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BODICE [ˈbädəs]

bodice (noun) · bodices (plural noun)

  • the close-fitting upper part of a dress, covering the chest and back above the waist.
  • a sleeveless, close-fitting waist-length garment, typically lacing up in the front, worn over a dress or blouse or as underwear.

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1. Women’s Bodice block pattern w/sleeve - Bodice pattern pdf, basic sloper pattern, basic Bodice block, plus size basic block pattern ByRAYENA

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3. Fitting Bodice pattern also means checking that the bust point is placed correctly: If the Bodice has the bust point all wrong, the darts will not be right either

4. We offer custom-made leather Bodices and corsets, for any occasion and look

5. Whether you wear it with a decadent blouse or comfy jeans, these Bodices are your go-to pieces for any occasion.

6. Basic Bodice pattern: starting point Let’s start the pattern by drafting this rectangle here

7. Bodice makers have since transitioned to using an easier technique of lacing with eyelets that faced one another, so as to allow women to achieve independence by dressing themselves

8. Whether you are reenacting a Bodice-ripping romance novel, attending an age-old Renaissance Festival, or acting in a period play, we have the appropriate Bodice to

9. Make a Pattern for Sewing a simple Bodice

10. What is a Bodice ? It is the body of a dress or blouse – the garment which you wear on the upper part of the body

11. The method I have described here is a very simple Bodice pattern which you can draft and sew with the bare minimum sewing knowledge.

12. The Bodice is traditional folk clothing worn by some women in Austria

13. The Bodice referred to typically in Victorian or early 20th century fashion was the upper half of a full garment

14. Either way, a Bodice or a corset is an ultra-stylish and attractive addition to almost any look, be it medieval, Renaissance, pirate, Steampunk, gothic, or even modern

15. Our womens Bodices and corsets go great at all manner of events, including Renaissance fairs, SCA events, and themed events and parties.

16. Wench Bodice Women's Wood Elf Leather Jerkin Princess Buttercup Bodice Whimsical Maiden Corset w/Add-A-Hood Dark Elf Corset Skull Pirate Under-bust Corset Caty Leather Bodice Pirate Maiden 4-Tie Bodice Colleen Bodice Skull Design Bodice Lady of the Lake Suede Corset Belt Tigress Chain Bra & Loincloth Alchemist's Daughter Natural Suede Bodice

17. 'Bodice' is a 6 letter word starting with B and ending with E Crossword clues for 'Bodice' Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Bodice We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Bodice will help you to finish your crossword today.

18. Custom Bodice Reversible Black Brown Jacobean Short Colonial Renaissance Pirate Wench Corset Lacing Modern Riding Vest English Long NouveauChic

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20. Medieval Bodice as a separate piece of clothing intended to be worn over the top of the dress stood out even later, not earlier than the 16th century

21. Rare decent woman dared to go out without a corset or a Bodice

22. / ˈbɒd.ɪs / the upper part of a woman's dress: She was wearing a ballgown with a fitted Bodice

23. More Details Ieena for Mac Duggal Sequin Bodice Long-Sleeve Ruffle Tiered Midi Dress Details Ieena for Mac Duggal cocktail dress with sequined Bodice and tiered ruffle skirt in tulle

24. Cut two Bodice from desired fabrics

25. Sew each Bodice together at shoulder seams

26. Start on left side of Bodice and roll both layers towards the right side.

27. Shop for smocked Bodice dresses online at Target

28. The word ‘Bodice’ is derived from the term ‘pair of bodies’ because originally the garment was constructed of two pieces which were fastened together, often by lacing

29.Bodice’ generally referred to a woman’s garment which covered her from the neck to the waist.

