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1. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Amusement Park - California's Classic Beach Experience Weather permitting, a selection of outdoor games and beach access are open daily. Boardwalk Racers and Wave Rider are open on weekends and holidays

Beach, Boardwalk

2. Experience the timeless charm of Disney’s Boardwalk, a quarter-mile promenade of exquisite dining, unique shops and exciting nightlife


3. Boardwalk’s liquids transportation and storage assets are designed to serve the petrochemical industry along the Gulf Coast


4. Whether you’re looking to rent a studio apartment, a one-bedroom apartment or three-bedroom apartment, Boardwalk makes it easy to find your perfect rental home

Bedroom, Boardwalk

5. Boardwalk Auto Mall in Redwood City, CA treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern


6. Boardwalk Pizza is located in Fairfield, NJ and has the best pizza, calzones, sandwiches, burgers, entrees & more

Boardwalk, Best, Burgers


Boardwalk, Bagel

8. Official website of Boardwalks York


9. This site provides a background of the business, contact information, and the Boardwalks menu of the Boardwalks restaurant.

Background, Business, Boardwalks

10. Boardwalk Pizza, in Ellisville, MO, is the leading pizza restaurant serving Ellisville, Twin Oaks, Ballwin, Clarkson Valley, and surrounding areas since 2013

Boardwalk, Ballwin

11. WELCOME TO Welcome to The Boardwalk Apartments The Boardwalk Apartments are located in a newly developed residential area of Turlock


12. Boardwalk is a Minecraft PC launcher for Android that allows you to run the PC version of Minecraft on your device


13. At Boardwalk at Town Center, our apartment residences are designed with you in mind


14. In the summer of 1980, brothers Dave and Fran DiFerdinando were strolling down the world famous Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland

Brothers, Boardwalk

15. Boardwalk delivers solutions for each area of your facility, so you always have the right product, where you need it and when you need it to do more


16. Boardwalk gives you the power to get consistent results for less, with performance and savings that are always at work for you.


17. Boardwalk Racers, a new pedal kart attraction, open weekends and holidays from 11:30am‑6pm Wave Rider, a 3-lane ocean-view slide, open weekends and holidays from 12pm‑5pm Delicious treats at a variety of food locations for outdoor dining, take‑out and delivery.


18. Boardwalk Empire (TV Series 2010–2014) - IMDb Created by Terence Winter

Boardwalk, By

19. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, opened in 1907, is the oldest amusement park in California and the home to two national historic landmarks: the Looff Carousel and the Giant Dipper roller coaster.The Santa Cruz Boardwalk no longer actually has any wooden Boardwalks

Beach, Boardwalk, Boardwalks

20. This 2.5 kilometer Boardwalk has a pedestrian walk, bike path, rollerskater and skateboard ramps, and restaurants.

Boardwalk, Bike

21. The Kemah Boardwalk has quickly evolved from a waterfront dining experience to a weekend destination


22. Just 20 miles from downtown Houston, The Kemah Boardwalk is the perfect family get-a-way.


23. Write a Review for Boardwalk Cafe


24. Share Your Experience! Select a Rating Select a Rating! Top Reviews of Boardwalk Cafe 4.5 stars - Based on 15 reviews

Boardwalk, Based

25. Boardwalk Honda invites you to visit our fantastic Honda new & used car dealership


26. The Boardwalk is where business meets pleasure

Boardwalk, Business

27. Call today and see how you can take your business to the next level at The Boardwalk.

Business, Boardwalk

28. The Boardwalk Plaza is fortunate to call the ocean’s edge our home, and happy to offer you a unique and comfortable respite from the world, where you can truly get away from it all


29. From the moment you step under our antique wrought-iron canopy and enter the lobby, the Boardwalk Plaza’s staff stands ready to offer you exceptional service.


30. The Boardwalk connects the office buildings at Granite Park with seven unique dining options–all conveniently located at the southeast corner of Dallas North Tollway and Sam Rayburn Tollway with an unmatched waterfront view.

