a woman's hair) Adj.


19. Bouffant Scrub Hats w/ Satin Mickey and Minnie Mouse Women’s Bouffant Surgical Scrub Hat - Scrub Hat - Bouffant scrub hats - Surgical cap StitchesByMaricel


20. Our disposable and launderable Bouffant caps provide roominess and protection, and are perfect for cleanrooms, labs, healthcare, food service and other critical environments.


21. White, celebration print Bouffant, 25 in


22. ‘The predominance of Bouffant silver hair and whiskers was most impressive.’ ‘The breathtakingly beautiful Carmen did a turn at the premiere on February 26th with a short sassy Bouffant style with attitude to match.’

Bouffant, Breathtakingly, Beautiful

23. Bouffant - a woman's hairstyle in which the hair gives a puffy appearance


24. Bouffant - being puffed out; used of hair style or clothing; "a Bouffant skirt"

Bouffant, Being

25. Bouffant caps were used in 71% of colon/intestinal cases, 42% of hernia/other cases, 40% of biliary cases, and only 1% of foregut cases.

Bouffant, Biliary

26. CleanroomSupply offers both regular and laminated polypropylene Bouffant caps

Both, Bouffant

27. These practical Bouffant caps are lightweight, breathable, and feature a comfortable floss covered band to keep them in place.

Bouffant, Breathable, Band

28. Bouffant caps are used in food services to avoid contamination of products owing to the hair fall of the workers in the surrounding


29. Bouffant caps differ from surgical caps and are usually preferred for hygiene and safety purposes to minimize contamination.


30. Definition of Bouffant adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


31. XtraClean™ Bouffant caps are made from a lightweight (10gm) 100% virgin hydro-entangled (spunbound) polypropylene fabric


32. Packed in sealed polyethylene bags and a separate inner-case poly-bag liner, these Bouffant

Bags, Bag, Bouffant

33. Our premium-quality disposable Bouffant caps (or Bouffant hair nets) are designed to provide full hair coverage.The round surgical Bouffant cap is lightweight and comfortable.Polypropylene Bouffant caps are designed to contain head hair.


34. Our blue Bouffant caps are suitable for non-fluid contamination environments, such as patient rooms, waiting areas and exam rooms.

Blue, Bouffant

35. Bouffant Cap (59) Hairnet (38) Attachment Style


36. Bouffant Hair Tutorial Look 1: Glam Bouffant Hair 1 Prep your hair


37. This glam Bouffant hair look is all about volume, so give your mane a body boost by giving it a fresh wash

Bouffant, Body, Boost, By

38. Sure, there's a little backcombing involved, but this Bouffant looks effortless — not contrived

Backcombing, But, Bouffant

39. A Bouffant, or beehive, is a hairstyle which involves piling the hair on top of the head and puffing it out, creating a very distinctive and eye-catching look

Bouffant, Beehive

40. Once one has seen a Bouffant, the style is quite unforgettable, and as anyone who


41. The Bouffant is back! The hairstyle, known for its round shape, with hair swept off the face and shellacked into place with quite a bit of hair spray, is symbolic of all that is retro.

Bouffant, Back, Bit

42. The 24 in Bouffant cap will be more sutible for individuals with longer hair

Bouffant, Be

43. Great for controlling hair while maintaining a comfortable temperature, these Bouffant caps contain hair in a lint free, breathable, elastic head garment

Bouffant, Breathable

44. The 1960s Bouffant hairdo: Jackie Kennedy (left) popularized it, but it took Hollywood, skilled hairstylists and an entire generation of glamour girls of that era to bring it to the pinnacle of eye-catching beauty as the decade progressed.

Bouffant, But, Bring, Beauty

45. Specialties: Bouffant Daddy is a one of a kind boutique and salon located in Historic Downtown Maplewood

Bouffant, Boutique

46. Along with establishing the popular Hair Show "Hairball" in 1997, Jeff Noble opened Bouffant Daddy in 1993,…


47. Bouffant Caps For Cleanrooms We have a large selection of consumable cleanroom products, including Bouffant caps


48. The Bouffant caps are available in bulk, by the bag (100 Bouffant caps per bag) or the case (250 Bouffant caps per case)

Bouffant, Bulk, By, Bag

49. Packaged flat, the Bouffant caps are great for use in cleanrooms, labs, manufacturing facilities, and other


50. This Bouffant cap features an elastic band for snug, adjustable sizing and is designed for full hair coverage

Bouffant, Band

51. Bouffant Hair How to Do an Easy Bouffant Vintage Hair Style? Simple Bouffant Hair Tutorial! Super Easy.Modern Bouffant - Hair Style.Special Occasion Big Bouffant Hair.

Bouffant, Big

52. This Bouffant cap features an elastic band for snug, adjustable sizing and is designed for full hair coverage

Bouffant, Band

53. Bouffant is a new Central Coast bakery dedicated to making you delicious baked goods.

Bouffant, Bakery, Baked

54. Bouffant Salon is a perfectly quaint little space for AMAZING cut and color


55. Bouffant Caps for Cleanroom, Food Processing, Manufacturing, and Industrial Applications


56. Disposable Bouffant Caps / Hair Nets are designed for use in cleanroom environments where strong measures are taken to control contamination levels


57. A Bouffant cap completely covers the hair for use in controlled enviornments and other situations where it


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BOUFFANT [bo͞oˈfänt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does bouffant mean in Urban Dictionary?

puffed out; full: a bouffant skirt.

What is the plural of bouffant?

bouffant (plural bouffants) A popular hairstyle in the mid-to-late 16th century, nowadays common with poodles. See also . bouffant cap; bouffanty; buffont

What does bouffant cap mean?

bouffant cap ( plural bouffant caps ) A loose cap, so called because of its puffy shape, typically secured around the head with an elastic, and frequently used in cleanrooms, food service, and other settings to contain loose hair.

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