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1. Bondholders essentially become creditors to the issuer, and so Bondholders enjoy certain

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2. Bondholders is a professional firm which provides independent loan agency and corporate trustee services, not affiliated to any financial services group.


3. Bondholder A firm often has stockholders and Bondholders

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4. In a liquidation, the Bondholders have first priority.


5. A person or organization that owns a bond: Those who manage the money have a responsibility to Bondholders to repay them on time.

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6. Shareholders are those who own stock in a company, whereas Bondholders are those who own bonds issued by a company

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7. Bondholders are creditors of the company


8. While Bondholders have first call on the proceeds of liquidation, some Bondholders have senior rights to this money


9. With Chapter 7, the company is liquidated and Bondholders should file a claim to receive a portion of the value of their bonds

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10. Bondholders synonyms, Bondholders pronunciation, Bondholders translation, English dictionary definition of Bondholders


11. Bondholders shall not be responsible for any possible security errors which may occur nor for any possible damage to the user’s computer system (hardware and software), or to the files or documents stored therein, caused by the presence of a virus in the computer used by the user to connect to the web site’s services and content, by the

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12. Andy Parkinson is Chair of the Bondholders Advisory Board and a Business Strategy Consultant

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13. 7 hours ago · Bondholders filed suit in New York on Tuesday against Argentina's Buenos Aires province after talks broke down over restructuring $7.1 billion in provincial debt as the country’s leftist

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14. Bondholders’ Meeting means a meeting among the Bondholders held in accordance with Clauses 17.1 (Request for a decision), 17.2 (Convening of Bondholders’ Meeting) and17.4 (Majority, quorum and …


15. Bondholders may present matured or called bonds or coupons to a U.S

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16. The Bondholders aim to halt Tribune's exit from Chapter 11 protection under a plan they say will give ''all but a sliver'' of the publisher to the very banks they claim caused its demise

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17. Tribune Bondholders Ask Court to Study Zell Deal


18. Wilmington Trust Company maintains this website and a call center for the benefit of former holders of these debt securities (referred to on this website as "Bondholders")

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19. Now it's the Bondholders' turn to suffer: Trump says he won't pay the $88 million in debt payments due today unless the Bondholders cut him a new deal


20. Synonyms for Bondholders in Free Thesaurus


21. What are synonyms for Bondholders?


22. Bondholders led by the hedge fund Elliott Management have maintained that their bankruptcy exit plan is a better deal than the one backed by …

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23. Venezuela's finance minister on Tuesday offered to speak with Bondholders about a potential renegotiation of the cash-strapped country's debt, …


24. Hence, in court, you can't screw over the Bondholders without doing equal damage to the $30 billion in union health care claims

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25. Bondholders are likely to be asked if they approve of the latest deal to restructure the company and sell its good assets to the government

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26. Any consent or other instrument required by this Indenture to be signed by Bondholders may be in any number of concurrent documents and may be signed by a Bondholder or by the holder’s agent appointed in writing.Proof of the execution of such instrument or of the instrument appointing an agent and of the ownership of Bonds, if made in the following manner, shall be

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27. Definition of Bondholders in the dictionary


28. What does Bondholders mean? Information and translations of Bondholders in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


29. Has been working with a financial adviser to prepare for a potential bankruptcy filing in the event Bondholders don’t take the company up on a restructuring offer, according to

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30. Bondholders generally must wait until this period has expired


31. If the trustee does not act, Bondholders may generally deliver letter declaring an event of default, but only if representing 25% or more of the debt outstanding

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32. Bondholders are better off when the yield to maturity A

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33. Puerto Rico's Bondholders suffered another defeat Tuesday, as the First Circuit affirmed two major district court decisions that found the creditors can't force the island's government and


34. Bondholders may still cast their vote for the resolution that would enable a restructuring of the CHF 60 million 5% Convertible Bonds due 2022

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35. The Bondholders committee, whose 15 members in aggregate represent more than 40% of Zambia’s $3 billion in outstanding Eurobonds, said on …

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36. Annual reports to Bondholders cover all outstanding municipal bonds issued by Miami-Dade County through the end of the fiscal year on September 30th, and all relevant updated information on Miami-Dade County as required by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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37. Bondholders of South Africa’s state-owned electricity company are watching the latest round of rescue talks from a distance


38. Bondholders in particularly hard-hit sectors like energy, travel and leisure have another issue to watch for as companies struggle to survive the economic shutdown - getting demoted by new debt

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39. Foreign Bondholders are minded to block Zambia’s plans to suspend interest payments without assurances of equal treatment with large lender China, indicating that the test case for a potential

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40. Bondholders who lost money in the collapse of London Capital & Finance PLC urged a judge on Tuesday to overturn a refusal by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to …

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41. The Treasury Department and a committee of major Bondholders at General Motors have reached a deal that could give creditors a larger stake in GM than previously offered


42. Some Bondholders say they could get a better deal in bankruptcy

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43. American Bondholders Foundation, Lewisburg, TN


44. MainStreet Bondholders, Alexandria, Virginia


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BONDHOLDERS [ˈbändˌhōldər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a bondholder?

Financial Definition of bondholder. A bondholder is a person who owns a bond issued by a borrower, typically a company or a government. A bond represents a loan agreement between an issuer and an investor, and the terms of the bond obligate the issuer to repay the borrowed amount (the principal) by a specific date.

Can bondholders sell their bonds?

Bondholders can buy and sell their bonds on the bond market. Being a bondholder is much different that being a shareholder. For one thing, bondholders are lenders; shareholders are owners. Also, bondholders cannot vote and they are not entitled to dividends. But perhaps most important is the fact that bondholders rank senior to shareholders.

Who is a bondholder?

A bondholder is a person who owns a bond issued by a borrower, typically a company or a government.

What are bondholders in a corporation?

Key Takeaways

  • A bondholder is an investor or owner of debt securities that are typically issued by corporations and governments.
  • Bondholders are essentially lending money to the bond issuers.
  • Bondholders receive their principal back when the bonds mature and periodic interest payments for most bonds.
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