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fire, flames, conflagration, inferno, holocaust, firestorm, glare, gleam, flash, burst,

"Blaze" in Example Sentences

1. How to use blaze in a sentence. Example sentences with the word blaze. blaze example sentences.
2. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "blaze" We built a blazing fire on the beach and cooked our supper over itFiremen say the blaze that destroyed the school started in the furnace room. We built a blazing fire on the beach and cooked our supper over it. A brilliant sunset blazed in the evening sky. The wreckage of the car blazed as firemen
3. Examples of blaze in a sentence. Last night firefighters worked tirelessly to control the blaze that consumed the old train station. 🔊 The troubled lad used gasoline to start the blaze that produced a catastrophic fire. 🔊 After an investigation, the fire chief announced the blaze occurred as a result of arson. 🔊
4. blaze in a sentence up(1) down(2) Sentence count:214+16 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-20Updated:2016-12-20. Synonym: fire, flame, flare, marking, notch. Similar words: maze, gaze, craze, amaze, gazelle, amazement, black, blase. Meaning: [bleɪz] n. 1. a strong flame that burns brightly 2. a cause of difficulty and suffering 3. noisy
5. blaze the trail in a sentence - Use "blaze the trail" in a sentence 1. America's most successful actor-turned-politician, Ronald Reagan, blazed the trail a generation ago. 2. Others before him blazed the trail from passed over to made over. click for more sentences of blaze the trail
6. Use "blaze" in a sentence. 2. Use prodigal in a sentence, prodigal meaning?, prodigal definition, how to use prodigal in a sentence, use prodigal in a sentence with examples. UseEnglishW. › compressibleness [kəmˈpresəb(ə)l] › Tycoon [tīˈko͞on] › blazein [blāz] › Grabbers › Completer › Ankles [ˈaNGk(ə)l] › Nipagin: 3. 2. 11.
7. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "blaze "The rocket flew across the sky in a blaze of fiery light. Firemen tackled a major blaze at an apartment building over the weekend. Witnesses reported seeing a sudden blaze of light before the plane crashed.
8. How to use blaze in a sentence. The blaze list of example sentences with blaze.
9. Burning fiercely; in a blaze; on fire. Examples of Ablaze in a sentence. The cops threw Jack to the ground and arrested him after he set the American flag ablaze. 🔊 Before fleeing, the bandit set the home ablaze so that any possible evidence would be obliterated. 🔊
10. How to use blazer in a sentence. Example sentences with the word blazer. blazer example sentences.
11. 2. 3. Use blazen in a sentence, blazen meaning?, blazen definition, how to use blazen in a sentence, use blazen in a sentence with examples: 23. There is at least a punky spark in my heart and it may blaze in this autumn gold, fanned by the King. 3. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word blazen: .
12. They use blaze in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for blaze. In the full blaze of public opinion! (10) In a moment, she is a blaze of light. (10) Kirsteen turned; her eyes seemed to blaze. (8) The sun threw a blaze of light into the carriage. (10)
13. blaze the path in a sentence - Use "blaze the path" in a sentence 1. They also blazed the path to very highly distributed human intensive systems. 2. I fight first and blaze the path into battle for others to follow. click for more sentences of blaze the path
14. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word blaze: . See blaze used in context: 100 poetry verses, 9 Shakespeare works, 1 Bible passage, 2 definitions
15. How to use blaze a trail in a sentence Looking for sentences with "blaze a trail"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. In a sense, Watkins's images blaze a trail for the tourist at the expense of the adventurer and hollow out the sublime, leaving only spectacle.
16. How To Use Bigger In A Sentence? A sudden blaze of wrath flared up in the bigger man's eyes. It is a general rule in that country, that bigger incomes do not help anybody. My hand's bigger then my Ladies. A wager like ours takes nerve to make, but a bigger nerve to carry through.
17. How to use "blaze" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi. by BuildMyVocab. Example sentences for "blaze" in popular movie and book plots. The aftermath is the show's biggest explosion, a huge rooftop blaze where the audience is actually able to feel the radiating heat.
