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1. Bola definition is - a cord with weights attached to the ends for throwing at and entangling an animal.


2. Bola, (Spanish: “balls”; from boleadoras), South American Indian weapon, primarily used for hunting, consisting of stone balls, usually in a group of three, attached to long, slender ropes

Bola, Balls, Boleadoras

3. In hunting rhea, guanaco, and other animals in open country, the Bola is whirled like a sling, then thrown p


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5. - Berita Terkini Seputar Dunia Bola, Jadwal, Pemain, Prediksi Hasil Pertandingan, Live Score Sepak Bola Liga Indonesia, Eropa dan Internasional.

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6. Berita Bola terkini, live score sepak Bola, dan informasi pertandingan liga eropa & INDONESIA terlengkap

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7. A Bola, toda a informação desportiva


8. Pricing and purchasing information for the BolaWrap® can be found on this page

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9. The BolaWrap is well priced for police budgeting.

Bolawrap, Budgeting

10. Best of Legal Advice (Bola) ~ Meta discussion of r/legaladvice r/ bestoflegaladvice

Best, Bola, Bestoflegaladvice

11. Posts r/LegalAdvice Rules Bola FAQ


12. After a long break we are back to the subject of Bolas - in the first part, a few words about throwing techniques.Po długiej przerwie wracamy do tematyki Bol

Break, Back, Bolas, Bol

13. Bola-Bola (Filipino-style meatballs) can be served as an appetizer or stirred into soup

Bola, Be

14. Bola granola is fresh, healthy and handmade


15. Our roots go back decades, but we still make Bola granola in small batches, carefully mixing, baking and packaging each bag.

Back, But, Bola, Batches, Baking, Bag

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18. Bola definition, a weapon consisting of two or more heavy balls secured to the ends of one or more strong cords, hurled by the Indians and gauchos of southern South America to entangle the legs of cattle and other animals

Bola, Balls, By

19. Bolas, throwing weapon made of weights on the ends of an interconnected cord; Bola (volcano), a volcano on the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea Bola, Togo; Bola Bola, a gambling game similar to Three-card Monte; Bola, a 2010 Facebook game developed by Playdom; The Battle of Los Angeles, by Rage Against the Machine; Tatar spelling of Bula River

Bolas, Bola, Britain, By, Battle, Bula

20. Berita Bola Terkini Hari Ini, Jadwal Klasemen, Skor, Pemain Sepak Bola Liga Indonesia, Inggris, Italia, Spanyol, Champions, UEFA Europa dan Liga Internasional

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21. Una Bola de piedra haz Bolas con la carne picada y las fríes el juego consiste en varias Bolas que hay que introducir en varios huecos tropezó con una Bola que había en el suelo el objeto tenía forma redonda, era como una Bola

Bola, Bolas

22. Del susto se me ha hecho una Bola en el …


23. The artfully designed Bola fire table (patent pending), combines clean geometry with a softly rounded base, to give a subtle touch of modernity.Bola’s level surface provides an expanded area to set beverage service or small platters

Bola, Base, Beverage

24. Available in six sizes and eight color options, Bola is a picture-perfect addition to your outdoor living and entertainment spaces.


25. Bola can be suspended individually, in series, or as striking chandelier groupings for residential, contract, and hospitality settings alike

Bola, Be

26. Reflection in Modernity Refined Surfaces Bola is designed to span from the intimate residential space to social gathering environments such …


27. Agen Bola yang memiliki berbagai taruhan Bola terlengkap seperti Sbobet, Ibcbet menjadikan Bola168 menjadi Agen judi Bola terbaik

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28. What does Bola stand for? List of 15 Bola definitions


29. Top Bola abbreviation meanings updated March 2021


30. Berita Bola Okezone Bola menyajikan kabar info berita sepak Bola terbaru terhangat nasional dan internasional terkini di indonesia

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31. Jadwal pertandingan sepak Bola dunia


32. Bola Wheels are among the most popular alloy wheel brands in the UK and offer a wide range of daring alloy wheel styles at a budget-friendly price point that will fit virtually any current vehicle

Bola, Brands, Budget

33. Bola also offers lightweight wheels built using the latest flow-forming technology and wheels specifically designed to clear big brake packages.