30. Synonyms for Bodice include blouse, pullover, turtleneck, middy, shell, slipover, T-shirt, bodysuit, V-neck and corset

31. • A Bodice (American English /ˈbɑːdɨs/ • A kind of under waist stiffened with whalebone, etc • A kind of under waist stiffened with whalebone, etc

32. • (Literary terms) part of a dress above the waist • A Bodice is a usually sleeveless, women's undergarment for the upper body

33. ‘The bride wore an ivory strapless satin dress with a sweetheart Bodice, shoulder-length veil, full skirt and long train embroidered with baby pearls and sequins.’

34. The Shadow Empress Chained Bodice is an accessory released on October 9, 2019 during the Halloween 2019 event

35. Color 1 affects top part of the Bodice, the ribbon, the chain and the necklace

36. Color 2 affects the bottom part of the Bodice, the lining on the top of the Bodice, and both bells.

37. More Details Theia Asymmetrical Velvet Bodice Brocade Skirt A-Line Gown Details Theia gown with velvet Bodice and metallic brocade skirt

38. Clothes played a role in the communication and projection of power, and this gorgeous, ornamented Bodice full of dignity is a statement of the ultimate in luxury

39. The gift apparently also included a skirt, but only the Bodice remains today.

40. Tuck the rolled portion of the Bodice in between the main and the lining from the right-hand side

41. Match up the shoulder seams of main and lining from the right-hand side of the Bodice, with right sides together

42. Be sure to push the rolled portion of the Bodice back, so that it is not caught up in the seam allowance.

43. A basic Bodice block is a great starting point for most patterns involving your top half – it can be used to make tops and dresses, and paired with a sleeve block can be used to make shirts, blazers, jackets and coats

44. Lay the Bodice flat, then roll the Bodice toward one strap

45. Basically you’re trying to roll the Bodice small enough that the strap on the other side can be pinned in a tube around it

46. So the left side of my Bodice below gets wrapped with the outer fabric and lining

47. Bodice ripper definition is - a historical or Gothic romance typically featuring scenes in which the heroine is subjected to violence.

48. This Bodice features a tall neck-collar and a wide sash to sinch your waist, though its best detail may be the lovely embroidered cherry blossoms

49. Fits Woman and Boy Bodies! The Cherry Blossom Kimono Bodice is an accessory released on April 30, 2020

50. A Bodice ( ) is an article of clothing for women and girls, covering the body from the neck to the waist

51. What does Bodice mean? The definition of a Bodice is the part of a woman's dress above the waist, or a vest that often laces up

52. This is a pattern tutorial showing how to draft the basic Bodice block pattern

53. Learn how to sew a Bodice with a lining, and learn why understitching is the secret to a well done Bodice.More sewing tutorials at www.telafante.comMusic fro

54. Definition of Bodice in the dictionary

55. What does Bodice mean? Information and translations of Bodice in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

56. A Bodice is a clothing item that women wore more frequently in the past, which covers their chest.

57. Therefore, a Bodice ripper would refer to a person ripping off, or removing, that clothing.

58. Definition of Bodice (noun): part of dress above waist

59. Definition and synonyms of Bodice from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

60. This is the British English definition of Bodice.View American English definition of Bodice.

61. Bodice (plural Bodices) A sleeveless shirt for women, sometimes provided with detachable sleeves

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What does bodice mean?

Bodice definition is - the upper part of a woman's dress. The Fashionable History of bodice

What is the difference between bodice and corset?

The bodice was different from the corset of the time because it was intended to be worn over the other garments. In earlier periods, bodices and corsets were laced in spiral fashion, with one continuous lace. In later periods, both were laced like the modern tennis shoe, with eyelets facing one another.

What is the history of bodice?

The Fashionable History of Bodice. The term bodice is derived from body. One sense of the word body is “the part of a garment covering the body or trunk.” In the 17th and 18th centuries a woman’s corset was often called a “pair of bodies.” The plural bodies, or bodice, was eventually interpreted as a singular.

What is bodice clothing?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A bodice ( / ˈbɒdɪs /) is an article of clothing for women and girls, covering the body from the neck to the waist.

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