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1. Blow up synonyms, Blow up pronunciation, Blow up translation, English dictionary definition of Blow up

2. Blow up 1 Explode or cause to explode

3. For example, The squadron was told to Blow up the bridge, or Jim was afraid his experiment would Blow up the lab.

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5. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Blow up crossword clue

6. Blow up: A slang term used to describe the complete and abject failure of an individual, corporation, bank, development project, hedge fund, etc

7. They plan to Blow up that old apartment building and replace it with shops and luxury condos

8. Phrase 1 intransitive/transitive if something blows up, or if someone blows something up, it explodes and is destroyed Terrorists had threatened to Blow up the embassy.

9. Blow up That is, if the strength of the destabilizing term is sufficient to overcome the regularizing influence of the fourth-order term, then blow-up can take place

10. Blow up (578) IMDb 7.6 1 h 51 min 1966 NR Professional photographer Thomas saw nothing

11. Blow up Lady Doll Inflatable Female Woman Stag Hen Night Party Novelty Funny

12. Warm new Inflatable Female 3D Blow up Doll Stag Hen Party aufblasbare puppe A.

13. Blow up (third-person singular simple present blows up, present participle blowing up, simple past blew up, past participle blown up) (intransitive) To explode or be destroyed by explosion.Why do cars in movies always Blow up when they fall off a cliff? To cause (something or someone) to explode, or to destroy (something) or maim or kill (someone) by means of an explosion

14. Synonyms for Blow up include balloon, billow, bloat, distend, enlarge, expand, fill, inflate, swell and fill out

15. Here are the best inflatable pools for adults and kids on the internet, including popular picks from Intex and Sable, plus Blow up pools you can shop at Walmart.

16. Related topics: Photography blow-up ˈblow-up noun 1 [countable] TCP a photograph, or part of a photograph, that has been made larger 2 [countable usually singular] American English ANGRY a sudden big argument or disagreement → Blow up 1 Examples from the Corpus blow-up • Mr O'Sullivan filled an enormous cavity completely painlessly, while

17. Blow up 3 is a photo enlargement plug-in for Exposure, Lightroom, and Photoshop which produces amazingly sharp results

18. Blow up (at somebody) (informal) to get angry with somebody synonym lose your temper.

19. Blow up Lyrics: La, la la la, la la la / Hey, this is a song for my haters / Yeah, y'all got me feeling like the greatest, yeah / Hey, this is a song for my haters / Hey, hey, y'all got me feeling

20. An independent breakbeat label Blow up was only in the very beginning

21. It then became a subsidiary for all kinds of dance releases on Intercord Tonträger GmbH so that all Blow up records actually have a catalog # starting with INT.

22. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Blow up GIFs

23. A nuclear bomb has the power to Blow up a whole country

24. We need a portable pump to Blow up the air mattress

25. Examples: You should Blow up that photograph of your mother

26. It’s beautiful! Can you Blow up this

27. Blow up Lab is a full-service, high-quality digital printing and finishing business

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What does blow up mean?

1 : to build up or tout to an unreasonable extent advertisers blowing up their products. 2 : to rend apart, shatter, or destroy by explosion. 3 : to fill up with a gas (such as air) blow up a balloon. 4 : to make a photographic enlargement of. 5 : to bring into existence by blowing of wind it may blow up a storm.

What is another word for blow up?

Phrases Synonymous with blow up. blow a gasket, blow one's cool, blow one's stack, blow one's top, fly into a rage, fly off the handle, forget oneself, go ballistic,

What is the verb for blow?

verb (used without object), blew, blown, blow·ing. (of the wind or air) to be in motion. to move along, carried by or as by the wind: Dust seemed to blow through every crack in the house. to produce or emit a current of air, as with the mouth or a bellows: Blow on your hands to warm them.

What is blown up?

DEFINITION of Blow Up. Blow up is a slang term used to describe the complete and abject failure of an individual, corporation, bank, development project, hedge fund, etc. The term is often used when a hedge fund fails but is not exclusive to hedge funds.

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