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1. Biohazard definition is - a biological agent or condition that is a hazard to humans or the environment; also : a hazard posed by such an agent or condition

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2. How to use Biohazard in a sentence.


3. Biohazard synonyms, Biohazard pronunciation, Biohazard translation, English dictionary definition of Biohazard


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5. Proper handling and disposal of Biohazard waste is equally important, from its point of origin to its final disposal


6. Any waste material that has become saturated with blood or bodily fluids must be segregated and discarded in an appropriate and labeled Biohazard

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10. Biohazard was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under the name “Biohazard Sign” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015


11. Urban Discipline is the second album from American band Biohazard

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12. Biohazard continues the storyline after the Plague City quest


13. Biohazard's video for 'Punishment' off the album Urban Discipline - available now on Roadrunner Records


14. Biohazard emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours, and that’s why SERVPRO Franchise Professionals are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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15. Biohazard definition, a pathogen, especially one used in or produced by biological research

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16. 1-16 of 381 results for "Biohazard suit" Price and other details may vary based on size and color

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17. Collect in plastic autoclavable waste bags with a Biohazard symbol; double bagging is recommended for petri dishes

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18. Contain the bag inside a rigid, leak-proof container that has a Biohazard symbol itself or allows the bag’s Biohazard symbol to be visible.

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19. Biohazard is an American band from Brooklyn/New York, formed in 1987

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20. Biohazard bags need to be contained at all times during the collection, treatment, and disposal process

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21. 30 PCS Biohazard Stickers Signs 5.5" x 5.5" Biohazard Warning Label Hazardous Materials Caution Decal Self Adhesive Vinyl Red Biohazard Sign Tape Set for Transport Labs Industrial Use and Hospitals


22. Simply put, a biological hazard, or Biohazard, is any biological material that poses a risk to human or animal health

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23. Blood is the most common Biohazard we come into regular contact with, but other Biohazards include mold and fungus spores, human waste, animal infestations, and …

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25. Protect Against Biological Hazards with DuPontBiohazard Suits

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26. DuPont provides a wide range of chemical protective clothing and Biohazard suits — along with their specifications — to meet a broad spectrum of needs

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27. Biohazard definition: any bacterium or virus or toxin that could be used in biological warfare synonyms: biological agent, agent antonyms: general agent, special agent is the web's best resource for English synonyms, antonyms, and definitions.

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28. Biohazard spill clean-up and containment is easy with the right supplies


29.Biohazard portal」について more


30. ようこそ Biohazard portalへ! 「バイオハザード ポータル」とは、バイオハザードの最新情報はもちろん、バイオハザードファンもまだそうでない方でも楽しめるさまざまなコンテンツや、世界中のバイオハザードプレイヤーのデータなどをお届けする


31. Biohazard is the second quest in the elf quest series


32. Biohazard Lyrics: Why do you still look at me / Like I belong to you? / It’s like you won’t let me go / No matter what I do / You must be a parasite / Or some sick disease / Your fingers wrapped

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33. Biohazard was a rectangular shaped robot armed with a three bar lifter that competed in the final two years of the Robot Wars US tournaments

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34. Biohazard was pioneered as one of the first lifter robots in the history of Robot Combat at that point as well using other revolutionary techniques such skirts to prevent wedge attacks


35. Biohazard's 1996 performance was documented heavily in the VHS


36. MINIMUM for Resident Evil 7 / Biohazard




38. Biohazard Biological hazards, also known as Biohazards, refer to biological substances that pose a threat to the health of living organisms, primarily that of humans

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39. Biohazard Fluid Clean Up Kit With Green Z solidifer for clean up of bodily fluid spills including urine,feces,blood and vomit

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46. The Biohazard Response Spill Kit contains all the PPE and supplies needed to help you comply with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen standard and the 2017 FDA Food Code

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BIOHAZARD [ˈbīōˌhazərd]

biohazard (noun) · biohazards (plural noun) · bio-hazard (noun) · bio-hazards (plural noun)

  • a risk to human health or the environment arising from biological work, especially with microorganisms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Biohazard mean?

Medical Definition of biohazard. : a biological agent or condition (as an infectious organism or insecure laboratory procedures) that constitutes a hazard to humans or the environment also : a hazard posed by such an agent or condition. Other Words from biohazard.

What are some Biohazard examples?

6 Biohazard Examples

  • Human blood and blood products.
  • Animal waste.
  • Human body fluids.
  • Microbiological wastes.
  • Pathological waste.
  • Sharps waste.
  • What are the 3 examples of biological hazard?

    Some examples of biological hazards or biohazards include: Blood and bodily fluids Sewage Airborne pathogens (influenza, common cold, hantavirus) Stinging insects Mold and other fungi Poisonous plants Bird and animal droppings (including rodent droppings) Contaminated needles or other sharps More ...

    What is another word for Biohazard?

    biohazard(noun) hazard to humans or the environment resulting from biological agents or conditions. Synonyms: biological agent. biological agent, biohazard(noun) any bacterium or virus or toxin that could be used in biological warfare. Synonyms: biological agent.

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