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BIRDIE [ˈbərdē]

birdie (noun) · birdies (plural noun)

  • a child's term for a bird.


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1. Birdie definition is - a little bird

2. How to use Birdie in a sentence.

3. Meet Birdies We create classic shoes that offer the style of a designer flat and the luxurious comfort of a slipper. Birdies are perfect for every day and feel like you’re walking on clouds

4. Birdie is your digital software that helps you do more of what matters.

5. Birdie is committed to creating a world where women’s safety is a given

6. Birdie - The golf term Birdie is a diminutive of bird, "first-rate thing," as it is one stroke under par for a hole

7. "Birdie" is one of the basic scoring terms used by golfers, and it means a score of 1-under par on any individual golf hole

8. The stylish flat that’s secretly a slipper, Birdies are the most versatile shoes in the world

9. Birdies combines elevated style, ultimate comfort and everyday versatility.

10. Birdie heads for Molly s Reach to find answers, but they are not the ones she expected

11. With the arrival in Gibsons of her Auntie Val and her cousin Skinny Freda, Birdie begins to draw from her dreams the lessons she was never fully taught in life

12. Informed by the lore and knowledge of Cree traditions, Birdie is a darkly comic and moving first

13. She's Birdie's modern personal safety alarms are made to help deter attack

14. If threatened, activate Birdie's siren and flashing light to create a diversion

15. The Birdie personal safety alarm comes in five pop colors that are easy to spot

16. Birdie definition, a small bird

17. 2 days ago · March 22, 2021 - 08:30 GMT Gemma Strong David Tennant seen in a rare photo with his youngest daughter Birdie as he reads her a story David Tennant was …


19. Birdie, Georgia, an unincorporated community; Birdie, Mississippi, an unincorporated community; People with the name

20. Birdie Blye (1871–1935), American pianist; Birdy (singer) (born 1996), the stage name of British singer-songwriter Jasmine van den Bogaerde Birdy, pseudonym of a former guitarist of the glam punk band Trashcan Darlings

21. 2 days ago · In the snap, Jessica, Eric, Birdie, and the couple’s two older children, seven-year-old son Ace and eight-year-old daughter Maxwell, beamed at the camera in their birthday best

22. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson's youngest daughter and third child Birdie Mae Johnson turned 2 on Friday, March 19, and the family celebrated with …

23. Both had been writing their own songs and discovering a mutual love of The Shangri-Las and Love's "Forever Changes", formed their own band, Birdie.

24. Birdie provides no-contract local mobile plans

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26. At Birdie, we are committed to helping families empower their loved ones to remain independent and to live safely in their own home

27. Birdie is an old woman who lives in a hut on Ginger Island, at the far West of the Island.Speaking to her starts "The Pirate's Wife" quest

28. Birdie cannot be found when it is raining on the Fern Islands

29. After completing the quest, Birdie can be seen fishing on the beach, and can be spoken to but not gifted.

30. The “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer, 40, shared a pic from the party on Saturday, March 20 — one day after Birdie’s actual birthday.The photo showed Simpson, husband Eric …

31. When Birdie is laughing, like cackling, that is a contagious thing throughout the family

32. Her first word was 'Ace.' Simpson also called Birdie "very observant" and shared that the toddler "says hi

33. 4 hours ago · The Beal Birdie Belay Device is used by rock climbers

34. The Beal Birdie Belay Device was sold in three colors: Orange handle, Blue handle or Green handle.

35. Birdie is an extraordinary character, and the way Lindberg tells her story is, quite simply, incredible

36. Golf FlasK Birdie Juice Golfing Flask Golf Gift Birthday Gift Retirement Gift RyElle Womans Golf Golf Cart Flask RyElle Womans Golf Gift RyElleCreations

37. Favorite Add to A Little Birdie Told Me It's Your Birthday So I Ate It, Funny …

38. What is “Visa Card Cardholders New Subscription Welcome Offer”? Offer 1: Birdie $250 Unlimited Data or $160 15GB Standard Plan The offer includes discount of HK$40 in the 1st and 5th month’s monthly fee, discount of HK$50 in the 9th and 10th month’s monthly fee and a total of extra 36GB data

39. Stream/Download Solstis here: video by León Larregui performing Birdie

40. Brie Bella is a mommy times two! She’s revealing how daughter Birdie is stepping up to help baby Buddy just in time for the launch of her Nicole + Brizee tearless line!

41. Birdie definition: In golf , if you get a Birdie , you get the golf ball into a hole in one stroke fewer Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

42. The Birdie in Munich stands for delicious food & drinks; this is not only a daily deli, but also a location for special events

43. 🍷🥗 With our catering we perfectly round off our offer of the perfect event location in Munich! 🔝🏡-Just get in touch if you want to celebrate your next event at the Birdie bar! ☎️🐦 🚧 We are using the time to rebuild & will be back for you from the

44. Birdie (n.) "little bird," 1792, from bird (n.1) + -ie.As golf slang for "a hole played one under par," by 1908, perhaps from bird (n.) in American English slang sense of …

45. Birdie is an adoptable Cat - Domestic Short Hair Mix searching for a forever family near Sherwood, OR

46. Birdie was created in 2018 to amplify the voice of consumers in their relationship with brands, allowing companies to improve their customers' shopping and consumption journey

47. Veteran employees shape the metal framework of each Birdie by hand

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What does birdies mean?

birdie(Noun) A shuttlecock. birdie(Noun) An electromagnetic signal generated from within an electronic device. birdie(Noun) A certain rude gesture in some countries, formed with the middle finger. birdie(Noun) A certain rude gesture in some countries, formed with the middle and index fingers.

What does the name Berdie mean?

Berdie as a name for girls. The name Berdie means "bright fame". Berdie is a version of Roberta (Old English, Old German): feminine of Robert.

What is Birdie doing?

Birdie is an online childcare booking service that aims to eliminate the time and stress of finding a great sitter!

Why is a birdie called a birdie in golf?

A birdie is called a birdie in golf thanks to the period it hails from; in the late 1890s, there was an American slang term, “bird”, which meant excellent.

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