Boardwalk, Buildings

31. Boardwalk Lifestyle Sleek, elegant and sophisticated


32. Experience Lifestyle Boardwalk Living Surrounded by love, kindness and important amenities, our Living apartments are the ideal place to build lasting memories limited only by your

Boardwalk, By, Build

33. At Boardwalk Realty & Management, we understand that not all renters are created equal


34. Welcome to Boardwalk by Windsor, Huntington Beach's apartment community, where luxury, style and convenience come standard

Boardwalk, By, Beach

35. Boardwalk definition, a promenade made of wooden boards, usually along a beach or shore

Boardwalk, Boards, Beach

36. Boardwalk One managed by Capital Vacations is dedicated to ensuring the accessibility to and usability of for our website visitors with disabilities

Boardwalk, By

37. Boardwalk Apartments In Gainesville, FL Boardwalk Apartments - Less than two miles from UF Our residents enjoy a relaxed environment rich with originality and convenience


38. Boardwalk The best mile to discover along the Myrtle Beach coastline

Boardwalk, Best, Beach

39. The Myrtle Beach area's 1.2 mile-long Oceanfront Boardwalk and Promenade traverses through the sand from the 14th Avenue to 2nd Avenue Piers in Myrtle Beach.Throughout the summer the popular Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is home to festivals and events, including Ocean Boulevard's Hot Summer Nights located at Plyler Park in the

Beach, Boardwalk, Boulevard

40. “Always love hanging out at The Boardwalk


41. An entrepreneur by nature, our founder Chris Tallarico, created Boardwalk Subs with the intention to deliver quality subs with the freshest of ingredients at a reasonable price

By, Boardwalk

42. Miami Beach: Miami Beach Boardwalk

Beach, Boardwalk

43. The Miami Beach Boardwalk, Maim Beach

Beach, Boardwalk

44. Location: The Boardwalk runs along the ocean from 5th Street to 46th Street


45. The contemporary one and two bedroom apartments at Boardwalk Research offer a fresh design that blends an inviting layout with contemporary, clean lines

Bedroom, Boardwalk, Blends

46. Boardwalk definition is - a walk constructed of planking


47. How to use Boardwalk in a sentence.


48. Ocean City Boardwalk Take a walk on the Ocean City Boardwalk to explore an iconic East Coast pedestrian thruway


49. The award-winning Boardwalk is home to amazing hotels, fabulous restaurants, and attractions befitting a world-class seaside resort

Boardwalk, Befitting

50. The Boardwalk itself is open 24/7


51. The businesses along the Boardwalk have individual schedules on when they are open.

Businesses, Boardwalk

52. “ The location is great, a short walk to the Boardwalk and beach and the best was to sit on the entrance porch sipping a beer and watching the world go by

Boardwalk, Beach, Best, Beer, By

53. ” “ The beach is less than 100 yards from the entrance of the hotel just across Collins Ave and with Boardwalk access and a citi bike station next door traveling by foot or bike is

Beach, Boardwalk, Bike, By

54. Boardwalk Shore Dinner $34.99 1.25 lb


55. The Boardwalk invites you to celebrate with us, however for the comfort of all our guests outside decoration are not permitted in the pizza dinning area.


56. The most popular Ocean City MD Boardwalk Webcam! Ocean City Boardwalk Sky View


57. Enjoy the live Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk and beach cam views from high atop the Ocean City MD Boardwalk Pier facing north on the world-famous Ocean City Boardwalk

Boardwalk, Beach

58. The Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk Pier is home to Jolly Roger Amusement Park and features a two-level Carousel, the adrenaline pumping …


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BOARDWALK [ˈbôrdwôk]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of Boardwalk?

[ bawrd-wawk, bohrd- ] / ˈbɔrdˌwɔk, ˈboʊrd- /. a promenade made of wooden boards, usually along a beach or shore. any walk made of boards or planks.

What does the name boardwalk mean?

Boardwalk definition, a promenade made of wooden boards, usually along a beach or shore. See more.

What is a Nature Boardwalk?

A typical nature boardwalk, carrying walkers over wetlands on the Milford Track, New Zealand. A boardwalk (board walk, boarded path, promenade) is an elevated footpath, walkway, or causeway built with wooden planks that enables pedestrians to cross wet, fragile, or marshy land. They are also in effect a low type of bridge.

What is a boardwalk path?

Boardwalk. A boardwalk (board walk, boarded path, promenade) is an elevated footpath, walkway, or causeway built with wooden planks that enables pedestrians to cross wet, fragile, or marshy land, or access a waterfall, caves, a cliff side, or other dangerous places. They are also in effect a low type of bridge.

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