Bola, Built, Big, Brake

34. Berita Bola terkini, jadwal, pemain, prediksi hasil pertandingan, live score, live streaming sepak Bola liga indonesia, eropa dan dunia - Bola

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35. » Download Tropkillaz, J Balvin, Anitta - Bola ReBola (Letra): 🎵 Spotify Playlist:

Balvin, Bola, Bolarebolayd

36. Kumpulan Berita Bola Terbaru Hari ini

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37. Bola granola wasn’t born yesterday

Bola, Born

38. Our roots go back decades, from a pottery camp in California across the country to my kitchen in the Berkshire Hills and to our Bola granola bakery here at the foot of Monument Mountain.

Back, Berkshire, Bola, Bakery

39. NobarTV BGiBola - Situs Nonton Bola Online Live Streaming Terbaik Tanpa buffering

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40. BGIBola menyediakan layanan streaming yang dapat dinikmati secara gratis oleh pecinta sepakBola di tanah air, di seluruh Indonesia


41. Nikmati sejumlah siaran pertandingan Bola langsung dari lapangan dengan jam dan waktu yang sama tanpa Buffering.

Bola, Buffering

42. Bola productions started back in 2014 and have been mainly doing photography and video’s for Indian weddings

Bola, Back, Been

43. Bola Football 4,155,359 play times


44. Bola Alloy Wheels (Alloys): With diverse, cutting edge, and euro designs, Bola has a lot to offer in the tuning scene


45. With much of the range having the ability to be machined to spec, Bola covers an incredible range of offsets and PCD's, achieving that perfect fitment and stance.

Be, Bola

46. Bola definition: a missile used by gauchos and indigenous people of South America, consisting of two or Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Bola, By

47. Berita Bola Liga Inggris Terkini Hari Ini, Jadwal Klasemen, Live Skor SepakBola Liga Inggris Terbaru, Prediksi Hasil Pertandingan dan Bursa Transfer Pemain

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48. Bola Hasil Laga Perdana Piala Menpora 2021: Arema FC vs Tira Persikabo 1-1 Bola Piala Menpora 2021 Dibuka di Solo Hari Ini, Ada Jadwal 2 Laga Live di Indosiar Bola Hasil Piala FA: Everton vs Manchester City 0-2, The Citizens Lolos ke Semifinal Bola Prediksi Liga Champions Usai Drawing Perempat Final: Tak Ada Final Ideal Bola


49. Bola (Ball in Portuguese, occasionally called The Blob on SaltyBet) is an early original character by VIB depicting a shape shifting ball as it's name says

Bola, Ball, Blob, By

50. Bola Sokunbi ranked highest among nominees based on three primary criteria: 1) education – a passion for improving the financial capabilities of her …

Bola, Based

51. Bola Omoyele official Sherdog mixed martial arts stats, photos, videos, breaking news, and more for the Middleweight fighter from England.

Bola, Breaking

52. Bola (ボーラ, Bōra) is a character from Mega Man Legends 2


53. 1 History 2 Abilities 3 Gallery 4 Trivia 5 References Bola and his brother-in-law Klaymoor are veteran air-pirates that used to be wild and rowdy partners for 19 years, but have calmed down as they aged.1 Bola is carefree and considers leaving the pirate business as he is aged and saved enough money to have a good life for a …

Bola, Brother, Be, But, Business

54. El Bola, a 12 year old boy a.k.a

Bola, Boy

55. An indie film called Bola is currently making waves as it delves into the controversial subject of corruption in the setting of small-time barangay basketball leagues.Bola stars newcomer Kenneth Salva as Lester, the star player of their community basketball team who dreams of playing at the country's

Bola, Barangay, Basketball

56. AbimBola (Bola) Adetok Ogunkoya has practiced law in the Durham Region since 2006


57. Bola aka Darrell Fitton is an electronic musician from the UK


58. Most of his work is recorded under recording monikers of Bola and Jello


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BOLA [ˈbōlə]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the suffix 'Bola'?

1. a cord fastened around the neck with an ornamental clasp and worn as a necktie 2. a rope with weights attached to the ends; is thrown to entangle the legs of an animal; of South American origin Familiarity information: BOLA used as a noun is rare.

What does Bolas mean in Urban Dictionary?

a kind of missile weapon consisting of one, two, or more balls of stone, iron, or other material, attached to the ends of a leather cord; -- used by the Gauchos of South America, and others, for hurling at and entangling an animal.

What is the plural of Bola?

The plural form of bola is bolas.

What is Bola cord made of?

Gauchos use bolas made of braided leather cords with wooden balls or small leather sacks full of stones at the ends of the cords. Bolas can be named depending on the number of weights used: Bolas of three weights are usually designed with two shorter cords with heavier weights, and one longer cord with a light weight.

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