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BOG [bäɡ, bôɡ]

bog (noun) · bogs (plural noun) · the bog (noun)

  • wet muddy ground too soft to support a heavy body.
  • wetland with acid peaty soil, typically dominated by peat moss.Compare with fen.
Synonyms: marsh . marshland . swamp . swampland . sump . mire . quagmire . quag . morass . slough . fen . fenland . wetland . salt marsh . saltings . salina . bayou . moor . moss . fen . marsh . marshland . swamp . swampland . sump . mire . quagmire . quag . morass . slough . fen . fenland . wetland . salt marsh . saltings . salina . bayou . moor . moss .

bog (verb) · bogs (third person present) · bogged (past tense) · bogged (past participle) · bogging (present participle)

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1. Bog definition is - wet spongy ground; especially : a poorly drained usually acid area rich in accumulated plant material, frequently surrounding a body of open water, and having a characteristic flora (as of sedges, heaths, and sphagnum)

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3. The Crossword Solver found 40 answers to the Bog crossword clue

4. Kari’s Bog Trail is a 2.4 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Redmond, Washington that features a lake and is good for all skill levels

5. Bog Fee Waiver is now Called California College Promise Grant

6. American Airlines Flights from Bogota (Bog) to Washington (IAD) from $268

7. Kari's Bog Trail is a 1 mile popular white gravel path family friendly trail located near Redmond Washington

8. What makes the Bogg Bag unique is it's patented design, durability, and it's washable! Unlike other totes, the Bogg Bag won't tip over

9. And at the end of the day, simply hose off your Bogg Bag put it away for your next adventure!

10. BogS boots for kids, women, and men provide comfort and protection from rain, snow, and anything mother nature throws at them

11. What is a Bog? Are there Bogs in Washington State? Like many common names for ecosystems, the term ‘Bog’ has a varied history of use and meaning in both a scientific and nontechnical context

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13. Het Bog is het nationale instituut in de preventieve gezondheidszorg dat zich concentreert op de bevordering en bewaking van de algemene gezondheid van een ieder in Suriname.

14. A Bog is a freshwater wetland of soft, spongy ground consisting mainly of partially decayed plant matter called peat

15. Bogs are generally found in cool, northern climate s

16. Bog Jr High Playoff Schedule 2020 - 21: 3/12/2021: Bog 1: 5:20:00 PM: Norwell 2: 13: vs: Silver Lake Gray: 1: 3/12/2021: Bog 2: 5:50:00 PM: Hingham White: 16: vs

17. WELCOME TO THE Bog ICE ARENA! Register: LEARN TO SKATE Winter 2 Session

18. Storyline When a local begins fishing with dynamite in Bog Lake, something a bit larger pops to the surface: a green, bug-eyed mutant monster awakened from a long sleep, which promptly begins killing and eating fishermen who stumble across its lair.

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20. Bogs form as the dead vegetation sinks to the bottom of a lake or pond, where it …

21. An area of soft, wet earth (Definition of Bog from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

22. Bog, or Bog-house, a privy as distinguished from a water-closet

23. 23: Our lodger had our upstairs, use of the stove, our tap, and our Bog .

24. 28 synonyms of Bog from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 22 related words, definitions, and antonyms

25. Bog: spongy land saturated or partially covered with water.

26. Bog, type of wetland ecosystem characterized by wet, spongy, poorly drained peaty soil.

27. Bog bodies are “accidental mummies,” preserved by the natural chemistry of the Bog

28. Another difference between Bog bodies and Egyptian mummies is the bodies themselves

29. Bog bodies are anonymous victims of ritual sacrifice.

30. Bog is a nutrient-poor peatland characterized by acidic, saturated peat and the prevalence of sphagnum mosses and ericaceous shrubs

31. Find 13 ways to say Bog, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

32. THE Bog is a public 18-hole, Par 72 championship layout, playable from 5,110 yds - 7,221 yds to all skill and courage levels, flowing through 297 acres of woods, wetlands, rolling hills and wildlife habitat.

33. Note: We have 48 other definitions for Bog in our Acronym Attic

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35. Bog definition, wet, spongy ground with soil composed mainly of decayed vegetable matter

36. Bog is committed to designing and developing innovative products for sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who pursue their passion either professionally or personally

37. Bog strives to promote the responsible and ethical pursuit of wild game as well as the continuance of our sporting heritage.

38. Belarusian: ·god бо́жа мой! ― bóža moj! ― oh my god!··god → the God (in monotheism) / male deity (in polytheism) Synonym: алла́х (alláh) (in Muslim theology) ма́ли бог ― máli Bog ― little god (in the context of Christianity: Jesus Christ) целомъ́дрий бог ― celomǎ́drij Bog ― all-wise god

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40. These new Bog feedpoint transformer models are built with stainless steel hardware, F connectors and isolated-ground connections

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42. Bog - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

43. Bog down To slow down or burden someone or something

44. (A Bog is an area of wet, muddy ground that it is difficult to walk through.) Don't Bog down your brother with more suggestions—his paper is due tomorrow, so he needs to commit to a topic and just write about it! We were hoping to open the restaurant by the holidays, but we've gotten Bogged down

45. The Contested Bog is a location in UnderMine

46. Bog definition: A Bog is an area of land which is very wet and muddy

47. ‘a Bog of legal complications’ ‘the island is a wilderness of Bog and loch’ ‘Soggy areas called peat Bogs have developed in parts of the country.’

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What does bog stand for?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of BOG explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms. BOG Stands For : Better Online Graffiti

What does the name bog mean?

1. countable noun A bog is an area of land which is very wet and muddy. The bog is another name for the toilet. wet spongy ground consisting of decomposing vegetation, which ultimately forms peat an area of such ground a place or thing that prevents or slows progress or improvement the act or an instance of defecating

What does bog mean in Urban Dictionary?

wet, spongy ground with soil composed mainly of decayed vegetable matter. an area or stretch of such ground. verb (used with or without object), bogged, bog·ging. to sink in or as if in a bog (often followed by down): We were bogged down by overwork.

What is the opposite of bog?

Antonyms for bog standard include abnormal, exotic, extraordinary, ideal, rare, unusual, exceptional, uncommon, unfamiliar and strange. Find more opposite words at ...

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