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1. Biter definition, a person or animal that bites, especially habitually or viciously: That dog is a Biter

Biter, Bites

2. A Biter is a person who steals or uses (bit off) a part (piece)of one's over-all performance or style, and uses it as their own

Biter, Bit

3. Note: The Biter in question mis-represents the original source of the material used


4. A Biter can also pertain to a person who consistently uses …


5. Biter (noun) 1.Someone who bites

Biter, Bites

6. Bop to the funky beat, kick my rhymes in the street and when a Biter bites my rhymes they're the tough meat -- Donald-D featuring Ice-T (Lost in a Freestyle) 2.Specifically, someone who copies some else.

Bop, Beat, Biter, Bites

7. Biter’s most recent purchase is the Main Plaza in downtown Sarasota


8. Biter is one of three known criminals imprisoned in the black cells

Biter, Black

9. NetBiter is a fully scaleable solution that works the same way for a complete novice, or a remote monitoring professional

10. FAST AND EASY DEPLOYMENT Once your equipment and peripherals are connected, your initial configuration is saved within NetBiter Argos.

11. ArBiterSports provides a complete suite of tools and technology that caters to the needs of Assigners, Coordinators, Business Offices, Game officials and Athletic or Federal Program Directors


12. IT FEEDS ON YOUR PAIN! Jillian and Addie are menaced by a creature called The Biter that bites you and hides in plain sight

By, Biter, Bites

13. HMS Biter, the name of several ships of the British Royal Navy, including: HMS Biter (D97) HMS Biter (P270) This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Biter.

Biter, British

14. The Biter is a creature from ObsCure created by the genetic modification of the Mortifilia.

Biter, By

15. Biter Be Goner is a nail biting deterrent

Biter, Be, Biting

16. Ankle Biter definition is - a young child


17. How to use ankle Biter in a sentence.


18. Biter was a late 17th-century term for a fraudster or trickster


19. 2000 Locus The most common plot device in Lee's stories is the classic ‘Biter bitten’ resolution

Biter, Bitten

20. Biter was an Avenger -class escort carrier


21. Nail-Biter definition is - something (such as a close contest) that induces tension or anxiety.


22. Find 9 ways to say Biter, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


23. Biter A name given to a series of warships of the Royal Navy beginning in 1797

Biter, Beginning

24. To learn more, visit us at any of the events below or email [email protected]

Below, Biter

25. The Biter family name was found in the USA, the UK, and Canada between 1840 and 1920

Biter, Between

26. The most Biter families were found in the USA in 1880


27. In 1840 there were 2 Biter families living in Pennsylvania


28. This was about 50% of all the recorded Biter's in the USA


29. Pennsylvania had the highest population of Biter families in 1840.


30. Looking for online definition of Biter or what Biter stands for? Biter is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary


31. Biter(バイター,Baitā?) is a boss in Salamander 2

Biter, Bait, Boss

32. 1 Description 2 Attack patterns 3 Gallery The Biter is the real boss of the first stage, Sub-life Space

Biter, Boss

33. The Biter will spray destructible pink worms in a large spray


34. The Bagel Biter works as advertised

Bagel, Biter

35. Welcome to the home of the world famous Bagel Biter

Bagel, Biter

36. Find out why over one and a half million people and countless commercial customers have chosen the patented Bagel Biter as the safest available.

Bagel, Biter

37. Item (Quantity)Rate The Biter is a Zombie variant found on the Surface at Night


38. The Blood from the Biter can be used to make a Blood Moon Medallion which summons the Blood Moon

Blood, Biter, Be

39. Biter is a unique skeever in The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire


40. The child will come home saying that Biter has been following him around all day and asks if he can keep him

Biter, Been

41. Biter is however a bit smaller than the average skeever

Biter, Bit

42. Context sentences for "Biter" in German


43. Bill Maher Warns to Not Underestimate Trump, 2024 Will Be a 'Nail-Biter' By Natalie Colarossi On 2/27/21 at 11:51 AM EST

Bill, Be, Biter, By

44. IP-Biter - Framework The Hacker-friendly Tracking Framework


45. IP-Biter is an open source, easy to deploy, tracking framework that generate high configurables and uniques tracking images and links to embed in e-mails, sites or chat systems and visualize, in an hacker-friendly dashboard, high detailed reports of the tracked users who visualize the image or open the links.


46. The Side Biter is a specialized, innovative FDA Class 1 medical device for use with people from over age 2 years of age who have physical, neurological, oral motor, sensory food aversions, feeding or swallowing impairments


47. Biter +2This dart gleams like a streak of light when flying through the air


48. Nail-Biter definition: a situation or activity, as a suspenseful drama or highly competitive game in sports, Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


49. Bad Dog Biter Leash guides the Biter through these types of maneuvers – it’s a trim gage and circle cutting tool in one

Bad, Biter

50. The Bad Dog Biter Leash is easily adjustable for straight cuts and perfect circles and arcs up to 6’ in diameter.

Bad, Biter

51. ‘It's the old tale of the Biter bit: Jarrett finds he doesn't hold all the cards, and Raja exacts revenge for being made to look like Liberace.’ ‘So the irony is delightful, a case of the Biter bit, sort of, except that it is the NSW taxpayers that will have been bitten in the end if this judgement is upheld in any appeal.’

Biter, Bit, Being, Been, Bitten

52. Bad Dog Biter Replacement Blades are HSS meaning this puppy is good for 2000 linear feet of cutting

Bad, Biter, Blades

53. Keep you Biter cutting smoothly with a new replacement blade

Biter, Blade

54. Available in 5” (standard Biter) and 8” (Long Dog Biter) lengths; Quality Machined Steel; Use with Biter Head – …


55. Drake beats Wichita State in nail-Biter, picks up first NCAA Men's Tournament win since 1971 Joseph Yesufu helped the Bulldogs down the stretch

Beats, Biter, Bulldogs

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BITER [ˈbidər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mean by bitter?

adjective, bit·ter·er, bit·ter·est. having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste, like that of aspirin, Quinine Sulfate

This medication is used alone or with other medication to treat malaria caused by mosquito bites in countries where malaria is common.

, wormwood, or aloes. producing one of the four basic taste sensations; not sour, sweet, or salt. hard to bear; grievous; distressful: a bitter sorrow.

What is the definition of a bitter person?

Bitter is an adjective and it doesn’t only describe food or drinks but also people. Bitter people are angry, hurt, or resentful because of their bad experiences or a sense of unfair treatment.

What does it mean to have a 'bitter personality'?

Someone who's bitter holds grudges, is often jealous, and generally focuses on the dark side of life. Even someone who has it all - the job, the security, the family, the partner, the friends, the money, and the long holidays - can still end up feeling bitter. It's a cloud that prevents you from appreciating all the things you do have.

What can be bitter?

Other fruits and vegetables that may provide bitter flavors may include grapefruit , bitter melon , mustard greens , and olives . Beverages such as tonic water, bitters , and mate tea are all also considered bitter.

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