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BLEMISH [ˈblemiSH]

blemish (noun) · blemishes (plural noun)

  • a small mark or flaw which spoils the appearance of something.
  • a moral defect or fault.
Synonyms: imperfection . fault . flaw . defect . deformity . discoloration . disfigurement . bruise . scar . pit . pockmark . pock . scratch . dent . chip . notch . nick . line . score . cut . incision . gash . mark . streak . spot . fleck . dot . blot . stain . smear . patch . trace . speck . speckle . blotch . smudge . smut . smirch . fingermark . fingerprint . impression . imprint . marking . blaze . stripe . birthmark . splotch . splodge . stigma . enhancement . defect . fault . failing . flaw . imperfection . frailty . fallibility . foible . vice . shortcoming . weakness . deficiency . limitation . blot . taint . stain . smirch . dishonor . disgrace . virtue .

blemish (verb) · blemishes (third person present) · blemished (past tense) · blemished (past participle) · blemishing (present participle)

  • spoil the appearance of (something) that is otherwise aesthetically perfect.
Synonyms: mar . spoil . impair . disfigure . blight . deface . flaw . mark . spot . speckle . blotch . discolor . scar . ruin . destroy . wreck . sully . tarnish . besmirch . blacken . smirch . stain . blot . taint . soil . befoul . dirty . disgrace . damage . defame . calumniate . injure . harm . hurt . undermine . debase . degrade . denigrate . dishonor . stigmatize . vitiate . enhance .

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1. Middle English blemisshen, to damage, injure, sully, from Anglo-French blemiss-, stem of blemir, blesmir, from Old French, literally, to make pale by wounding, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German blas ros horse with a blaze, Old Norse blesi blaze — more at blaze Learn More about Blemish

2. Verb (used with object) to destroy or diminish the perfection of: The book is Blemished by those long, ineffective descriptions.

3. A Blemish is something thought to mar the appearance or character of a thing: "Industry in art is a necessity—not a virtue—and any evidence of the same, in the production, is a Blemish"

4. A Blemish is any type of mark, spot, discoloration, or flaw that appears on the skin. Blemishes on the face may be unsightly and emotionally upsetting, but …

5. Sore smote was Halldor, a deep wound gat he in the countenance, and to him was it a Blemish all the days of his life

6. THE SAGAS OF OLAF TRYGGVASON AND OF HARALD THE TYRANT (HARALD HAARDRAADE) SNORRI STURLUSON With respect to moral delinquency, the only Blemish in the character of Festus is a certain inconstancy in love.

7. Above are the results of unscrambling Blemish

8. We found a total of 77 words by unscrambling the letters in Blemish.

9. Cosmetic Blemished Tires Available Direct! What is a "Blem"? Tires that are reclassified as Blems are tires that were found at the final inspection stage to have some cosmetic or aesthetic imperfection

10. The definition of a Blemish is a flaw in something otherwise perfect or complete

11. A thirty day late on an otherwise perfect credit report is an example of a Blemish.

12. A Blemish is something thought to mar the appearance or character of a thing: "Industry in art is a necessity—not a virtue—and any evidence of the same, in the production, is a Blemish"

13. Synonyms & Antonyms of Blemish (Entry 1 of 2) something that spoils the appearance or completeness of a thing the first mirror had a Blemish on its surface, so we took it back to the store

14. Imperfection or bodily deformity excluding men from the priesthood, and rendering animals unfit to be offered in sacrifice ( Leviticus 21:17-23; 22:19-25).The Christian church, as justified in Christ, is "without Blemish" ( Ephesians 5:27).Christ offered himself a sacrifice "without Blemish," acceptable to God ( 1 Peter 1:19)

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16. Blemish products on Rainier Arms

17. Use the free Blemish remover and photo touch up tool from Adobe Photoshop Express

18. Don’t let ketchup stains, dust spots, or other Blemishes get in the way of a great picture

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20. A Blemish is a minor flaw or imperfection.

21. Acne, skin imperfections; Blemish, a music album from David Sylvian released in 2003; See …

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24. Blemish Dermatology A popular term for any cosmetic skin defect—e.g., birthmarks and lesions—caused by ageing or exposure to the sun

25. Defects of conduct are also metaphorically called Blemishes (Deut

26. A Blemished priest was unfit to serve in the priesthood (Lev

27. Blemish Original First Edition of Games People Play from Eric Berne’s private library

28. If you borrow your brother's brand new bicycle, you'd better be careful — what might seem like the tiniest Blemish to you might be a horribly ruined paint job to him.

29. See 7 authoritative translations of Blemish in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

30. A Blemish is a small mark on something that spoils its appearance

31. Every piece is closely scrutinised, and if there is the slightest Blemish on it, it is rejected.

32. מאוּם noun masculine Job 31:7 Blemish, defect (for מְאוּם, which, although found only late, is (si vera lectio) apparently original form, .Kö ii

33. ‘A Blemish even gives the appearance of a nail on the extended digit.’ ‘Instead it has age marks, Blemishes, and even a small spot or two with a brownish patina look.’ ‘There are also some natural diamonds which have undergone treatments to reduce their Blemishes, thus enhancing their appearance.’

34. Blemish Balm not only conceals Blemishes, but also intervenes in disturbed skin processes with a regulating effect and specifically counteracts skin problems

35. Blemish Balm contains many valuable ingredients and is far superior to many regular tinted BB Creams which at most cover up.

36. Date: February 23, 2021 Applying cream to face to help remove a Blemish

37. Blemishes are marks or areas of discoloration on the skin

38. Since there are many different types of Blemishes with many different causes, the treatment for each is a little different.

39. Blemish definition: A Blemish is a small mark on something that spoils its appearance

40. Combat breakouts and treat spots with NEUTROGENA® Acne Blemish and Spot Treatments

41. Definition of Blemish_1 noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

42. Blemish -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at

43. Thayers Blemish Clearing Balm is formulated to speed relief to Blemishes and treat them with home-grown healing power

44. Blemish Any mark of deformity or injury, whether physical or moral; anything that diminishes beauty, or renders imperfect that which is otherwise well formed; that which impairs reputation

45. Blemish Detect offers an alternative method of specifying the ROI relative to the image boundaries: crop_borders, which is set near the bottom of the Blemish (or Uniformity) window

46. Antonyms for Blemish include enhancement, improvement, ornament, perfection, purity, refinement, adornment, advantage, beauty and benefit

47. (21) No man that hath a Blemish.--The addition of this general remark to the twelve instances adduced in the preceding verses, shows that the cases in question were simply typical, and that it was left to the administrators of the Law, not only to decide the minute details and various stages of these cases, but also to determine whether other bodily infirmities are included or not in this

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