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1. Bloc definition is - a temporary combination of parties in a legislative assembly


2. Bloc is an MMO nation simulation game


3. Learn to code online with a Mentor at Bloc Log In


4. Bloc is a talent agency representing choreographers, dancers and extreme athletes for feature film, episodic and commercial television, live stage and theatre performances, industrials, music …


5. Bloc has assembled a unique, innovative and dynamic team of individuals who live and work in the neighborhoods they serve


6. Bloc is a talent agency representing choreographers, dancers and extreme athletes for feature film, episodic and commercial television, live stage and theatre performances, industrials, music …


7. Bloc sunglasses are used all across the world and our team works hard to ensure that we’re always developing new product ideas that react to the changing sports landscape


8. The Bloc Sponsorship program is an opportunity available to all Business Leaders of Charlotte members as a way to enhance the Bloc experience of "building friendships, growing business and strengthening the community"

Bloc, Business, Building

9. If you have any questions about any level of sponsorship, please contact the Bloc Sponsorship Chair, Kyle Donaghy (Uptown)


10. The team of husband and wife, Paul and Janna Thomas has co-founded Bloc Loc


11. The Bloc offers the preferred location for Texas Tech Students in the Overton District


12. About Vision Contact Our Work Bloc Agenda Campaigns Petitions Statements In The Media Elections Voting FAQ Silent Canvass Endorsements Join Us Jobs Donate Donations FAQs Election and Issue Advocacy Non Partisan Donate to Bloc PAC Register To Vote COVID-19 Resources


13. Official documentation for the Bloc state management library


14. Techo-Bloc is a leader in the hardscape industry that produces pavers that are durable, easily installed and trendy.


15. Bloc synonyms, Bloc pronunciation, Bloc translation, English dictionary definition of Bloc


16. Coalition of groups with the same purpose: a Bloc of votes Not to be confused with: Block – a solid piece of hard material; an obstruction: Block the street

Bloc, Be, Block

17. The Bloc climbing + yoga is a 20,000 square foot, air-conditioned climbing center in Tucson, Az


18. Application permettant de saisir une information sous forme de pense bête dans un Bloc note


19. Bloc Music Theatre is proud to present MAMMA MIA as it 2021 Major Production back at Her Majesty's Theatre

Bloc, Back

20. BOOK TICKETS NOW !! Bloc is a multi award-winning amateur theatre company entertaining the Ballarat community for

Book, Bloc, Ballarat

21. 20 synonyms of Bloc from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 31 related words, definitions, and antonyms


22. Bloc: a group of people acting together within a larger group.


23. It covers the Bloc package (version 6.0.3) in all flavors: Bloc, flutter_Bloc hydrated_Bloc, replay_Bloc, Bloc_test and cubit


24. IntelliJ - extends IntelliJ/Android Studio with support for the Bloc library and provides tools for effectively creating Blocs for both Flutter and AngularDart apps.

Bloc, Blocs, Both

25. Home of Citta, Father Rabbit, BoConcept, Alex & Corban and Bloc Cafe

Boconcept, Bloc

26. Block Puzzle (1010!) is an addicting brain teaser with simple yet challenging games designed to train your brain

Block, Brain

27. Train your brain and develop your logic with this simple game that lets you combine puzzle Blocks, build and destroy structures by creating lines and test your logic with friends.

Brain, Blocks, Build, By

28. Bloc Loc Half Square Acrylic Triangle Ruler, HST- 4.5x4.5 Inches


29. Bloc also extends BlocBase which means it has a similar public API as Cubit

Bloc, Blocbase

30. However, rather than calling a function on a Bloc and directly emitting a new state, Blocs receive events and convert the incoming events into outgoing states

Bloc, Blocs

31. State changes in Bloc begin when events are added which triggers onEvent.

Bloc, Begin

32. Bloc Carlsbad Village is located on State Street, right in the heart of the village


33. The Bloc Pattern has been designed by Paolo Soares and Cong Hui, from Google and first presented during the DartConf 2018 (January 23-24, 2018)

Bloc, Been, By

34. Bloc stands for Business Logic Component.

Bloc, Business

35. Be moved to one or several Bloc s,; be removed as much as possible from the Presentation Layer.

Be, Bloc

36. Only specify the Bloc if you wish to provide a Bloc that will be scoped to a single widget and isn't accessible via a parent BlocProvider and the current BuildContext

