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1. Boracic synonyms, Boracic pronunciation, Boracic translation, English dictionary definition of Boracic


2. It’s also known as hydrogen borate, Boracic acid, orthoboric acid and acidum boricum

Borate, Boracic, Boricum

3. Of all the anti-septic agents used for the purposes mentioned Boracic acid is the favorite, and salicylic acid next in choice


4. Boracic acid definition is - boric acid

Boracic, Boric

5. Boracic It’s pronounced ‘ brassic ’ and it’s slang for being penniless. Like so many other widespread expressions, it derives from the Cockney rhyming slang 'Boracic lint' which rhymes with skint signifying that the person has no money

Boracic, Brassic, Being

6. Incidentally, Boracic lint was used as a …


7. Boracic (not comparable) Relating to, or impregnated with borax

Boracic, Borax

8. BORON (symbol B, atomic weight ii), one of the non-metallic elements, occurring in nature in the form of Boracic (boric) acid, and in various borates such as borax, tincal,

Boron, Boracic, Boric, Borates, Borax

9. Boracic acid is chiefly found near Volterra, where there is also a little rock salt, but …

Boracic, But

10. 99% Pure BORIC Acid AKA Orthoboric Acid, Boracic Acid (2 lb) 4.5 out of 5 stars 998

Boric, Boracic

11. Boric acid — also called hydrogen borate or Boracic acid — is a weak acid that’s been used for many years as an antiseptic

Boric, Borate, Boracic, Been

12. Boric acid, also called hydrogen borate, Boracic acid, orthoboric acid and acidum boricum, is a weak, monobasic Lewis acid of boron often used as an antiseptic, flame retardant, neutron absorber, or precursor to other chemical compounds.

Boric, Borate, Boracic, Boricum, Boron

13. Boric definition, of or containing boron; Boracic

Boric, Boron, Boracic

14. Boric acid, on the other hand, which is scientifically known as trihydrooxidoborn or simply as Boracic acid or hydrogen borate, is a form of borax that is much more acidic in nature

Boric, Boracic, Borate, Borax

15. Many people call it Boracic acid, hydrogen borate, Acidum boricum, and orthoboric acid.

Boracic, Borate, Boricum

16. It is also known as hydrogen borate, Boracic acid and orthoboric acid

Borate, Boracic

17. Boracic adjective Referring to or produced from borax; containing boron; boric; as in, Boracic acid.

Boracic, Borax, Boron, Boric

18. Boracic: 1 adj of or relating to or derived from or containing boron Synonyms: boric

Boracic, Boron, Boric

19. For refolding of the constructs, the purified protein was diluted to a concentration of 250 μg/ml with the denaturing buffer in a 50 ml dialysis bag and subjected to a stepwise urea-removal dialysis (protein solution/buffer solution 1:50, v/v) against borate buffers (0.9% Boracic acid/0.3% NaOH, pH 9.5) containing 4, 2, 1 or 0 M urea.

Buffer, Bag, Borate, Buffers, Boracic

20. Boracic acid chemical family: inorganic borates cas registry number: 10043-35-3 (11113-50-1) (refer to section 15 for tsca/dsl chemical inventory listing) manufacturer: u.s

Boracic, Borates

21. Electro-Boracic steel appears on various tools, I have seen it on plane blades, adzes and chisels

Boracic, Blades

22. Boracic lint (bɒˈrasɪk) is a type of medical dressing made from surgical lint that is soaked in a hot, saturated solution of Boracic acid and glycerine and then left to dry.


23. When in use, Boracic lint proved to be very valuable in the treatment of leg ulcers.

Boracic, Be

24. Ture, and it contains Boracic acid, soda and borate of lime

Boracic, Borate

25. Boracic is pronounced 'brassic'

Boracic, Brassic

26. Comes from the cockney rhyming slang 'Boracic lint' (a type of medical dressing): Boracic lint = skint.


27. Manufacturing borax and Boracic acid as a member of Lhe Thorkildsen-Mather j company, with offices in Chicago

Borax, Boracic

28. Mr Boracic was getting off a bus in Bakewell Drive and had just begun to cross the road when the incident happened

Boracic, Bus, Bakewell, Begun

29. Hit-and-run tragedy To help the Coldstream Guards some friends of the regiment are sending 1,000 each of shirts, socks, tins of Boracic ointment, and packets of peppermints.


30. A gradient Boracic polyanion-doping method is applied to Ni-rich LiNi 0.8 Co 0.15 Al 0.05 O 2 (NCA) cathode material in this study to suppress the capacity/potential fade during charge-discharge cycling


31. Synonyms for Boracic in Free Thesaurus


32. Synonyms for Boracic include impecunious, destitute, poor, impoverished, penniless, needy, indigent, penurious, broke and skint

Boracic, Broke

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BORACIC [bəˈrasik]

boracic (adjective)

Synonyms: boric . destitute . poverty-stricken . impoverished . indigent . penniless . insolvent . impecunious . ruined . pauperized . needy . hard up . hard-pressed . deprived . disadvantaged . distressed . badly off . beggarly . beggared . homeless . vagrant . unemployed . jobless . workless . idle . between jobs . redundant . penurious . wealthy . well heeled .

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What does boracic lint mean?

It’s pronounced ‘brassic’ and it’s slang for being penniless. Like so many other widespread expressions, it derives from the Cockney rhyming slang 'boracic lint' which rhymes with skint signifying that the person has no money. Incidentally, boracic lint was used as a dressing in the treatment of ulcerated skin.

What does Boro mean in Urban Dictionary?

Boro were boracic and heading towards liquidation so spending any money on any player was a risk, especially an unknown from the lower levels of Scotland. Dictionary browser ? Full browser ?

What does boric mean?

Variant of boric. [From Medieval Latin bōrāx, bōrāc-, borax; see borax .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved. of or containing boron; boracic.