18. You can use the word blaze to mean a bright fire. An example of a sentence using the word blaze is, "The camp bonfire blazed throughout most of the night."
19. The dawn was a tropical blaze, and the greyness vanished in a flare of red. Source null; I don't get the joke about "dawn" -- Lennon says: "So this is what Dawn does." Source null; At this time of the winter solstice the dawn could be a long, long time coming. Tips for Using dawn in a Sentence.
20. You can use the word blaze to mean a bright fire. An example of a sentence using the word blaze is, "The camp bonfire blazed throughout most of the night."
21. Clyde, in a beau geste, allows a humble farmer to keep his cash, an incident based on fact.: Finally, Assad was back in the diplomatic arena, strengthened by his beau geste.: My first image was the sun fading on the horizon in a flaming blaze that illuminated an Arab horseman stolen from the pages of Beau Geste.: Les nationaux n'ont replique qu'a la 34e minute sur un beau geste technique de
22. Significant mentions of the word blaze: . See blaze used in context: 100+ rhymes, 9 Shakespeare works, several books and articles.
23. Sentence Examples for blaze. The blaze spread rapidly. How to use blaze in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of blaze.
24. Translations of the word blazer from english to french and examples of the use of "BLAZER" in a sentence with their translations: I consider this blazer as one of the treasures
25. Use “stem” in a sentence | “stem” sentence examples The ship was in a blaze from stem to stern. 8. Make a slit in the stem about half an inch long. 9. “uni-” is the stem of “unity”. 10. Your errors stem all from your carelessness. 11. They searched the ship from stem to stern , looking for the missing suitcase.
26. How to use sparkling in a sentence. Sparkling pronunciation. The sparkling gem gives back the glorious radiance It drinks from other light, but the dull earth Absorbs the blaze, and yields no gleam again. play. copy. But the sight of the cool, sparkling water was too much for Baby William. play.
27. Definition of blaze in the D dictionary. Meaning of blaze. What does blaze mean? Information and translations of blaze in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
28. Shape in a sentence; craze in a sentence; blaze in a sentence; mull in a sentence; hull in a sentence; gull in a sentence; dull in a sentence; cull in a sentence; hill in a sentence; rill in a sentence; bill in a sentence; ill in a sentence; save in a sentence; pave in a sentence; gave in a sentence; rave in a sentence; belt in a sentence; yell
29. How to use blaze in a sentence. blaze | Definition of blaze by Merriam-Webster Page 5/17. Read PDF blaze blaze is inspired by the life of blaze Foley, the unsung songwriting legend of the Texas outlaw music movement that spawned the likes of Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson. The film weaves together
30. Took place in a sentence. April 28, 2020 ilker78. Spread the love. How to use the word took place in a sentence. Back and forth action took place between both teams. The trial took place amid a blaze of publicity. The visit took place amidst tight security .
31. Use “44” in a sentence | “44” sentence examples Firefighters had the blaze under control by 9:44 p.m. 11. For 44 years he had ministered to the poor, the sick, the neglected and the deprived. 12. First half profit before tax fell by 12% to £44.5m at Laporte; eps fell by 6% to 18.8p. Building materials.
32. The fiery blaze forced me to step back. Or if you mean "blasé" Natasha has a blasé attitude about doing homework and chores, and usually ignores her parents orders.
33. How to use blazing in a sentence. 12. blaze sentence examples. blaze. Dawn has her day in court A blazing row sparks a blaze of another kind in the Emmerdale vicarage on Friday. 2. 0. breathing apparatus used two hose reels to tackle the blaze. 2. 0. firefighters tackled the blaze that broke out in the garage in Kirby. 2. 0. 13.
34. blaze – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence June 7, 2016 by jowensauthor 2 Comments Terry cut a notch into a tree trunk then wiped his brow, took a deep breath, and raised his machete to resume hacking away at the tangle of vines and tree limbs in front of him.

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