Bloc, Be, Blocprovider, Buildcontext

37. BlocBuilder<BlocA, BlocAState>( Bloc: BlocA, // provide the local Bloc instance builder: (context, state) { // return widget here based on BlocA's state } )

Blocbuilder, Bloca, Blocastate, Bloc, Builder, Based

38. Bloc is an online-only coding bootcamp that trains students to become software engineers

Bloc, Bootcamp, Become

39. The Bloc spreads the love of boxing to provide life-changing opportunities to Chicago's youth

Bloc, Boxing

40. A variation of this classical pattern has emerged from the Flutter community – Bloc


41. Bloc stands for Business Logic Components

Bloc, Business

42. The gist of Bloc is that everything in the app should be represented as stream of events: widgets submit events; other widgets will respond

Bloc, Be

43. Bloc sits in the middle, managing the conversation.


44. Bloc is an online interactive platform that offers a variety of online coding bootcamps in several areas including web development, mobile development, and design

Bloc, Bootcamps

45. 2020: "Two Special Elections On Tuesday Could Hint At Another Blue Wave In 2020" by Geoffrey Skelley and Nathaniel Rakich, FiveThirtyEight But a huge Bloc of non-Hispanic white residents without bachelor’s degrees — 72 percent of the population age 25 or older — has turned the 7th District

Blue, By, But, Bloc, Bachelor

46. Bloc will never have any reference of the Widgets in the UI Screen.


47. Bloc is committed to the health and safety of our community


48. Bloc NYC is always excited to find new talent.If you are interested in represenation with us you may fill out the form to the right or mail your headshot and resume


49. The Bloc Québécois (BQ; French pronunciation: [blɔk kebekwa], "Quebecer Bloc") is a federal political party in Canada devoted to Quebec nationalism and the promotion of Quebec sovereignty

Bloc, Bq, Bl

50. The Bloc was formed by Members of Parliament (MPs) who defected from the federal Progressive Conservative Party and Liberal Party during the collapse of the Meech Lake Accord.

Bloc, By

51. In Bloc, the StreamSink stands for the input of the stream, and Stream is the output of the stream


52. When there is one event from Widget, the Bloc is …


53. Find 8 ways to say Bloc, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


54. Find design-driven landscaping ideas that will transform your property into an outdoor living experience with Techo-Bloc's landscaping catalogs


55. HQ, SDDC is the sole authority for creating, issuing, deactivating and reactivating of Bloc's


56. A Bloc will be issued to transportation offices authorized by their …

Bloc, Be, By

57. The Bloc is a vibrant, open-air urban center, a growing, inclusive community, a LEED™ certified Gold project, an inflection point in the heart of downtown Los Angeles


58. Encompassing a full city Block along LA’s iconic 7th Street corridor, The Bloc connects the financial, fashion, jewelry, and theater districts – and the 7th Street Metro

Block, Bloc

59. VSCode support for the Bloc Library and provides tools for effectively creating Blocs and Cubits for both Flutter and AngularDart apps

Bloc, Blocs, Both

60. Bloc can be installed from the VSCode Marketplace or by searching within VSCode

Bloc, Be, By

61. Let The Bloc ValueBuilders—our full-service strategic and creative payer agency—ensure your work makes the greatest impact through collaborative payer, provider, and member-focused initiatives


62. Let The Bloc Science Foundry—our medical communications practice—help you forge your scientific


63. The Bloc Venue is a wedding and event venue in Roseville, CA/ Greater Sacramento, CA area


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BLOC [bläk]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bloc stand for?

Rank Abbr.Meaning
BLOCBusiness Line of Credit
BLOCBuy Low or Cash (UBS investment product)

2 more rows

What does Bloc mean in English?

Definition of bloc. 1a : a temporary combination of parties in a legislative assembly. b : a group of legislators who act together for some common purpose irrespective of party lines. 2a : a combination of persons, groups, or nations forming a unit with a common interest or purpose a bloc of voters.

What is the difference between Bloc and block?

As nouns the difference between bloc and block is that bloc is a group of voters or politicians who share common goals while block is a substantial, often approximately cuboid, piece of any substance. to fill (something) so that it is not possible to pass.

What does Block mean?

The definition of a block is a square piece of material that usually has flat surfaces that may be used for building things, as a child's toy, or as a work surface. An example of a block is a large piece of wood that is square in shape. An example of a block is a child's four-sided toy that he can stack up or use to build things.

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