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1. Blotch definition is - to mark or mar with Blotches

Blotch, Blotches

2. How to use Blotch in a sentence.


3. Blotch definition, a large, irregular spot or blot

Blotch, Blot

4. Blotch synonyms, Blotch pronunciation, Blotch translation, English dictionary definition of Blotch


5. An unwanted mark on a surface that is different from the surrounding area: There were red Blotches on her face and neck


6. (Definition of Blotch from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © …


7. Welcome to the page with the answer to the clue Blotch. This is just one of the 7 puzzles found on today’s bonus puzzles

Blotch, Bonus

8. Description This is a trello made for Blotch, a roblox game about an anime called bleach.

Blotch, Bleach

9. 40 synonyms of Blotch from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 44 related words, definitions, and antonyms


10. Blotch, also known as Screwbald, was the alias of the collaborative works between the artists Kenket and BlackTeagan, one sketching and the other painting.

Blotch, Between, Blackteagan

11. An excellent product for controlling the Blotching of dyes and stains on Blotch prone woods such as pine, cherry, birch, poplar and aspen to name a few

Blotching, Blotch, Birch

12. One variety for cutting, known as "cinnamon Blotch," is a leaf of good body and is considered an excellent tobacco for chewing

Blotch, Body

13. There was indeed a Blotch on one of the negatives, which I was assured was a spirit


14. Start reading Blotch: A Tale of Forgiveness and Grace on your Kindle in under a minute


15. We found 11 answers for “Blotch


16. This page shows answers to the clue Blotch, followed by ten definitions like “A large, irregular spot or blot”, “An irregularly shaped spot” and “A blot or spot, as of color or of ink”.A synonym for Blotch is pimple.

Blotch, By, Blot

17. Blotched, Blotch·ing, Blotch·es To mark or become marked with Blotches

Blotched, Blotch, Become, Blotches

18. [Probably blend of blot and botch.] Blotch′i·ly

Blend, Blot, Botch, Blotch

19. Bacterial Blotch, Brown Blotch, Bacterial spot

Bacterial, Blotch, Brown

20. What does Blotch mean? To cover or mark with Blotches

Blotch, Blotches

21. Blotch is a boy who lives in a kingdom where everyone has Blotches on their skin

Blotch, Boy, Blotches

22. Hoping to find someone who knows how to get rid of the spots, Blotch strikes out on a journey


23. You can find me here, of course, under the name of Blotch-- as well as on Nabyn and VCL


24. I am also on DeviantArt as Screwbald, on AIM occasionally, LiveJournal, Twitter, Facebook (though I rarely use FaceBook,) and lastly, on Google+ I'm at


25. Definition of Blotch noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


26. In this video, I show you how to become a Soul Reaper, give you tips on leveling up properly/fast and give you a basic beginner's guide to Blotch on Roblox!?

Become, Basic, Beginner, Blotch

27. Blotch: A Tale of Forgiveness and Grace


28. See authoritative translations of Blotch in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


29. Blotch Roblox Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community


30. A Blotch is a small unpleasant-looking area of color, for example, on someone's skin


31. His face was covered in red Blotches, seemingly a nasty case of acne


32. Synonyms: mark, spot, patch, splash More Synonyms of Blotch More Synonyms of Blotch


33. Blotch From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Blotch Blotch / blɒtʃ $ blɑːtʃ / noun [ countable ] MARK a pink or red mark on the skin , or a coloured mark on something — Blotchy adjective — Blotched adjective Examples from the Corpus Blotch • The mouth flew open wider this time, a Blotch

Blotch, Bl, Blotchy, Blotched

34. Spot Blotch (SB) caused by Cochliobolus sativus (Ito & Kurib.) Drechsler ex Dastur [anamorph: Bipolaris sorokiniana (Sacc.) Shoem.] is economically one of the most important fungal diseases of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) throughout the world (Mathre et al., 2003).

Blotch, By, Bipolaris, Barley

35. Definition of Blotch (noun): coloured mark on something


36. Definition and synonyms of Blotch from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


37. This is the British English definition of Blotch.View American English definition of Blotch.

British, Blotch

38. Grapevine red Blotch virus slows fruit ripening, reducing sugar and color development, but, unlike the grapevine leafroll viruses, it does not seem to reduce yield, Levin said

Blotch, But

39. Blotch is a parable that helps kids grasp the concepts of sin, salvation, and redemption in a clear way


40. Blotch is a boy who lives in a kingdom where everyone has Blotches on their skin

Blotch, Boy, Blotches

41. Hoping to find someone who knows how to get rid of the spots, Blotch strikes out on a journey.


42. Alternaria Blotch of apple has been a serious issue in North Carolina for several decades

Blotch, Been

43. In Pennsylvania, alternaria Blotch of apple is present, but hasn't been an economical issue

Blotch, But, Been

44. Alternaria Blotch severity is affected by severe mite infestation.

Blotch, By

45. Last week, Marssonina leaf Blotch, caused by the fungal pathogen Marssonina coronaria was confirmed in several ‘Rome Beauty’ trees in Western NC

Blotch, By, Beauty

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