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1. Blusher definition is - one who blushes

Blusher, Blushes

2. How to use Blusher in a sentence.


3. Looking for a Blusher style veil for your big day? Create a classic look with our birdcage and Blusher style veils available in lace and pearl accents

Blusher, Big, Birdcage

4. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Blusher (5) crossword clue


5. Blusher - yellowish edible agaric that usually turns red when touched Amanita rubescens , blushing mushroom agaric - a saprophytic fungus of the order Agaricales having an …

Blusher, Blushing

6. Veil with Blusher, Beaded Edge Veil, Crystal Veil, Fingertip Veil, Elbow Veil, Pearl Veil, Blusher Wedding Veil, Crystal Bridal Veil,VB-5087 DarethColburnDesigns

Blusher, Beaded, Bridal

7. Lovely Cookie Blusher (20AD) As low as US $7.80 Regular Price US $7.80


8. A Blusher wedding veil covers the bride's face until presented to the groom

Blusher, Bride

9. Veil with Blusher, Beaded Edge Veil, Crystal Veil, Fingertip Veil, Elbow Veil, Pearl Veil, Blusher Wedding Veil, Crystal Bridal Veil,VB-5087 DarethColburnDesigns

Blusher, Beaded, Bridal

10. Our Match Made Blusher is available in 4 skin-flattering shades, so you can find the perfect blush for you.

Blusher, Blush

11. Our latest cruelty free Blushers and powder Blusher formulations are silky smooth and subtle

Blushers, Blusher

12. If you're looking for buildable, high pigmented Blushers that blend seamlessly onto your skin for a gorgeous veil of natural-looking colour, look no further than Phase Zero Makeup.

Buildable, Blushers, Blend

13. Pretty Fly Blusher - Take Me To The Peach


14. Blusher It is often found in lipsticks, eye shadows, Blushers, foundations, (especially stick foundations) and hair dyes.

Blusher, Blushers

15. Blusher is a part of First Media.


16. When it comes to applying our makeup, there’s something extra satisfying about applying Blusher


17. The right Blusher can turn a lacklustre complexion into healthy, lively, ethereal skin with just one sweep - and with temperatures dropping fast, it looks like we're going to need all the glow we


18. Get a natural, buildable, luminous glow with No7's Match Made Blusher

Buildable, Blusher

19. About Blusher -Grab your brushes and pick a palette, because, ladies and gentlemen, the class is in session

Blusher, Brushes, Because

20. Blusher Get glowing with Blusher colours and textures to flatter everyone


21. Find Blusher from the beauty department at the official Debenhams website

Blusher, Beauty

22. Blusher 💄 Your go-to resource for all things beauty and fashion!

Blusher, Beauty

23. A Blusher veil is a classic wedding accessory


24. Blusher definition: Blusher is a coloured substance that some people put on their cheeks


25. Blusher is a great way of adding some colour to your cheeks and to brighten your face, giving you a gorgeous glow

Blusher, Brighten

26. Classic, elegant and stunning, this raw-edge, one-tier Blusher veil is the perfect addition to your wedding look


27. Blusher Add a touch of natural colour with a No7 blush

Blusher, Blush

28. What does Blusher mean? One who blushes

Blusher, Blushes

29. Sep 29, 2020 - Explore women science's board "Blusher", followed by 569 people on Pinterest

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30. See more ideas about Blusher, Blusher tips, Blusher makeup.


31. Mimore Blusher, Long-lasting and Sweat-Resistant Non_Greasy Blush & Glow Matte Blusher Super Brighten Skin Color Shimmery or Matte Blusher,with Mirror

Blusher, Blush, Brighten

32. Free shipping and returns on Clinique Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher at


33. Clinique Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher is a warm, natural-looking powder blush for all skin types that provides you with sheer, buildable coverage

Blusher, Blush, Buildable

34. Definition of Blusher noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


35. Blusher is a soft pressed powder for dry application


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BLUSHER [ˈbləSHər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does blusher mean?

Definition of blusher 1 : one who blushes 2 : blush sense 4 3 or blusher veil : a short veil that is worn over the face (as by a bride) and that is often attached to a longer veil To stay within her $40,000 budget, she is shaving costs by using her mother's veil as her blusher and a relative's center stone in her engagement ring.— Jennifer Roddy

What is the definition of Blush for kids?

Kids Definition of blush (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : to become red in the face from shame, confusion, or embarrassment 2 : to feel ashamed or embarrassed … the explanation is one that I blush to have to offer you.

What is another word for Blush?

Nearby words. blur, blurb, blurry, blurt, blurt out, blush, blush wine, blush-on, blusher, bluster, blvd. at first blush, without previous knowledge or adequate consideration; at first glance: At first blush, the solution to the problem seemed simple enough.

What does the name blush mean?

The fruit is yellow, with a blush of pink. She put on a little lipstick and blush. Verb He blushed at the compliment. I blush to admit it, but you've caught me in an error. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Dern’s dress, in blush tones with black embroidery and tassels, was more daring.

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