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BLOWHOLES [ˈblōˌhōl]


  • the nostril of a whale or dolphin on the top of its head.
  • a hole in ice to which seals, whales, and other aquatic animals come to breathe.
Synonyms: outlet . inlet . opening . aperture . hole . gap . orifice . space . cavity . cleft . slit . pore . port . duct . flue . shaft . channel . well . passage . airway . breather .

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1. Blowholes from carbon monoxide may increase on size by diffusion of hydrogen or less often nitrogen

2. Blowholes are formed when a joint between a sea cave and the land surface above the cave becomes enlarged

3. There is a lice landing area to view one section of the Blowholes. Sometimes locally called Whispering Holes because of the sound it makes

4. Blowholes paper straws are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable paper materials, sourced sustainably, and shipped in recyclable packaging in order to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact

5. Blowholes paper straws are different from other paper straws that you may have used before.

6. How are Blowholes Formed? Sea caves can grow when exposed to wave action.

7. Whales Blowholes Therefore, upon further research, it was discovered that the whale creates this spout because of the air that it is releasing via the blowhole. Due to the massive temperature differences, a condensation effect occurs, causing the air being breathed out to turn to water vapour.

8. Blowholes are caused by volatiles being generated in the through‐hole during the soldering process and it is often thought that these volatiles originate from the flux

9. The Blowholes, the result of water being forced up into a crackline in the granite, produce spray and loud eerie sounds when a big swell is running

10. Depending on the swell, size and direction of approach to the sea cliffs The Blowholes may or may not be blowing.

11. There are 2 distinct types of blow holes, 1 blow hole or 2 Blowholes

12. Blowholes are created as the cave development works inward and upward through vertical joints allowing powerful bursts of water to exit a hole atop the cave

13. Several factors influence the formation of Blowholes, but the most critical consideration appears to be the way in which the concrete is placed and compacted

14. By carefully observing the details of these operations, it is possible to forecast the locations at which the incidence of Blowholes

15. Holes, commonly known as Blowholes, may eventually be forced through the roof of the cave to allow the pressure created by each wave to be released as a jet of spray.

16. These impressive Blowholes in the village of Taga on south-west Savai'i propel a roaring jet of water hundreds of feet up into the air

17. Another site of interest here at the Blowholes

18. Blowholes are essentially small openings in the earth where air blows out or gets sucked in, acting as a natural fan of sorts

19. What does Blowholes mean? Plural form of blowhole

20. The track offers magnificent views of the inland mountains, the rugged coastline and the main attraction, the pancake rocks and Blowholes.

21. Other articles where Blowhole is discussed: steel: Solidification processes: …cavity, but there are many Blowholes in the centre that normally weld together during hot-rolling

22. Synonyms for Blowholes in Free Thesaurus

23. What are synonyms for Blowholes?

24. Blowholes are a feature where large swell impacts coasts, on which the rock contains fractures

25. Get today's most accurate Blowholes surf report

26. Even if the Blowholes aren’t spraying, the raised platforms provide fantastic views along the southern coastline

27. The Blowholes are even more spectacular during the red crab migration, when thousands of crabs scramble over the jagged rocks as water crashes around them

28. All Blowholes have three main features: a catchment entrance, a compression cavern, and an expelling port

29. Whatever the case, whales’ “noses”, or Blowholes, are on the top of their heads, so that they can just barely break the surface to breathe without rising too far out of the water.

30. The Blowholes then connect to air sacs surrounded by muscles that, when contracted, can produce whale songs

31. A 100mm Ø grey cast pulley wheel casting showing Blowholes from the core

32. Entrapped air – Steel Castings: These Blowholes appear to be round with smooth out walls found on or just under the surface of the casting Possible Cause: Excessive gas build up from the moulding or core sand coupled with insufficient permeability or venting.

33. Subject of Blowholes is to find a suitable standard of re f e re n c e against which different types and d e g rees of formation of blow h o l e s may be compared, and which may f o r m a basis for specification

34. Have two Blowholes on top of their head, one right next to the other (toothed whales have only one)

35. The Blowholes is with Christopher Mondo and Mari Morton

36. SIBERIA’S Blowholes are exploding in numbers: Up to 20 have now been located, raising new fears the warming permafrost is releasing its deadly methane reserves.

37. The Blowholes, created by a crackline in the granite, 'blow' air and occasionally spray

38. Depending on the swell, size and direction of approach to the sea cliffs the Blowholes may or may not be blowing

39. To Savannah: A whale’s Blowholes are like nostrils

40. However, whales are voluntary breathers and must consciously open and close their Blowholes in order to breath

41. Blowholes offers 100% biodegradable, ultra strong, food-grade paper straws that can be used in any type of drink

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How are blowholes formed?

Blowholes are formed through small openings in the ground through which air will blow out or suck in. During the monsoon, as sea levels rise and water currents become more active, the water surges through the blowholes like huge fountains, creating an attractive sight.

What is the definition of blowhole?

n. 1. An opening or one of a pair of openings for breathing, located on the top of the head of cetaceans, such as whales and dolphins. The blowhole is opened by muscles upon surfacing and closed by the pressure of water upon diving. 2. A hole in ice to which aquatic mammals, such as dolphins, come to breathe.

What are the effects of blowholes?

Impacts Of Blowholes. Continued action of blowholes eventually changes the topography around it. The holes cause erosion of the region around the crevices and lead to the enlarging of the sea caves. The entire cave can even collapse in some cases. Once this action takes place, a shallow pool is created along the coastline.

Where are blowholes in the ocean?

Blowholes that produce seawater are close to the ocean in a few various locations around the world. They are not commonly found in most areas of coastline. A blowhole exists on the island of Maui at Nakelele Point in Hawaii. Water can reach as high as 100 feet from the pressure generated when waves are strong.

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