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1. Creators of the Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, and Overwatch series, Blizzard Entertainment is an industry-leading developer responsible for the most epic entertainment experiences, ever.


2. Download games and applications from Blizzard and partners.


3. Your one stop shop into the world of Blizzard


4. Buy digital Games, In-Game Items, Balance and more for all your favorite Activision Blizzard franchises including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Diablo, Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty.

Buy, Balance, Blizzard

5. Get the latest updates on all things Blizzard Entertainment!


6. The Blizzard desktop app installs, patches, and launches all Blizzard games from one application

Blizzard, Battle

7. You can also access the Blizzard Shop, as well as News on all of our games from the app.


8. Cannot remember Blizzard password and want to reset it


9. Diablo IV is an open world action-RPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

By, Blizzard

10. Blizzard Entertainment uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites


11. Blizzard, severe weather condition that is distinguished by low temperatures, strong winds, and large quantities of either falling or blowing snow

Blizzard, By, Blowing

12. The National Weather Service of the United States defines a Blizzard as a storm with winds of more than 56 km (35 miles) per hour for at least three


13. Dairy Queen® Menu - Burgers, Blizzard Treats, and More

Burgers, Blizzard

14. Explains the level of technical support we offer on Blizzard and Activision products


15. Uninstalling Games with the Blizzard Desktop App

Blizzard, Battle

16. Uninstalling the Blizzard Desktop App

Blizzard, Battle

17. A Blizzard is a storm with "considerable falling or blowing snow" and winds in excess of 35 mph and visibilities of less than 1/4 mile for at least 3 hours.

Blizzard, Blowing

18. Blizzard Entertainment is an Equal Opportunity Employer


19. A 2016 Blizzard in New York City was the largest snowfall on record in Central Park


20. On January 23, 2016, 27.5 inches of snow accumulated, with Blizzard


21. The Blizzard-tecnica women 2 women project


22. 2021 was the inaugural launch of the Blizzard tecnica women2women scholarship program and …


23. Is an American video game developer and publisher based in Irvine, California.A subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, the company was founded on February 8, 1991, under the name Silicon & Synapse, Inc

Based, Blizzard

24. *By clicking the opt-in button, you consent to receiving news and special offers from Blizzard Entertainment

By, Button, Blizzard

25. Get one of the three Celebration Collection packs and commemorate 30 years of Blizzard with in-game loot like the bear-y impressive Snowstorm mount or the otherworldly Moon-Touched Netherwhelp pet

Blizzard, Bear

26. Bezahlt für Spiele und Dienste direkt über Blizzard Blizzard-Guthaben ist eine zusätzliche Zahlungsmethode, um digitale Produkte und Dienste zu bezahlen

Bezahlt, Ber, Blizzard, Bezahlen

27. Ihr könnt euer Blizzard-Guthaben mit einer Vielzahl von Zahlungsmethoden aufladen und für Blizzard-Spiele, Charakterdienste, Gegenstände im Spiel und mehr verwenden!


28. Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog Bagless Canister Vacuum, Lotus White

Blizzard, Bagless

29. I'm frustrated by Blizzard's process or policy

By, Blizzard

30. Each Blizzard account supports a single Diablo III account


31. A young girl learns the true meaning of friendship from one of Santa's reindeer in Blizzard, an enchanting holiday film the whole family will cherish


32. But then she meets Blizzard, a reindeer with special powers, who helps her realize her potential.

But, Blizzard

33. Blizzard definition is - a long severe snowstorm


34. How to use Blizzard in a sentence


35. Protect your Blizzard account and games using our free Mobile Authenticator app! The app offers two factor authentication, protecting everything from your most storied World of Warcraft characters to your meticulously crafted Hearthstone decks


36. Find out what goes into designing an iconic Hero that exists in two Blizzard universes


37. When a perfectly groomed canvas of corduroy is sprawled before you, Blizzard’s Quattro is the ski of choice

Before, Blizzard

38. Blizzard has a long heritage of ski making, and our engineers put our skis to the test in the Austrian Alps that


39. Artist Alex Horley Reflects on 15 Years of Working with Blizzard


40. Blizzard Entertainment is an Equal Opportunity Employer


41. <!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" name="viewport"> <title>Blizzard</title> <base href

Blizzard, Base

42. Добро пожаловать в магазин, где любитель игр Blizzard найдет все, что нужно! Приобретайте электронные экземпляры игр, пополняйте кошелек Activision Blizzard и покупайте внутриигровые предметы для ваших любимых проектов Activision


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BLIZZARD [ˈblizərd]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term 'Blizzard' actually mean?

The National Weather Service officially defines a blizzard as a storm which includes large amounts of falling OR blowing snow, with winds higher than 35 mph and visibilities less than 1/4 mile for an extended period of time (at least 3 hours).

What is the official definition of a blizzard?

The term "blizzard" is often tossed around when big winter storms blow in. But the National Weather service has an official definition of blizzard: A blizzard is a storm with "considerable falling or blowing snow" and winds in excess of 35 mph and visibilities of less than 1/4 mile for at least 3 hours.

What is the difference between a blizzard and a snowstorm?

In the United States, the National Weather Service defines a blizzard as a severe snow storm characterized by strong winds causing blowing snow that results in low visibilities. The difference between a blizzard and a snowstorm is the strength of the wind, not the amount of snow.

What should Blizzard do?

Blizzards are major winter storms that produce intense snowfall, gale force winds, below-freezing temperatures and often whiteout conditions. If a blizzard is forecast for your area, or if you find yourself outdoors during one, the following tips can help you survive. The most important thing you can do is to prepare for the blizzard before it hits . However, there are also some steps you can take if you are caught in the storm.

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