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BOBBLE [ˈbäbəl]

bobble (noun) · bobbles (plural noun)

bobble (verb) · bobbles (third person present) · bobbled (past tense) · bobbled (past participle) · bobbling (present participle)

  • move with an irregular bouncing motion.
Synonyms: jiggle . wriggle . twitch . flutter . shimmy . joggle . wag . wobble . shake . twist . squirm . writhe . wave . quiver . jerk . waggle .

bobble (noun) · bobbles (plural noun)

  • an irregular bouncing motion.

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1. In 2017, Bobble was acquired by O2Cool, a 25-year pioneer in portability, cooling and hydration

2. Bobble - the momentary juggling of a batted or thrown baseball; "the second baseman made a Bobble but still had time to throw the runner out" blooper , blunder , boo-boo , botch , bungle , flub , foul-up , pratfall , bloomer - an embarrassing mistake

3. Bobble Test Suite is an electron based cross platform desktop application to measure different performance metrics of all popular android keyboards present on the Google Play Store.

4. The popular dragons Bub and Bob are back! Bubble Bobble 4 Friends - The Baron is Back! is the latest game in the legendary Bubble Bobble series from Taito.

5. Washington Nationals TREA TURNER Bobblehead Bobble HEAD SGA

6. Team: Washington Nationals Product: Bobblehead Size: One Size


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10.  · Thanks to the K-2S0 figure, hanging with a Bobble head version of the droid is an option, although this one is a lot quieter than the real deal, (which isn’t exactly a bad thing.) Fans of the 2016 Blockbuster movie, Rogue One , will want to collect all of the Rogue One Bobbleheads, especially the Jyn Erso vinyl figure.

11. 55 synonyms of Bobble from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 52 related words, definitions, and antonyms

12. Bobble: an unintentional departure from truth or accuracy.

13. Bobble AI Keyboard The latest and finest keyboard application to make your regional conversations more interesting and fun with its custom Bobblehead stickers and the coolest Indian funny gif that you would find online.

14. has the World's Largest Selection of Bobbleheads including both sports and no-sports Bobbleheads, stadium giveaways and exclusive Bobbleheads.

15. Custom Bobble - 16" Large

16. Bobble replacement filters can be used in Bobble classic or Bobble infuse bottles

17. Bobble crochet stitch is similar to popcorn stitch in that you work all of the stitches into the same loop and secure them at the top

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21. Find 299 ways to say Bobble, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

22. Puzzle Bobble is known as an arcade game that featured a lot of play rooms in the 80s and 90s, it is ported to NeoGeo and was usually playable for 50 cents and later 1 dollar per game

23. In the 90's Taito also held some puzzle Bobble tournaments to see who is the best puzzle Bobble player.

24. Meet Bobble: reusable drinking solutions that you actually want to carry all day long.

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27. Bobble stitch is a great way to add some fun three-dimensional texture to your knitting

28. There are lots of ways to knit a Bobble, but each version essentially increases stitches, works those stitches, then decreases the stitches back to one

29. Bobble uses GOTS certified 100% organic cotton that are free from toxins, chlorine, perfumes and dyes for our range of period products

30. Bobble strives to be a sustainable brand, where our products are made of biodegradable materials

31. Diamond Bobble Pillow Pattern, Crochet Pillow, Farmhouse Crochet, Modern Crochet, Diamond Crochet, Simple Crochet Design, Boho Pillow Cover BCcrochetdesigns

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34. ‘The Bobble hat would have looked distinctive because it was a very hot sunny afternoon.’ ‘The third option was that there was a slight chance of me overpowering him whilst he was bent double laughing at my camping pyjamas: Ron Hill jogging bottoms, a stripy jumper and a Bobble hat.’

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37. Meet Bobble: reusable drinking solutions that you actually want to carry all day long.

38. One thing is for sure: Bobble heads are here to stay

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40. Bubble Bobble is a 1986 platform arcade game developed and published by Taito.It was distributed in the United States by Romstar, and in Europe by Electrocoin.Players control Bub and Bob, two dragons that set out to save their girlfriends from a world known as the Cave of Monsters.

41. A Bobblehead, also known as a nodder or wobbler, is a type of collectible doll.Its head is often oversized compared to its body

42. Instead of a solid connection, its head is connected to the body by a spring or hook in such a way that a light tap will cause the head to Bobble, hence the name.

43. The Bobble stitch is an easy crochet stitch to learn

44. It consists of a cluster of stitches which create a Bobble like look when finished

45. Sometimes you will see a Bobble in crochet referred to as a double crochet Bobble, double crochet five together (DC5TOG) or dc 5 cluster stitches.

46. Secure the Bobble by working a chain stitch immediately after it

47. This Bobble will be even bulkier than the four-stitch version

48. Theoretically, you could create an even thicker Bobble by continuing to work half-finished double crochets into the same space, but the five-stitch Bobble is usually the largest you would want to use.

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What does the name Bobble mean?

English Language Learners Definition of bobble (Entry 2 of 2) US : a mistake that occurs when a player fails to catch or handle the ball properly in baseball, football, etc. chiefly British : a small ball of fabric that is used for decoration See the full definition for bobble in the English Language Learners Dictionary

What does Bobble mean in Urban Dictionary?

a momentary fumbling or juggling of a batted or thrown baseball.

What does the name bobbles mean?

bobble noun [C] (FOR HAIR) UK. a small piece of elastic or other material that stretches, sometimes with a decoration attached to it, that is used to hold long hair: She always loved playing with her hair, putting in bobbles and slides. He put a hair bobble around his wrist in case he needed to tie his hair back.

What does bobbles mean?

Definition of bobble (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a repeated bobbing movement. 2 : a small ball of fabric especially : one in a series used on an edging. 3 : error, mistake especially : a mishandling of the ball in baseball or football.

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