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BLACKGUARD [ˈblaɡərd, ˈblaˌɡärd]

blackguard (noun) · blackguards (plural noun)

  • a man who behaves in a dishonourable or contemptible way.
Synonyms: rogue . scoundrel . rascal . reprobate . cheat . swindler . fraudster . trickster . charlatan . villain . bastard . beast . sob . rat . louse . swine . dog . cur . hound . skunk . heel . snake . wretch . scumbag . bad egg . stinker . scrote . spalpeen . rotter . bounder . blighter . cad . miscreant . knave . dastard . vagabond . varlet . wastrel . rapscallion . whoreson .

blackguard (verb) · blackguards (third person present) · blackguarded (past tense) · blackguarded (past participle) · blackguarding (present participle)

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1. Blackguard definition is - the kitchen servants of a household

2. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Edgar finds work in the hamlet of Dreng’s Ferry with Dreng himself, an all-around Blackguard, but eventually Edgar’s intelligence and capability propel him into the building trade

3. (as modifier): Blackguard language.

4. Blackguard is a supervillain in the DC Comics universe and an enemy of Booster Gold

5. “You Blackguard,” said Eric, standing irresolutely for a few minutes; and then with tears in his eyes began to climb the wall

6. FARRAR If you had not prevented him, that Blackguard would have used abusive language to me and ranged himself on your side

7. Blackguard's first appearance was within in the pages of Booster Gold in 1986, serving as a member of the time-traveling superhero's collection of rogues

8. Discover Blackguard Customs, run by bladesmith Liam Fuller, and featured on the hit TV show Forged in Fire

9. The Blackguard’s iconic blonde finish, often referred to as ‘butterscotch’ on account of its aged yellow hue, is transparent and so reveals each guitar’s unique ash body grain ‘fingerprint’

10. Our Blackguard fusion-bonded coatings furnish exceptional corrosion protection for electrical piping, raceways, cable trays and enclosures.

11. Welcome to Boom Beach, an epic combat strategy game where your brains and your troop’s brawn fight against the evil Blackguard

12. Blackguard A Blackguard epitomizes evil

13. Many refer to Blackguards as anti-paladins due to …

14. (as modifier): Blackguard language.

15. Blackguards, also referred to as antipaladins, were the quintessential champions of evil in Faerûn

16. Blackguard - Item - Classic World of Warcraft View in 3D Find upgrades

17. Blackguards, a new turn-based strategy RPG, explores this very question

18. Blackguard That was reported on the "ticker"as the"worst type of silly, blustering Blackguard".

19. Blackguard is the best BoE tanking sword in the game so far

20. Blackguard was a short-lived solo super-villain and operative for *The 1000*

21. Richard "Dick" Hertz, also known as Blackguard, is a criminal who uses a special combat suit and equipment for jobs

22. What does Blackguard mean? To abuse verbally; revile

23. Blackguard definition: an unprincipled contemptible person; scoundrel Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

24. Spells: A Blackguard has the ability to cast a small number of divine spells

25. To cast a Blackguard spell, a Blackguard must have a Wisdom score of at least 10 + the spell’s level, so a Blackguard with a Wisdom of 10 or lower cannot cast these spells.

26. Blackguard is creating content you must be 18+ to view

27. Blackguard is produced under strict quality control procedures in a state of the art production facility in Houston, Texas

28. ADVANCED PROCESS: Blackguard coated conduit is UL listed, File #E100475, and complies with NEMA RN C80.1.

29. Description: The Blackguard epitomizes evil.Consorting with demons and devils and serving dark deities, the Blackguard is hated and feared by all

30. The Blackguard has many options available to them -- sending forth dark minions and servants to do their bidding, attacking with stealth and honorless guile, or straightforward smiting of the forces of good that

31. ‘This is an attempt to intimidate and Blackguard the prison officers and this is an attempt that will fail.’ ‘He has attempted to Blackguard the hunger strikers, calling for an investigation into reports that they have coerced their children into joining the fast.’

32. Blackguard is slightly more powerful than other Paladins, but has no arcane magic and therefore cannot be considered overpowered

33. There's just more synergy of the ability with the Blackguard since it's attacking at much better thac0 with more APR.

34. ‘This is an attempt to intimidate and Blackguard the prison officers and this is an attempt that will fail.’ ‘He has attempted to Blackguard the hunger strikers, calling for an investigation into reports that they have coerced their children into joining the fast.’

35. Blackguard Customs LLC, Liberty Hill, Texas

36. Blackguard Customs LLC is a Veteran owned and operated business in Liberty Hill TX

37. The Blackguard Villagers look also very similar to the player's

38. However, there are no female Blackguard villagers

39. The Blackguard Landing Crafts also appear the same as the player's, but the Blackguard's are painted red instead of blue.

40. A Blackguard (alternatively spelled as "blaggard") could mean a scoundrel, an unprincipled contemptible person, or an untrustworthy person

41. Some people, like Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow, were called Blackguards by their actions

42. The title of Blackguard marks the highest order of the followers of Hextor

43. If you own or love the Blackguard Telecaster as one of the most iconic electric guitars, you must have this book.

44. Two bosses lead the Blackguard, Vansk, and San'sii the Kursk

45. The Blackguard were among Arthur’s earliest followers, before the rebirth of magic in the world

46. Blackguard ( Archers ) Background

47. Bonus feats: The epic Blackguard gains a bonus feat every three levels

48. Epic Blackguard bonus feats: armor skin, epic fiendish servant, epic prowess, epic reputation, epic toughness, epic weapon focus, great smiting, improved combat casting, improved sneak attack, overwhelming critical, perfect health, planar turning

49. However, a Blackguard will happily duel up to 3 enemies before trying to relocate

50. Dreadful Aspect is a once per short rest ability that frightens all enemies within 30 feet of the Blackguard on a failed Wisdom saving throw, imposing disadvantage on their attack rolls and preventing them from moving closer to the Blackguard.

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