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BOLETE [bōˈlēt]

boletus (noun) · boletuses (plural noun) · bolete (noun) · boletes (plural noun)

  • a mushroom or toadstool with pores rather than gills on the underside of the cap. Boletes often have a thick stem, and several kinds are edible.See also cep.
Synonyms: cep .

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2. Bolete definition is - any of a family (Boletaceae) of fleshy stalked pore fungi that usually grow on the ground in wooded areas; especially : boletus.

3. The morphology of a Bolete's stem is often a good starting place for identification: look for scabers, glandular dots, or reticulation—and note the color of the basal mycelium

4. One thing to be noted, Bolete certainly knows how to make the absolute best out of a bad situation

5. The Admirable Bolete in the picture, for example, is a striking mushroom that grows on tree stumps

6. They are often placed in the same group as the King Bolete.

7. The painted Bolete’s speckled cap stands out with its autumnal hues

8. The Suillus Boletes, from the slippery jacks to the slippery Jill, have a well-deserved reputation for mediocrity

9. I typically rate them in the “survival food” category, but today we were lucky enough to find my favorite denizen of the genus – Suillus pictus, commonly known as the painted Bolete.

10. Hands down, Bolete is one of the best restaurants in the Lehigh Valley and maybe even North East PA

11. From the use of a historic building, to a rustic interior design Bolete is a fantastic example of what modern dining can be if you venture out and explore what the valley has to offer.

12. The Bolete fungi lives beneath the ground year-round and only erupts in fruit (mushrooms!) when conditions are right fro reproduction

13. Bolete pilei are typically large, often reaching 15 centimeters (cm) or more in diameter, and are rarely as small as 2-4 cm in diameter

14. At Bolete we believe the integrity of our ingredients defines the food

15. Please please don’t try to identify a king Bolete from this article! Use one of the sources below or consult a knowledgeable mushroom expert

16. There are poisonous king Bolete lookalikes in North America, in particular Boletus huronensis

17. Read more about this bad Bolete in this personal poisoning tale by Andrus Voitk (McIlvainea 18: 32

18. The white king Bolete (Boletus barrowsii), found in parts of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California (and possibly elsewhere), is named after its discoverer Chuck Barrows

19. Boletes look like regular gilled mushrooms in that they have a cap and a stem, but they have a soft fleshy pore surface under their cap instead of gills

20. Bolete synonyms, Bolete pronunciation, Bolete translation, English dictionary definition of Bolete

21. Bolete Restaurant, Bethlehem, PA

22. At Bolete, we believe the integrity of our ingredients defines our food

23. Bolete (plural Boletes) A type of fruiting body produced by certain fungus species in the order Boletales, especially those of genus Boletus, many of which are prized for their flavour; any species of said order that produces such a fruiting body.

24. Bolete is a restaurant located in the historic downtown of St

25. The two-colored Bolete has a rose red cap that is sometimes yellowish toward the margin

26. Instead of gills, the underside of a Bolete cap looks like a fine-pored sponge; millions of spores emanate from these structures on mature mushrooms

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29. The night we were there, there was also a woman playing her guitar and singing across the street at the Bolete restaurant itself

30. Bolete n , pl -tuses or -ti ( -ˌtaɪ ) (Plants) any saprotroph basidiomycetous fungus of the genus Boletus , having a brownish umbrella-shaped cap with spore-bearing tubes in the underside: family Boletaceae .

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34. This Bolete is easy to identify

35. Wild Bolete mushrooms can be found in the summer and in the fall, usually under pine trees

36. Bolete has an average price range between $10.00 and $45.00 per person

37. When compared to other restaurants, Bolete is more on the expensive side

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39. The Bolete grows chubby and large; so much so it is often considered the King of the Mushrooms

40. In fact, some Boletes can grow to be 18 inches tall and more than a foot in diameter.The taste of an edible Bolete mushroom is hit or miss

41. Dried, the Bolete reeks of dark soy sauce and Chinese black vinegar.

42. The Bolete are a species of mushrooms based on the real-life Boletaceae mushrooms

43. 1 Background 2 Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars 3 Abilities 4 Notable Bolete The Bolete mushrooms first became sentient when a meteor shower occured; when the meteors crashlanded on …

44. Bolete is the newest gem located in an historic building in Downtown St

45. Bolete is all about high-end cuisine and has a menu that changes daily so you're always getting the freshest food.

46. Bolete identification can be fun and it is the easiest mushroom family to get to know

47. Gastroboletus turbinatus – bogus Bolete, gastroid Bolete Description: The genus Gastroboletus is used for secotioid fungi that are similar to species of Boletus

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51. Synonyms for Bolete in Free Thesaurus

52. 24 words related to Bolete: fungus, Boletaceae, family Boletaceae, Boletus chrysenteron, Boletus edulis, Boletus frostii, Frost's Bolete, Boletus luridus

53. What does Bolete mean? Any of various fungi of the family Boletaceae, having an often thick stalk and an umbrella-sha

54. The king Bolete (Boletus edulis), also called penny bun, ceps or porcini, is a popular edible mushroom native to Europe

55. The “king Bolete” name also applies to a number of very similar, and also edible, North American mushrooms, but these appear to be different species.

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57. Bolete is a restaurant run by Chef Andrew McLeod located in the heart of Niagara focused on modern Canadian cuisine

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What does bolete mean?

Definition of bolete. : any of a family (Boletaceae) of fleshy stalked pore fungi that usually grow on the ground in wooded areas especially : boletus.

What does Boletus mean in Latin?

1. Any of various fungi of the family Boletaceae, having an often thick stalk and an umbrella-shaped cap with spongy pores rather than gills on the underside. 2. A boletus. [Latin bōlētus, mushroom, of unknown origin .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

What does bolitus mean?

n. pl. bo·le·tus·es or bo·le·ti (-tī′) Any of various boletes of the genus Boletus, including both poisonous species and edible species such as the porcini mushroom. any mushroom of the genus Boletus, having an easily separable layer of tubes on the underside of the cap or pileus.

What is a king bolete?

King Bolete. The king bolete, also called the king boletus, is a large, charismatic wild mushroom with a distinct appearance and incredible flavor.

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