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1. A Blockalteste was a block leader in the concentration camps. of a block of buildings or a prisoner assigned to do the duty.

Blockalteste, Block, Buildings

2. A Blockalteste was a block leader in the concentration camps. There were either the German Soldiers assigned to be a block leader of a block of …

Blockalteste, Block, Be

3. The Blockalteste advised Elie to survive, to only look out for himself and no other. He tells him that in the concentration camps, it is every man for himself and that ties of family and friendship no longer count


4. Blockalteste Block elder and inmate functionary in charge of a single concentration camp barracks.

Blockalteste, Block, Barracks

5. The Blockalteste was weary and protective of the men


6. “He nodded to the Blockalteste: we can begin! As if this were a game.” Page 72 “The race seemed endless; I felt as though I had been running for years..” Page 72 “Now, it no longer mattered that the work was hard

Blockalteste, Begin, Been

7. 41. Blockalteste was removed because “he was judged too humane” (44)

Blockalteste, Because

8. An important person in the block is the Blockalteste

Block, Blockalteste

9. The child was not expected to live; but the Blockalteste made her get on the top bunk and helped her deliver her child

But, Blockalteste, Bunk

10. Question: In relation to the first two paragraphs, the lat sentence of the second paragraph (the Blockalteste came running”) is Answer: A 47


11. Question: The Blockalteste locks himself in his room because Answer: B 48

Blockalteste, Because

12. In Auschwitz, his Blockalteste tells him and the other prisoners that the best way to survive is to work together

Blockalteste, Best

13. The Blockalteste turned to go to his room


14. Blockalteste A concentration camp inmate appointed to be the leader of a barrack Buna The largest Auschwitz sub-camp (or Auschwitz III)

Blockalteste, Be, Barrack, Buna

15. What advice does the “Blockalteste” give to Eliezer concerning his father? answer choices


16. The Blockalteste knows that the Jews have been so demoralized, starved, and hurt that they no longer care for hygiene or cleanliness

Blockalteste, Been

17. To restore some humanity in them, the Blockalteste tells them to clean up their barrack

Blockalteste, Barrack

18. What advice does the Blockalteste give to Elie about his father? He tells Elie to look after himself and stop trying to help his father


19. Barrack leaders in concentration camps (ranked above the Kapos but below the Lageralteste) "The Blockalteste was a German Jew." Lageralteste

Barrack, But, Below, Blockalteste

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