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BIOSPHERE [ˈbīəˌsfir]

biosphere (noun) · biospheres (plural noun)

  • the regions of the surface, atmosphere, and hydrosphere of the earth (or analogous parts of other planets) occupied by living organisms.

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1. The Biosphere is made up of the parts of Earth where life exists. The Biosphere extends from the deepest root system s of trees, to the dark environment of ocean trench es, to lush rain forest s and high mountain tops

2. The Biosphere is a system characterized by the continuous cycling of matter and an accompanying flow of solar energy in which certain large molecules and cells are self-reproducing. Water is a major predisposing factor, for all life depends on it.

3. The Biosphere is an irregularly shaped, relatively thin zone in which life is concentrated on or near the Earth's surface and throughout its waters.

4. Help Biosphere 2 directly in our mission to address the grand scientific and global challenges of our earth and its living systems. Your generous contribution can play a vital role in ensuring our success now and in the future.

5. Simply put, the Biosphere is the space on or near the Earth’s surface where land, air, and water interact with each other to support life. It ranges from heights of up to 12500 meters above sea level to depths of at least 8000 meters in the ocean

6. The Biosphere is believed to have been formed about 3.5 billion years ago.

7. The Biosphere 2 facility serves as a laboratory for controlled scientific studies, an arena for scientific discovery and discussion, and a far-reaching provider of public education.

8. Had the rare opportunity to visit Biosphere 2, near Tuscon Arizona in May 2018

9. Biosphere 2, located in Oracle, Arizona, U.S., shown in 2008

10. Biosphere 2, the greatest experiment ever conducted in ecological self-organization, revolutionized the field of experimental ecology

11. The deep Biosphere extends deep into the Earth’s crust

12. The average productivity of the Biosphere changes little from year to year, but there are small variations

13. The idea for Biosphere 2 (Earth being the first Biosphere) emerged from an avant-garde theater and ecological commune known as the “Synergists” that originated in San Francisco in 1967.

14. The Biosphere is the blanket of living things that surrounds the substratum of Earth

15. The Biosphere is composed of living organisms, as well as the physical environment

16. A Biosphere reserve must have adequate long-term legal protection

17. Each Biosphere reserve will be large enough to be an effective conservation unit and to accommodate different uses without conflict.

18. What does Biosphere mean? The part of the earth and its atmosphere in which living organisms exist or that is capable of supporting life

19. The Biosphere is the part of Earth that can support life and includes all living things and the places they are found.

20. The Biosphere extends to any place that life of any kind might exist

21. The Biosphere is the crossroads of all the other earth science spheres you will study in class

22. The terrestrial Biosphere is the predominant source of the powerful greenhouse gases methane (CH 4) and nitrous oxide (N 2 O); the precursors of ozone (O 3), which (when present in the surface atmosphere) is a potent greenhouse gas as well as a toxic pollutant, and reactive gases that indirectly influence greenhouse gas concentrations through

23. Geir Jenssen (born 30 May 1962) is a Norwegian electronic musician and composer who records as Biosphere.A resident of Tromsø within the Arctic Circle, Jenssen is well known for ambient and ambient house pieces, often inspired by Arctic or mountain settings, and his use of loops and peculiar samples from science fiction and natural sources

24. Biosphere Medical offers healthcare equipment and services from world leaders in the medical sector

25. 8 hours ago · Biosphere reserves belong to the world's most iconic natural areas and offer a multitude of opportunities to showcase that 'sustainable development and conservation can work hand in hand

26. Biosphere Foundation was founded in 1991 as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and has championed a wide range of ecological research and education projects around the world

27. In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about two of the four spheres that make up our planet; The Geosphere and the Biosphere

28. Living under Biosphere conditions was a challenge at the best of times

29. Biosphere definition is - the part of the world in which life can exist

30. Biosphere is the main recording name of Geir Jenssen (born 1962), a Norwegian musician who has released a notable catalogue of ambient electronic music

31. The Biosphere is the part of the earth where life exists - the sum total of all of earth's biomes

32. The Deep Hot Biosphere is a highly interesting and important book; it should be required reading for every geology student." (David Deming, Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol

33. The Biosphere The institution fosters a dialogue between science, culture, social innovation and the environment since 1995

34. As the only environment museum in North America, the Biosphere's mission is to raise citizen awareness, action, and engagement in environmental issues

35. Angel's Flight by Biosphere, released 22 January 2021 1

36. Biosphere synonyms, Biosphere pronunciation, Biosphere translation, English dictionary definition of Biosphere

37. Biosphere: is the sphere that includes all living organisms, from plants to bacteria to multicellular organisms

38. The Biosphere (French: La Biosphère), also known as the Montreal Biosphere (French: La Biosphère de Montréal), is a museum dedicated to the environment in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.It is housed in the former United States pavilion constructed for Expo 67 located within the grounds of Parc Jean-Drapeau on Saint Helen's Island.The museum's geodesic dome was designed by Buckminster Fuller.

39. I first heard Biosphere on channel 932 Comcast, Music Choice, when they played "the things I tell you" from substrata

40. Biosphere 2 is a 3-acre (1.2-hectare) laboratory of glass domes in the Arizona Desert that houses five different ecosystems and was designed to be a prototype space colony

41. The Biosphere's ecological context comes from the 1920s, preceding the 1935 introduction of the term "ecosystem" by Sir Arthur Tansley

42. Vernadsky defined ecology as the science of the Biosphere

43. Generally specified, the Biosphere is the part of the universe where all humanity is discovered

44. Since researchers have not discovered animals beyond planet Earth, it defines the Biosphere as the areas of Earth where existence occurs.

45. Biosphere, irregularly shaped envelope of the earth's air, water, and land encompassing the heights and depths at which living things exist

46. The Biosphere is a closed and self-regulating system (see ecology ecology, study of the relationships of organisms to their physical environment and to one another.

47. 224 reviews of Biosphere 2 "How could I forget my trip to the Biosphere II? I actually went last month, and before then I was just a little mini-me in elementary school

48. As the only environment museum in North America, the Biosphere's mission is to raise citizen awareness, action, and engagement in environmental issues

49. With the help of green technologies, exhibitions and scientific animations, the Biosphere Environment Museum sheds light on environmental issues and offers concrete ways to protect the environment.

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What is a biosphere and why is it so important?

The Biosphere is of great importance For a variety of reasons: it provides food, preserves biological diversity and prevents contamination . In the past the biosphere was a concept reserved only to biologists, but now it has become a notion of common use to the general population.

What does biosphere mean according to science?

(bī'ə-sfîr') The parts of the land, sea, and atmosphere in which organisms are able to live. The biosphere is an irregularly shaped, relatively thin zone in which life is concentrated on or near the Earth's surface and throughout its waters. All the Earth's ecosystems considered as a single, self-sustaining unit.

What is meant by Biosphere?

Definition of biosphere 1 : the part of the world in which life can exist 2 : living organisms together with their environment 1 : the part of the world in which life can exist 2 : living beings together with their environment

What does the name Biosphere mean?

Definition - What does Biosphere mean? Biosphere is the name given to the entirety of the earth's ecosystem that supports life . This includes all areas of the earths surface that contain living organisms or provide life support for them, as well as the earths atmosphere and the earth's waters. Any place that can support life of any kind is part of the biosphere.

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