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1. Botch definition is - an inflammatory sore


2. How to use Botch in a sentence.


3. To spoil by poor work; bungle (often followed by up): He Botched up the job thoroughly

By, Bungle, Botched

4. Botched, Botch·ing, Botch·es 1

Botched, Botch

5. To perform poorly or ruin through clumsiness or ineptitude: Botch a tennis shot; Botch a rebellion


6. / bɑːtʃ / (UK also Botch-up, bodge, bodge-up) something that is spoiled by being done badly: The company made a series of Botches before it went bankrupt

Botch, Bodge, By, Being, Badly, Botches, Before, Bankrupt

7. 71 synonyms of Botch from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 57 related words, definitions, and antonyms


8. Botch: an unorganized collection or mixture of various things.


9. Botch was an American mathcore band formed in 1993 in Tacoma, Washington, United States.The band, featuring Brian Cook, Dave Knudson, Tim Latona and Dave Verellen, spent four years as a garage band and released several demos and EPs before signing to Hydra Head Records.Through the label, Botch released two studio albums: American Nervoso (1998) and We Are the Romans (1999).

Botch, Band, Brian, Before

10. Botch -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at


11. The Crossword Solver found 71 answers to the Botch crossword clue


12. The official site for Botched show clips, photos, videos, show schedule, and news from E! Online


13. Botch-work and bungling are inexcusable, as well in writing as in the transaction of business

Botch, Bungling, Business


Burroughs, Barkham, Botch

15. Synonyms for Botch include bungle, fumble, muff, mismanage, butcher, flub, mangle, blow, bodge and fluff

Botch, Bungle, Butcher, Blow, Bodge

16. Botch: 1 v make a mess of, destroy or ruin “I Botched the dinner and we had to eat out” Synonyms: ball up , blow , bobble , bodge , bollix , bollix up , Botch up

Botch, Botched, Ball, Blow, Bobble, Bodge, Bollix

17. With polyrhythmic guitar stylings, raw vocals, progressive song structures, and a unique sound, Botch were prominent in the underground metalcore scene from 1993 until 2002


18. In May 1998, the four-piece from Tacoma, USA released their first album, American Nervoso.On November 30, 1999, Hydra Head released Botch's We Are The Romans.Since its initial release, bands have been influenced by its

Botch, Bands, Been, By

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20. This page shows answers to the clue Botch, followed by ten definitions like “A clumsy or poor piece of work”, “There are two expressions here” and “To mark with, or as with, Botches”.Synonyms for Botch are for example bodge, do badly and make a dog`s dinner of.More synonyms can be found below the puzzle answers.

Botch, By, Botches, Bodge, Badly, Be, Below

21. Botch - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


22. Et n.) : Terme argotique employé dans le midi synonyme de "fou""Il est 8h du mat et t'es déjà bourré ? Mais t'es un Botch !"

Bourr, Botch

23. Look up Botch, Botched, Botcher, or bodge in Wiktionary, the free dictionary

Botch, Botched, Botcher, Bodge

24. Botch, Botched or Botcher may refer to: Botch (professional wrestling), a slang term for missing a scripted wrestling move Botch (band), an American mathcore band

Botch, Botched, Botcher, Band

25. This is my second favorite Botch record


26. Botch From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Botch Botch 1 / bɒtʃ $ bɑːtʃ / ( also Botch up ) verb [ transitive ] informal DO BADLY to do something badly, because you have been careless or because you do not have the skill to do it properly The builders really Botched up our patio.

Botch, Badly, Because, Been, Builders, Botched

27. ‘Soccer shoots-out make good theatre, too often arriving after highly-paid players have made a total Botch of getting a result.’ ‘Like all reshuffles, last week's will prove a Botch.’ ‘A Canvey teacher stranded in Australia because of a bureaucratic Botch has made the dramatic decision to stay there for good.’

Botch, Because, Bureaucratic

28. (bɒtʃ) Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense Botches, present participle Botching, past tense, past participle Botched 1

Botches, Botching, Botched

29. Verb If you Botch something that you are doing, you do it badly or clumsily.

Botch, Badly

30. Seattle, WA's Botch is at the forefront of a near revolution in sound in heavy music


31. See 3 authoritative translations of Botch in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


32. Botched definition, spoiled by poor or clumsy work; bungled:The teachers are up in arms about the Botched rollout of the new standards, which caused unnecessary confusion and stress for them and their students

Botched, By, Bungled

33. They should be smitten with the Botch of Egypt, and a sore Botch in the legs that cannot be healed.: But there was plenty of incentive to hurry and scamp and slobber and Botch.: Hence Catullus resentment against Nonius, whom he calls the Botch, or impostume of the State.: You will have to give me instructions, and though I may Botch the business, I'll save the meat.

Be, Botch, But, Business

34. Examples of Botch in a sentence


35. Since Timmy wrote his answers on the wrong spaces, he would Botch the test


36. 🔊 You will Botch the recipe if you leave the chicken in the marinade for too long


37. 🔊 An insider in the gang decided to purposefully Botch the kidnapping so no one would get hurt


38. Botch 'Botch' is a 5 letter word starting with B and ending with H Crossword clues for 'Botch'


39. Botch is a character who is in group five, but is not related to the trains, just like Doofus

Botch, But

40. 1 About 2 Appearance 3 Video 4 Game There are two things in this world that Botch loves to do most


41. Botch weren’t on the way to Red Rocks in the waning days of 1999, but in their realm they were starting to look untouchable

Botch, But

42. “You can’t go to a Botch show and come away unchanged” was the first


43. Botch (v.) late 14c., bocchen "to repair," later, "repair clumsily, to spoil by unskillful work" (1520s); of unknown origin

Botch, Bocchen, By

44. Botch, Children Of God, Helms Alee, Nineironspitfire: Botch, Children Of God, Helms Alee, Nineironspitfire - All About Friends Forever Volume Four (Comp) 2 versions : All About Friends Forever: AAFF04: US: 2013: Sell This Version


45. Initially released in 2000, Botch's final full-length was a devastating metallic hardcore explosion


46. Botch, Category: Artist, Top Tracks: Liquored up and Laid, John Woo, Hutton's Great Heat Engine, The Leaver's Take on Genesis, Biography: Seattle, WA's Botch is at the forefront of a near revolution in sound in heavy music

Botch, Biography

47. To Botch in professional wrestling means to attempt a scripted move that does not come out as it was originally planned due to a mistake, miscalculation, or a slip-up


48. Most Botches are harmless but embarrassing, such as a wrestler falling before his opponent's move actually connects, or "selling" an opponent's maneuver that clearly missed, inciting the fans to chant things such as "You fucked

Botches, But, Before

49. 27.6k Followers, 15 Following, 2,065 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Botch CLUB (@Botchclub)

Botch, Botchclub

50. The plumbers made a Botch of the pipes


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52. An Anthology of Dead Ends by Botch, released 15 October 2002 1

By, Botch

53. Micaragua Botch is perhaps the greatest “heavy” band of the last ten years

Botch, Band

54. We don’t mean to be grandiose, we’re simply stating the truth, as anyone who has witnessed the Botch live experience might attest to

Be, Botch

55. As a friend of ours put it, when Botch took the stage, not


56. Synonyms for Botch in Free Thesaurus


57. 88 synonyms for Botch: spoil, mar, bungle, fumble, screw up, mess up, cock up, balls up, fuck up, mismanage, muff, make a nonsense of, bodge

Botch, Bungle, Balls, Bodge

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