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Looking for sentences with "Boffin"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Expert 2. Specialist 3. Authority 4. Genius 5. Mastermind 6. Scientist 7. Technician 8. Researcher 9. Inventor 10. Egghead 11. Brains 12. Einstein 13. Whiz 14. Wizard 15. Maven 16. Brainiac 17. Influence 18. Sway 19. Control 20. Leverage ...21. Power 22. Command 23. Weight 24. Reputation 25. Standing 26. Kudos 27. Status 28. Stature 29. Prestige 30. Gravitas 31. Image 32. Esteem 33. Supremacy 34. Superiority 35. Eminence 36. Rank 37. Position 38. Station 39. Credibility 40. Plausibility 41. Integrity 42. Acceptance 43. Trust 44. Faith 45. Confidence 46. Clout 47. Pull 48. Drag See more »
1. A computer boffin is set to make ?million from his revolutionary photo technology
2. He was always a bit of a boffin even at school
3. Oldfield was never conferred with boffin status unlike his contemporary Mr Ambient himself Brian Eno
4. Three wore the white coats of the back-room boffin the fourth was diminutive little more than a boy
5. The boffin claims to be able to lower bust-up ratios by analysing responses to statements about their lifestyles
6. Sandy:Have you ever been to Russia Professor Boffin?
7. Sandy:How long ago were you in America Professor Boffin?
8. "Many happy returns dear " Professor boffin said
9. Mother:Your umbrella leaks Professor Boffin!
10. One day Professor boffin walked in a street
11. Sandy:Scientists are very clever men Professor boffin
12. "Because it says 'No parking '" Professor boffin answers
13. What can she see?She can see Professor boffin
14. Mrs Boffin:Where are the eggs dear?
15. Mrs Boffin: It looks like cement It feels like cement too!
16. Mother:Thank you Professor boffin
17. Father:Look! That's Mrs boffin She's coming now Open the front door Betty
18. Mrs boffin is driving the car Professor boffin is sitting on the back seat
19. Mother:Good morning Professor boffin
20. Mother:Because Professor and Mrs boffin will come to tea this afternoon
21. Mrs Boffin:My goodness Professor Boffin! Look at this bag! It is cement!
22. This was contrary to the opinion of the world and society which thought of him as a boffin
23. Narrator: Sandy and Sue are coming home from school They meet Professor boffin
24. Data mining which has been considered as a important methods in the analysis of time series received more attention came from boffin
25. boffin definition is - a scientific expert; especially : one involved in technological research. How to use boffin in a sentence. Did You Know?
26. boffin definition: 1. a scientist who is considered to know a lot about science and not to be interested in other…. Learn more.
27. boffin is a British slang term for a scientist, engineer, or other person engaged in technical or scientific research and development. The World War II conception of boffins as war-winning researchers lends the term a more positive connotation than related terms such as nerd, egghead, geek or spod. [citation needed] A "boffin" was viewed by some in the regular services as odd, quirky or
28. British speakers also use "boffin" colloquially to refer to academics or intellectuals in general, often in a manner that is synonymous with "nerd" or "egghead." Examples of boffin in a Sentence Our boffins finally broke the enemy's code!
29. It is quite wrong to use the word ‘boffin’ simply to describe a scientist or a technician; a boffin is essentially a middleman, a bridge between two worlds, [… 2004 September, Nicole Dyer, “Rebirth of the Boffin”, in Mark Jannot, editor, Popular Science , volume 265, number 3, New York, N.Y.: Time4 Media, ISSN 0161-7370 , OCLC
30. 25 sentence examples: 1. A computer boffin is set to make £5million from his revolutionary photo technology. 2. He was always a bit of a boffin, even at school. 3. Oldfield was never conferred with boffin status, unlike his contemporary, Mr Ambient
31. boffin is designed for Small and Medium Businesses. Simply install the BoffinAI app to your store and it will automatically analyze your existing sales and inventory data to personalize customer experiences and detect trends. Retail in Fashion, Beauty, Electronics, Home Furnishing or Grocery, let data be your partner.
32. boffin Language Group Inc. Opens New Office in Changsha, China. December 4th, 2018, Changsha – Boffin, an Asian la Read More+. 7 Essential Steps to a Successful eLearning Localization Recording. Audio is one of the key components of an eLearning Read More+. boffin goes to LocWorld Tokyo 2018.
33. September 8, 2020 September 8, 2020 A boffin 3 Comments Netflix is delighted to have secured the lackluster talents of Harry, a real life prince as he documents his foray into the world of real life. Watch how Harry learns how to use a washing machine by following the diagrams, and he has the bright idea of using an online dictionary to look up
34. boffin Access Limited is dedicated to publishing extraordinary content while adhering to the high standards of internationally accepted code of publication ethics outlined by COPE. Our committed team of editors and editorial staff take rigorous steps and make independent decisions to ensure content quality.
35. ‘A boffin has invented a car that runs on grass, or pigeon poo, or privet cuttings.’ ‘So what is a computer boffin doing teaching a physical education class?’ ‘The team of boffins used the computer to find the period of a mathematical function, one of the basic maths building blocks of modern cryptography, doing so in the equivalent
36. Read all of the posts by A boffin on Harry Markle ~ Traditional British Pro-monarchy Satire! Harry Markle ~ Traditional British Pro-monarchy Satire! The Tale of How a Prince Was Conned and Made to Look a Fool by a Grifter ~ Please DON'T COPY AND PASTE OR READ OUT (On YouTube) ARTICLES without PRIOR permission.
37. Definition of boffin in the D dictionary. Meaning of boffin. What does boffin mean? Information and translations of boffin in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
38. April 6, 2018 April 6, 2018 ~ The Pen boffin ~ Leave a comment Once upon a time, Parker was the world’s leading pen brand, known for its quality and consistency. It spawned such classics as the 45, Falcon, and of course, the legendary 51.
39. boffin definition, a scientist or technical expert. See more.
40. Define boffin. boffin synonyms, boffin pronunciation, boffin translation, English dictionary definition of boffin. n. Chiefly British Slang A scientist, especially one engaged in research.
41. Boffin. Hit tracking library for Ruby using Redis. About. boffin is a library for tracking hits to things in your Ruby application. Things can be IDs of records in a database, strings representing tags or topics, URLs of webpages, names of places, whatever you desire.
42. Most people chose this as the best definition of boffin: A scientist, especially o See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
43. But the show's use of the term "boffin" has irked many in the science community. It stirs up stronger feelings than you might expect, for various reasons. Exactly what is meant by the word "boffin

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