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Looking for sentences with "Boresightings"? Here are some examples.

1. Boresighting definition: Noun (plural boresightings) 1. The alignment of a microwave or radar antenna using purely optical means 2. The alignment of the bore of a gun and its gunsight in parallel
2. I've done over 1500 boresightings using both expandable arbors (which I prefer) and spuds and have not damaged a barrel. For very good shooters (target or hunter), my boresighting will put their first shot within 1 inch of point of aim. With experience you will be able to use it to detect problems such as "click" value errors and doing a box
3. The present invention pertains to methods for managing resources in radar time, that is to say methods making it possible to manage in an optimal manner the scheduling of the boresightings performed. The method according to the invention firstly consists in supplying a table containing candidate boresightings. These candidate boresightings are those corresponding to the boresighting requests
4. Boresighting: boresighting (English) Noun boresighting (pl. boresightings) The alignment of a microwave or radar antenna using purely optical means The alignment of the bore of a gun and its gunsight…
5. My half-hearted boresightings got me within a couple of inches at 25 yards all times I've done it. on the gun I couldn't bore sight, I just eyed the length of the barrel and did about as good. remember to keep it low at that range by the the difference between the scope axis and the bore axis Sep 15, 2012 #19.
6. The Okeba is versatile and easy to use from a 22 Ruger Mark IV to a 1911. If you need the versatility or plan to do many boresightings, spend the extra 20 bucks. Or be me and buy both.
7. Further calibration measurements such as measurements of the point response function for a variety of off-axis angles, flux values of intrinsically constant sources as a function of off-axis angle, background under a variety of orbital and viewing conditions, UV leakage measurements and boresightings were obtained afterwards.

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