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1. Any Borrowerthat applied for a PPP loan prior to the issuance of this guidance and repays the loan in full by May 7, 2020, will be deemed by SBA to …

Borrowerthat, By, Be

2. In the same motion, Deutsche Bank also argued the Borrowerthat had offered only speculation burden of proof to show the to meet his indorsement was unauthorized or fraudulentwhen made, as he had specifically pled in his affirmative defense

Bank, Borrowerthat, Burden

3. Prove to the trinntor Borrowerthat it is a bolder ofthe PromL -,sor Note that is being enforced through foreelosvire of''a Deed ofTrust:'' Ill

Borrowerthat, Bolder, Being

4. Ex-post performance of the borrowers and the Borrowerthat s’ main banks switched from non-guaranteed loans to guaranteed loans (Ono, Uesugi, and Yasuda 2013)

Borrowers, Borrowerthat, Banks

5. A Borrowerthat the servicer determineswhether the borrower is “prequalified” for a loss mitigation program by evaluating the borrower against preliminary criteria

Borrowerthat, Borrower, By

6. For the Borrowerthat defaulted: ˛ ˝ ˚ ()*+,


7. The borrower will use the proceeds of the loan only for the benefit of theborrower, its consolidated US subsidiaries and other affiliates of the Borrowerthat are US businesses.[11]10.

Borrower, Bene, Borrowerthat, Businesses

8. Note that it’s not only the income of the co-Borrowerthat’s taken into account by the lender, but also the credit score

Borrowerthat, By, But

9. Acknowledgment by Borrowerthat loan documents are enforceable, without any defenses thereto

By, Borrowerthat

10. ü“Any Borrowerthat, together with its affiliates, received a [PPL] with an originalprincipal amount of less than $2 millionwill be deemed to have made the required certification concerning the necessity of the loan request in good faith.”

Borrowerthat, Be

11. A jiffy bag essay on van mahotsav in kannada “Many people looked at the 5.2% expected coupon on the10-year bond and realized that this is a blue-chip Borrowerthat’s offering more than some double-B names,” said MikeCollins senior portfolio investment manager at Prudential.

Bag, Bond, Blue, Borrowerthat

12. Credit problems or a bankruptcy.Manybanks will shyawayfrom lending to a Borrowerthat poses a financial risk

Bankruptcy, Borrowerthat

13. However, the second conduit Borrowerthat has lost its appeal has not settled, subjecting its bondholders to being taxed, hesaid

Borrowerthat, Bondholders, Being

14. Written allocation bythe Borrowerthat evidences the Borrower's use of proceeds of the Bonds to reimburse an Expenditure, no later than 18 months after the later of the date on which the Expenditure is paid or the Project is placed in service or abandoned, but in no event more than three years after the date on which the Expenditure is paid

Bythe, Borrowerthat, Borrower, Bonds, But

15. Borrowerthat will not provide income for repay-ment are not apt to be beneficial to the h~rrmver nor,inthelongrun,tothelender

Borrowerthat, Be, Beneficial

16. Cornmitmen~constitutes a cerUficatien by the Borrowerthat all

By, Borrowerthat

17. APRs are a less important way toassess a loan for a Borrowerthat intends to payoff the loan early byrefinancing or selling the property prior to the full termofthe mortgage

Borrowerthat, Byre

18. (k) TPO has not and will not (i) advise any Borrowerthat they are guaranteed a particular interest rate should their Loan Applicationbe approved or (ii) issue any interest rate lock or similar agreement without the prior written consent of the Lender


19. Accountant supermarket manager nexium mups 20 mg “Many people looked at the 5.2% expected coupon on the10-year bond and realized that this is a blue-chip Borrowerthat’s offering more than some double-B names,” said MikeCollins senior portfolio investment manager at Prudential.

Bond, Blue, Borrowerthat

20. You need to be able to give a prime borrower or a Borrowerthat’s close to prime a mortgage

Be, Borrower, Borrowerthat

21. Any loans that aremodified are reviewed by the Company to identify if a troubled debt restructuring (“TDR”) has occurred, which is when,for economic or legal reasons related to a borrower’s financial difficulties, the Company grants a concession to the Borrowerthat it would not otherwise consider.

By, Borrower, Borrowerthat

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plural of borrower?

/ˈbɑrəwɚ/ noun, plural borrowers [count] Each borrower's payments will vary according to the terms of the loan. the library's borrowers [=people who borrow books from the library]

What is a borrower loan?

A borrower loan is an unsecured consumer loan originated through our marketplace and made by WebBank, an FDIC insured, Utah-chartered Industrial Bank Co.

Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. SSE: 601166 is a bank based in Fuzhou, Fujian, China. Borrowers must meet certain eligibility criteria in order to be approved for a loan. After originating a borrower loan, WebBank sells and assigns the loan to Prosper.

What is the definition of borrowing money?

Borrow means to receive something with the implied or expressed intention of returning the item or its equivalent. The borrower is the person to whom a loan is made by a lender. Borrowing money may be subject to state usury laws, which govern the maximum amount of interest that may be charged in certain loan...

What is the meaning of 'borrowing from banks?

the amount of money that is borrowed from a bank or banks: The expansion was funded by short-term bank borrowings. (Definition of bank borrowing from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) What is the pronunciation of bank borrowing ?