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1. However, one doesn't need to be a part of either to become Blackpilled.* A state of mind brought upon by the realization of harsh truths: seeing reality/society for what it truly is beyond the illusion of "equality" we are led to believe.

Be, Become, Blackpilled, Brought, By, Beyond, Believe

2. Blackpilled is focused on preserving freedom and exposing those that seek to rule us


3. Don't have Telegram yet? Try it now! Blackpilled


4. If you have Telegram, you can view and join Blackpilled right


5. Blackpilled is pretty much a more intense version of redpill in the sense that they see failure in any form of dating culture and pretty much reject it


6. Before we get started on this, it’s worth explaining what being “Blackpilled” means

Before, Being, Blackpilled

7. Blackpilled Inkwell said: Yep, "mental health treatment" is a load of horseshit


8. I ask this question because knowing more about him it seems like he was a combination of all 3, he was Blackpilled on female nature- as he said women were incapable of rational thought and descion making, and it also seems as he was redpilled- as he knew women liked jock chads, however it seems as if he was bluepilled- as he thought he was good looking, and deserved the same thing, he …

Because, Blackpilled, Bluepilled

9. Official Facebook page for


10. In a Blackpilled world the sexual marketplace is governed exclusively by genetics

Blackpilled, By

11. Sadly it seems the Blackpilled and even red pilled for that matter are the overwhelming minority while blue pilled men/simps and “feminist” women are …

Blackpilled, Blue

12. Blackpilled Inkwell Everything I post is fictional satire


13. Men who consider themselves to be “Blackpilled” stand in opposition to those who identify with either of the more commonly known “blue pill” (Liberal) or “red pill” (alt-right and Conservative)

Be, Blackpilled, Blue

14. Blackpilled Again Lyrics: I was sad, depressed and horny / You're a cunt but also pretty / You had my attention and my affection / I said hi and you ignored me / I said hi and you ignored me / I

Blackpilled, But

15. Blackpilled (Frostmourne) Entropy - 60 Human Affliction Warlock, 226 ilvl


16. The Blackpilled laureate of modern Britain Aris Roussinos 11/13/2020

Blackpilled, Britain

17. Blackpilled Tees™ offers 100% based, comfy and (ironically) Blackpilled merchandise for those who find humor in the absurdity of our political, social, and economic climate today

Blackpilled, Based

18. 10% of all Blackpilled Tees™ Profits go directly to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention® – you can read more about AFSP's mission and how


19. Maybe we’re all Cypher, all Blackpilled and already living a Blackpilled existence


20. Being Blackpilled gives you the knowledge to know that you have to stay in shape for your wife to be attracted to you

Being, Blackpilled, Be

21. Its extremely un-Blackpilled, in fact incredibly bluepilled, to think that some stacy is gonna start chasing around a KHHV truecel to "save" him jfl

Blackpilled, Bluepilled

22. Ultra Blackpilled August 31, 2020 by David Seaman Much of what was discussed in the short research booklet we released two years ago has gone from perceived conspiracy theory to …

Blackpilled, By, Booklet

23. This seems fairly Blackpilled to me; giving up on the idea of getting girls completely is pretty standard blackpill stuff

Blackpilled, Blackpill

24. Seeing how much people hate kiteman Blackpilled me, despite being i character i admire (confident without being arrogant, morals, boyish charm without being a manchild)

Blackpilled, Being, Boyish

25. Many plan-trusters, Q-believers, and Trump loyalists are now becoming, in their own words, Blackpilled — they’ve surrendered to despair

Believers, Becoming, Blackpilled

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does blackpilling mean?

When you are gaslighting, you are dispensing the black pill to your intended victim. Blackpilling is the verb form of dispensing the black pill to your victim.

Is blackpilling a verb?

So, to get back to your question, blackpilling is a verb form of the black pill. It is making a statement which makes everything hopeless for the listener, and may be a form of verbal abuse, similar to gaslighting. “You will never be any good at that.” “You will never finish that project.” “No-one will ever fancy you.” “The situation is hopeless.”

Where can I listen to the book blackpilled? ... ... Created 2 years, 10 months ago. Blackpilled is focused on preserving freedom and exposing those that seek to rule us.

What does black pill mean?

Black Pill A catastrophic prophecy or spiritless prophesying for the future that is not necessarily grounded in reality. A red pill gone hopelessly bleak. When somebody refuses a red pill you must force it upon them by having sexual intercourse with their girlfriend or sister.

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