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3. Blubbered: to shed tears often while making meaningless sounds as a sign of pain or distress.


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10. What does Blubbered mean? Simple past tense and past participle of blubber

Blubbered, Blubber

11. Synonyms for Blubbered include cried, wept, sobbed, bawled, wailed, whined, keened, sniveled, snivelled and whimpered

Blubbered, Bawled

12. The words Blubbered and Agonized might have synonymous (similar) meaning


13. Understand the difference between Blubbered and Agonized.

Between, Blubbered

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15. Antonyms for Blubbered include laughed, chortled, chuckled, giggled, cachinnated, cackled, guffawed, grinned, snickered and roared


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17. MEMO to every talent show failure, sportsman who misses a penalty or loses a race, football fan whose team is relegated, Princess Diana fan who can't let go, luvvie who wins an award, jilted kiss-and-tell merchant and shamed politician who has Blubbered before cameras.

Blubbered, Before

18. I have Blubbered I 've Blubbered: you have Blubbered you 've Blubbered: he/she/it has Blubbered he/she/it 's Blubbered: we have Blubbered we 've Blubbered: they have Blubbered they 've Blubbered: you have Blubbered you 've Blubbered


19. The words Blubbered and Lamented might have synonymous (similar) meaning


20. Understand the difference between Blubbered and Lamented.

Between, Blubbered

21. ‘She sobbed, wailed, Blubbered, howled, cried and whatever people do to express sorrow hoping that her tears and crying will bring her other half back.’ ‘I burst into tears, blubbering to his retreating form.’ ‘At last, he asked: ‘How can we help you?’, on which cue I burst into tears and Blubbered incoherently.’

Blubbered, Bring, Back, Burst, Blubbering

22. Ashuna often made batches of Blubbered seal jerky which she offered to members of her tribe, most of whom were not fond of the dish

Batches, Blubbered

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24. Kim Blubbered between gulps of air after winning the Best Young Actor award

Blubbered, Between, Best

25. 8-Year-Old 'Minari' Star Alan Kim Sobs In Adorable Speech After Critics Choice Win "Is this a dream?" Kim Blubbered between gulps of air after winning the Best Young Actor award.

Blubbered, Between, Best

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27. Austral an informal name Explanation of Blubbered


28. Blubbered definition: cry or whine with snuffling synonyms: cry, snivel, snuffle, weep, blub, sniffle antonyms: laugh, nonfat, unfruitful, unprofitable, whisper

Blubbered, Blub

29. In memory she cannot surprise him, so he feels that he must necessarily find himself replacing her with “a mere doll to be Blubbered over.” Fear breathes throughout this book about grief.

Be, Blubbered, Breathes, Book

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BLUBBERED [ˈbləbər]


  • sob noisily and uncontrollably.
Synonyms: cry . sob . weep . shed tears . wail . snivel . whimper . howl . mewl . squall . ululate .

Frequently Asked Questions

Do blue whales have skin or blubber?

Blubber is fatty tissue that is less dense than the water around the whale . The proportion of blubber to body size and weight is relatively high to maintain this tissue's ability to provide such buoyancy. A Blue Whale , for example, has been shown to yield about 50 tons of blubber to whalers that have captured and killed this massive creature.

What does blubber out mean?

• BLUBBER OUT (verb) Sense 1. Meaning: Utter while crying. Classified under: Verbs of telling, asking, ordering, singing. Synonyms: blubber; blubber out. Hypernyms (to "blubber out" is one way to...): mouth; speak; talk; utter; verbalise; verbalize (express in speech) Sentence frames: Somebody ----s something Somebody ----s that CLAUSE

What is whale blubber used for?

Blubber is usually taken from right whales. The blubber is cooked until rendered into oil, known as whale oil, that can be used for soap, and as a component in makeup that contributes a glossy shine.

Is blubber fat?

Blubber is the thick layer of fat under the skin of marine mammals, such as seals, whales, and walruses. Blubber is a thick layer of fat, also called adipose tissue, directly under the skin of all marine mammals.