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1. Bizarre: [adjective] strikingly out of the ordinary: such as


2. Bizarre, fantastic, grotesque, weird share a sense of deviation from what is normal or expected. Bizarre means markedly unusual or extraordinarily strange, sometimes whimsically so: Bizarre costumes for Mardi Gras; Bizarre behavior.

Bizarre, Behavior

3. The words fantastic and grotesque are common synonyms of Bizarre. While all three words mean "conceived, made, or carried out without adherence to truth or reality," Bizarre applies to the sensationally strange and implies violence of contrast or incongruity of combination


4. A Bizarre medieval castle in the heart of a modern city


5. Strange, but true: Bizarre is a word with a debated and murky background.

But, Bizarre, Background

6. Bizarre's diss track titled "Love Tap" was released as a single everywhere on September 18, 2018


7. Bizarre also signed a deal for his podcast “The Bizarre World Podcast” with The Digital Soapbox Network/CBS/Entercom


8. On October 10, 2019, Bizarre released his second Extended Play Rufus.


9. 10 Bizarre Objects Found On Beaches March 2, 2021 Weird Stuff Top 10 Wholesome Creators Who Were Anything But March 1, 2021 Our World 10 Man-Made Places Nature Decorated March 1, 2021

Bizarre, Beaches, But

10. Some are steeped in tradition, while others may be wacky, Bizarre, unique, special or …

Be, Bizarre

11. Someone or something Bizarre is odd or unusual in appearance, style, or character


12. If your teacher walks into class wearing a purple boa, lime-green cowboy boots, and a scuba mask, you might comment, "How Bizarre !" Things that are Bizarre often involve strange contrasts or unexpected elements.

Boa, Boots, Bizarre

13. Bizarre Reports - for us Bizarre descriptions - of extraordinary longevity represented for pre-modern writers empirical proof that death could be delayed

Bizarre, Be

14. From the Cambridge English Corpus This requirement is so sufficiently Bizarre


15. What does Bizarre mean? Very odd in manner, appearance, etc.; grotesque


16. The historical marker for Bizarre stands in the sidewalk in front of Poulston's TV and Appliance Store ("RCA 18 INCH SATELLITE DISH ONLY $500"), just across the Appomattox River from Farmville, Va.


17. Maurice is a French teenager who escaped France and begins working at a hype club in Brooklyn called Bizarre. He quickly becomes a sort of 'mascot' of this incredible club.The owner and the artists that perform there love him, but Maurice can't lovebecause of the pastand his secrets

Begins, Brooklyn, Bizarre, Becomes, But

18. The Crossword Solver found 182 answers to the Bizarre crossword clue


19. 10 Bizarre Fashion Trends That Got The Hype For No Reason


20. The source for all things Bizarre, strange and odd in the world


21. Let us remember the strange inventions, outdated customs, and one-of-a-kind moments that truly evoke the past in all its Bizarre glory, whether cheerful or tragic


22. From the Great Molasses Flood to the Polish soldier bear to the amphibious car, view some of history's most fascinatingly Bizarre photos in …

Bear, Bizarre

23. Top 10 Most Bizarre People In The World You Won't Believe Actually ExistWe may all live in a small world

Bizarre, Believe

24. Bizarre and imagination is the most powerful tool human being has.

Bizarre, Being

25. Etymology Borrowed from French Bizarre (“odd, peculiar, Bizarre, formerly headlong, angry”)

Borrowed, Bizarre

26. Holiday Insights, where everyday is a holiday, a Bizarre day, a wacky day ,or a special event.Join us in the fun each and every day of the year


27. Bizarre Bazaar has all the gifts and cheer that the townspeople need all through the year

Bizarre, Bazaar

28. As the co-creator, host and contributing producer of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Andrew travels the world, tasting the most unique, traditional fare he can find


29. 9 reviews of Bizarre Coffee "So just spending the morning doing a little walking around the downtown Canton area when I came across the adorable brand new Coffee, Breakfast, Sandwich Shop

Bizarre, Brand, Breakfast

30. ‘The Bizarre exhibition includes a display of British padlocks and some prison menus.’ ‘It was a Bizarre build up to the goal as again the weather heavily influenced the play.’ ‘They were each asked to submit the most Bizarre reasons why people wanted to hand over animals to them.’

Bizarre, British, Build

31. Bizarre 'Bizarre' is a 7 letter word starting with B and ending with E Crossword clues for 'Bizarre'


32. Explore releases from Bizarre at Discogs


33. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Bizarre at the Discogs Marketplace.


34. 11) It is a Bizarre tale and the author hits just the right note of horror and disbelief


35. 12) The old people all goggled at the Bizarre dresses of the girls at the party


36. 13) The game was also notable for the Bizarre behaviour of the team's manager.

Bizarre, Behaviour

37. "How Bizarre" is a song written and recorded by New Zealand musical group OMC

Bizarre, By

38. Our resident adventurous eater Andrew Zimmern has crisscrossed the globe in search of the world’s most Bizarre foods


39. The Bizarre movie we watched last night was so odd we left the theater in stunned silence


40. On her trip around the world, Bridgett found the custom of eating snake quite Bizarre

Bridgett, Bizarre

41. Everyone stared at the student who wore the Bizarre outfit to school.


42. Bizarre, misspelled letters written by lovelorn eighth graders

Bizarre, By

43. Bizarre (adj.) "fantastical, odd, grotesque," 1640s, from French Bizarre "odd, fantastic" (16c.), from Italian bizarro "irascible, tending to quick flashes of anger" (13c.), from bizza "fit of anger, quick flash of anger" (13c.)

Bizarre, Bizarro, Bizza

44. Bizarre adjective Referring to a strange thing; Bizarre is used by pathologists for highly abnormal cells or patterns

Bizarre, By

45. Bazaar and Bizarre might sound alike but a bazaar is a market and Bizarre describes something kooky.There could be a Bizarre bazaar run by monkeys selling people feet.

Bazaar, Bizarre, But, Be, By

46. About Bizarre Rufus Arthur Johnson (born July 5, 1976), better known by his stage name Bizarre, is an American rapper, best known for his work with Eminem and his group D12 Popular Bizarre songs

Bizarre, Born, Better, By, Best

47. To the tantalizing tastes of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine readers, fine art wildlife painter, Nathan Miller, speaks one on… February 25, 2021 1 2 3 … 103 Next

Beautiful, Bizarre

48. Our Bizarre Bully Sticks are safe, just as tasty, and are a bargain when compared to those you’d find in stores

Bizarre, Bully, Bargain

49. Bizarre - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


50. An eccentric, unconventional fable, Brooklyn Bizarre follows Maurice, an 18 year old boy from France with a dark past

Brooklyn, Bizarre, Boy

51. Bizarre Factor: In 2009 another bank was robbed by a man dressed as Santa Claus, in an apparent copycat crime

Bizarre, Bank, By

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