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1. Bona fide means "in good faith" in Latin


2. A Bona fide sale of securities is an entirely aboveboard transaction


3. Outside of business and law, Bona fide implies mere sincerity and earnestness.

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4. Bona fide definition, made, done, presented, etc., in good faith; without deception or fraud: a Bona fide statement of intent to sell


5. In modern English, Bona fide (without the s) is usually an adjective meaning (1) made or carried out in good faith or (2) real or genuine. Bona fides, with the s at the end, is a noun meaning (1) good faith, (2) credentials, or (3) information that establishes a person’s reputation or credentials.


6. The Crossword Solver found 43 answers to the Bona fide crossword clue


7. Bona fide Need The three major legal provisions that concern funds execution are the Anti-deficiency Act, Purpose Statute (also known as the "Misappropriation Act"), and the Bona fide Need Rule (also known as the “time statute”).


8. That exception, called the Bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ), recognizes that in some extremely rare instances a person's sex, religion, or national origin may be reasonably necessary to carrying out a particular job function in the

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9. Bona fide Although the b-helix is a plausible structural motif for amyloid fibrils, it has not yet been proven that Bona fide b-helices occur in amyloid fibrils

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10. From the Cambridge English Corpus For all that we can see, it is a Bona fide


11. Bona fide Juicery is an idea born on the aspect of creating access to organic healthy options for locals. We are eager to help the organic movement by introducing new and unique products to the area

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12. Bona fide Masks™ is the largest authorized distributor of Powecom products in the U.S


13. Authentic Powecom KN95 masks distributed by Bona fide Masks™ are only available through this site,

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14. In Latin, Bona fide means “with good faith.” In English, the OED says, it was originally an adverb meaning “genuinely,” “with sincerity,” or “in good faith.” The adverb dates back to the time of Henry VIII, the dictionary says, when it was recorded in the Acts of Parliament for 1542-43: “The same to procede Bona fide, without

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15. Bona fide synonyms, Bona fide pronunciation, Bona fide translation, English dictionary definition of Bona fide


16. Made or carried out in good faith; sincere: a Bona fide offer.


17. Verb) Information or evidence that serves to guarantee a person's good faith, standing, and reputation; authentic credentials: "[His] operatic Bona fides were prominently on display as he molded long, singing lines without any apparent pressure" (John von Rhein).


18. Bona fide member is defined as a competitor that has full pool privileges


19. If equipment is rented from a supplier, provide: Supplier ID W Supplier Name *Bona fide member means a member, according to the organization’s established membership criteria, who participates in …


20. Bona fides is a Latin phrase meaning "good faith"


21. Its ablative case is Bona fide, meaning "in good faith", which is often used as an adjective to mean "genuine".


22. Bona fide dispute means a good faith assertion of a right, claim, billing adjustment or credit which Customer reasonably believes it is entitled to under the Agreement.A Bona fide Dispute shall not include, and Customer may not withhold any amounts invoiced at the correct rates for, actual calls made by Customer, Customer’s End Users or unauthorized third parties (e.g., fraudulent calls).

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23. Bona fide (Latin term for "good faith") law means a holder or purchaser has taken an item without knowing a superior claim or lien was made by another person

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24. Bona fide Sales and Sales For Exportation to the United States August 2005 merchandise is the primary or preferred method for determining the value of imported merchandise


25. A Bona fide resident of the USVI cannot claim ODC on a U.S


26. American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) A Bona fide resident of the USVI cannot claim AOTC on a U.S


27. Bona fide Beige paint color SW 6065 by Sherwin-Williams

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28. 12 synonyms of Bona fide from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 30 related words, definitions, and antonyms


29. Find another word for Bona fide


30. Bona fide: being exactly as appears or as claimed.

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31. A Bona fide resident of Puerto Rico generally cannot claim AOTC on a U.S


32. A Bona fide occupational qualification is a requirement that an applicant must be able to meet in order to do a job

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33. Certain laws, such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 , allow employers to legally discriminate against an applicant based on a job’s Bona fide occupational qualifications, so long as their discrimination is “reasonably

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34. The final version approved by the FEC noted that lawmakers must hire “Bona fide” security guards but removed earlier language that spelled out that those firms needed to be licensed and insured.

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35. Explore releases from Bona fide at Discogs


36. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Bona fide at the Discogs Marketplace.


37. How to qualify as a Bona fide Resident


38. If you want to qualify as a Bona fide Resident, there’s good news and bad news

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39. Bona fide Fine Hair Pomades offering high quality American made water-based hair pomades at an affordable price for all hair styles and types.

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40. Get the Bona fide neck gaiter and mug.


41. A Bona fide purchaser is one who buys property of another without notice that some third person has a right to, or interest in, such property, and pays a full and fair price for the same, at the time of such purchase, or before he has notice of the claim or interest of such other in the property.

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42. Bona fide definition: If something or someone is Bona fide , they are genuine or real


43. Except the new Bona fide CD is much more accessible and fun


44. A lot of what you hear is like that, guys going from the gut, which gives the new Bona fide CD a boldness that is hard to ignore.

Bona, Boldness

45. Bona fide: 1 adj not counterfeit or copied “a Bona fide manuscript” Synonyms: authentic , unquestionable , veritable echt , genuine not fake or counterfeit adj undertaken in good faith “a Bona fide offer” Synonyms: sincere open and genuine; not deceitful


46. Bona fide occupational qualifications typically are invoked when an employer has been accused of employment discrimination

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47. The employer may use the defense that the discrimination was based on a Bona fide occupational qualification

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48. Bona fide occupational qualifications are often used for safety reasons, such as imposing a mandatory retirement


49. Bona fide is a celebration between conscious living and timeless aesthetics

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50. The Bona fide is a very solid design from CRKT with slightly under par steel for the price on either model


51. ‘‘The horse is a Bona fide star,’ says the commissioner of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.’ ‘When the payment is a Bona fide redundancy, your employees will receive tax benefits.’

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52. The Baltimore-based smooth jazz trio Bona fide assembled keyboardist Joe Ercole, bassist Tom Camponeschi and saxophonist Kevin Levi

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53. The Bona fide™ folding knife is a substantial everyday carry measuring at just over 8” from the tip of the strong D2 blade to the end of the strong, lightweight textured aluminum handle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which best identifies the definition of bona fide?

Bona fide means "in good faith" in Latin. When applied to business deals and the like, it stresses the absence of fraud or deception. A bona fide sale of securities is an entirely aboveboard transaction. Outside of business and law, bona fide implies mere sincerity and earnestness.

What is a good sentence using bona fide?

Example Sentences for "bona fide" The Egyptian remains Utah's only bona fide "*movie* palace." The ship would then sail, with the cargo never having been offloaded or duty actually paid, as now bona fide commerce between neutral America and the West Indies.

What does Bonified mean?

Bonified is a common misspelling for it — and one that attracts a lot of mockery — but it’s actually a word. Bonify is a somewhat archaic term that means to make something good, especially something that was bad before. Both the bona of bona fide and the bon of bonify come from the Latin word for good, bonus.

What is a sentence using the word bona fide?

use bona fide in a sentence, make example sentences of the word bona fide, The Egyptian remains Utah's only bona fide "*movie* palace.". The ship would then sail, with the cargo never having been offloaded or duty actually paid, as now bona fide commerce between neutral America and the West Indies.

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