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1. This teenage sitcom is named after its main character, likable schoolgirl Blossom Russo.


2. Blossom definition is - the flower of a seed plant; also : the mass of such flowers on a single plant


3. How to use Blossom in a sentence.


4. The state of flowering: The apple tree is in Blossom. verb (used without object) Botany

Blossom, Botany

5. Blossom, Los Angeles, California


6. 100% original content to spark inspiration for your most creative self! Blossom is a part of First Media.


7. Blossom (TV Series 1990–1995) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.


8. Creative Ways to Snack With Goldfish® x Blossom


9. The cherry tree is beginning to Blossom. When people Blossom, they become more attractive, successful, or confident, and when good feelings or relationships Blossom, they develop and become stronger: She has really Blossomed recently

Beginning, Blossom, Become, Blossomed

10. Blossom Vegetarian is located right in the center of Downtown Renton


11. Blossom Vegetarian is now open for dine-in and to-to services during our business hour from

Blossom, Business

12. Blossom is a luxury Kitchen & Bath brand offering Vanities, LED Mirrors, LED Medicine Cabinets, Faucets, Accessories, etc

Blossom, Bath, Brand

13. The condition or time of flowering: peach trees in Blossom.


14. Cherry Blossoms is the best dating site to chat or meet Philippine and Asian women

Blossoms, Best

15. In business since 1974, has 100K visits monthly

Business, Blossoms

16. 18 synonyms of Blossom from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 40 related words, definitions, and antonyms


17. In botany, Blossoms are the flowers of stone fruit trees (genus Prunus) and of some other plants with a similar appearance that flower profusely for a period of time in spring

Botany, Blossoms

18. Peach Blossoms (including nectarine), most cherry Blossoms, and some almond Blossoms are usually pink.


19. Blossom on Columbus This beautiful location features a large, open dining area, as well as a full bar, complete with organic and local wines and beers

Blossom, Beautiful, Bar, Beers

20. Play Blossom Blast Saga online at

Blossom, Blast

21. Awesome Blossom! Home Games Jobs Community Log in


22. Blossom’s Lip Collection includes our best sellers and fan favorites—all infused with real flowers

Blossom, Best

23. Blossom Skis is a company that, in the age of standardized production, chooses to offer hand-made and tailor-made products


24. “The Blossom team have been true partners since the early days of Duffel, long before they invested

Blossom, Been, Before

25. 12 Homes For Sale in Blossom, TX


26. Blossom is the most direct, and easy-to-use project management board out there

Blossom, Board

27. They are each passionate about helping you Blossom into your happiest, healthiest self!


28. The National Park Service, working together with the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the Government of the District of Columbia, and in consultation with the most recent guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and local health guidelines, continue to evaluate what opportunities, if any, will be available to view the Blossoms in person at the Tidal Basin.

Blossom, Be, Blossoms, Basin

29. Blossom’s Vanities are made to suit your needs with a whole variety of different innovative and inspiring designs that can appeal to palates


30. Blossom, Los Angeles, California


31. 100% original content to spark inspiration for your most creative self! Blossom is a part of First Media.


32. Blossom Music Center reserves the right to refuse admission


33. Related topics: Plants, Gardening Blossom Blossom 2 verb [intransitive] 1 HBP DLG if trees Blossom, they produce flowers The apple trees are just beginning to Blossom

Blossom, Beginning

34. 2 (also Blossom out) HAPPY SUCCESSFUL to become happier, more beautiful, more successful etc Pete’s Blossomed out in his new school

Blossom, Become, Beautiful, Blossomed

35. Blossom into The idea Blossomed into a

Blossom, Blossomed

36. The Blossom Shinjuku Hotel offers a 24-hour front desk, coin launderette and free luggage storage services


37. Refreshingly, Blossom leaves some episodes open-ended, providing families with something to talk about


38. There are some (last time, I promise) very special bonus features, including convivial cast commentaries, the original pilot, and segments about the development of the series and Blossom

Bonus, Blossom

39. Download Blossom - Plant Identification and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


40. Start taking care of your private Blossoming garden!


41. Blossom Bee serves Thai food and also crepes

Blossom, Bee

42. The National Cherry Blossom Festival would like to thank its Kite Advisory Committee and the Wings Over Washington Kite Club for sharing their advice, knowledge, and expertise on kite making and flying to help provide virtual content for the 2021 Blossom Kite Fly


43. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is grateful to the following organizations who helped distribute complimentary kite making


44. Didirikan pada tahun 2002, Blossom Multimedia menyediakan semua kebutuhan Gaming, Overclocking and Hi-end PC product yang anda butuhkan! Didukung oleh vendor-vendor terkemuka seperti :

Blossom, Butuhkan

45. Blossom is a '90s sitcom starring Mayim Bialik as Blossom Russo, a teen living in an all-male household after her mother walks out on the family

Blossom, Bialik

46. Her father, Nick (Ted Wass), does his best to fill both parental roles for Blossom and her older brothers -- recovering addict Tony (Michael Stoyanov) and likable but dim sports standout Joey ( Joey

Best, Both, Blossom, Brothers, But

47. Online ordering menu for Blossom


48. We serve Chinese cuisine here at Blossom in Poulsbo, Washington


49. Blossom is one of the first signs that spring is well and truly on the way, and is a welcome sight of colour after the frosty winter months


50. From the pinker hues to the cloudy white, these delicate Blossoms are a joyful sight and a reminder that warmer days are on their way.


51. Blossom’s freshest location features a gorgeously lit open dining space with comfortable seating conducive to intimate conversation


52. Blossom is a town in Lamar County, Texas, United States


53. Blossom is located at 33°39′41″N 95°23′1″W / 33.66139°N 95.38361°W / 33.66139; -95.38361 (33.661395, -95.383675).


54. Fifteen-year-old Blossom Russo is the only girl in a house that includes her session musician father, her curmudgeonly grandfather and two brothers

Blossom, Brothers

55. Blossom definition: Blossom is the flowers that appear on a tree before the fruit

Blossom, Before

56. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio is the home of the famous “Blossom Music Center”


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BLOSSOM [ˈbläsəm]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Bible say about Blossom?

To see the blossoms of the valley, To see whether the vine had budded. Or the pomegranates had bloomed. Song of Solomon 7:12. "Let us rise early and go to the vineyards; Let us see whether the vine has budded. And its blossoms have opened, And whether the pomegranates have bloomed. There I will give you my love.

What is the difference between a blossom and a flower?

The word blossom, which literally means flower as in cherry blossom or plum blossom, confuses many, as they cannot understand why it is blossom for the flowers of some trees while flower is the word for reproductive part of all flowering plants. Blossom is a word that is also used in verb form as when someone describes a tree as producing flowers.

What does the name Blossom mean?

The name Blossom is of English origin. The meaning of Blossom is "flowerlike". Blossom is generally used as a girl's name.

What does the name Blosom mean?

Blossom as a girls' name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Blossom is "flower-like". Generic flower name first used in the 19th century as an affectionate pet name for a young girl.

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