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BIODEGRADABLE [ˌbīōdəˈɡrādəb(ə)l]

biodegradable (adjective) · bio-degradable (adjective)

  • (of a substance or object) capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.
Synonyms: disposable . expendable . nonreturnable . one-way . cheap . ephemeral . obsolescent . paper . plastic . photodegradable .

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1. Capable of decaying through the action of living organisms: Biodegradable paper; Biodegradable detergent.

2. Some items are obviously Biodegradable

3. Biodegradable synonyms, Biodegradable pronunciation, Biodegradable translation, English dictionary definition of Biodegradable

4. Capable of being decomposed by biological agents, especially bacteria: a Biodegradable detergent

5. Able to decay naturally and in a way that is not harmful to the environment: The company, which makes Biodegradable waste bags, has manufacturing plants in Italy and Germany

6. Definition of Biodegradable The term Biodegradable refers to any material that can be broken down by microorganisms (like bacteria and fungi) and assimilated into the natural environment.

7. Though all compostable materials are Biodegradable, the opposite is not true

8. Composite Biodegradable resins from Green Dot

9. Biodegradable refers to the ability of materials to break down and decompose in the environment

10. A material is Biodegradable if it can break down by natural biological processes

11. Biodegradable materials decompose through a chemical process where microorganisms break down the materials into natural elements (e.g., water, carbon dioxide, new

12. Biodegradable refers to a product breaking down into natural elements, carbon dioxide, and water vapor by organisms like bacteria and fungi. Technically, just about everything is Biodegradable, although it will take hundreds of thousands of years for most things to biodegrade

13. Discover the benefits of Biodegradable products below.

14. Unfortunately, a lot of Biodegradable plastics are, in fact, harmful to the environment

15. The most popular Biodegradable bags available on the market use resins that contain starches, polyethylene, and heavy metals such as beryllium, cadmium, and lead

16. Biodegradable plastics are plastics that can be decomposed by the action of living organisms, usually microbes, into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass

17. Biodegradable plastics are commonly produced with renewable raw materials, micro-organisms, petrochemicals, or combinations of all three.

18. Biodegradable Trash Bags, 13-15 Gallon Recyclable Trash bags Compostable Garbage Bags 1.18Mil Recycled Waste Bags Unscented Rubbish Can Liners for Kitchen Garden Home (75 Count, Green) 4.5 out of 5 stars 256

19. The 4 Types of Biodegradable Soaps

20. 12-Pack Biodegradable Dove Balloons for Release in Sky - Huge White Memorial Balloons for Wedding Funeral Birthday Engagement Party Anniversary Christenings Celebration Helium Eco-Friendly Pigeon Bird

21. Biodegradable fabrics are those fabrics that are considered to decompose easily via the natural process

22. Browse a wide selection of Biodegradable masks and face coverings available in various fabrics and configurations, made by a community of small business-owners.

23. Some companies make Biodegradable claims, but in very fine print, note that only under certain environmental conditions will any biodegradation occur and it could take as long as 5 years for this to occur

24. While 5 years is certainly better than 5,000 years, these companies should not be confusing the public by say it is Biodegradable.

25. Biodegradable BBs are made from a special blend of materials that are designed to break down over time when exposed to the environment

26. Some fields and venues may require the use of Biodegradable BBs at their games or events to avoid long-term environmental …

27. As I was getting more and more pessimistic about the environmental benefits of so-called Biodegradable plastics, I came across Professor Craig Criddle's research on bacteria that can produce Biodegradable plastic from waste.Professor Criddle is a faculty member at the department of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University; one of his projects focuses on

28. Mater-bi is “made of corn starch, vegetable oil derivatives, and Biodegradable synthetic polyesters” In our tests, only Mater-Bi was compostable at typical home compost pile conditions.

29. ‘The Biodegradable paper cups introduced two years ago in place of plastic cups are however very much in use.’ ‘At last, a Biodegradable food packaging that's cheap enough to compete with conventional plastic.’ ‘It's a sign that Biodegradable plastics appeal to both the eco-conscious and penny-pinchers.’

30. What does Biodegradable mean? The definition of Biodegradable is something that can decompose or break down naturally by microbial action

31. Biodegradable substances are those that degrades or break down naturally.Non-Biodegradable substances are those that do not degrade easily

32. Materials like plants, animals, their waste, paper, fruits, flowers, vegetables fall under Biodegradable substances, on the other hand, rubber, plastic, …

33. Biodegradable Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon 12", Same Day Shipping, Party Confetti Cannon, Gender Reveal Idea Blue Pink HoliPowder

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35. Biodegradable plastics are sometimes made from materials that microbes do readily digest

36. There’s also no one rule for how quickly Biodegradable plastic bags should break down.

37. The primary difference between compostable and Biodegradable is that compostable products require a specific setting in order to break down, whereas Biodegradable products break down naturally

38. All-natural Biodegradable and compostable containers that can be planted right into the field, garden, or next-larger container, simplifying transplanting and eliminating root shock

39. Our Biodegradable plant pots make excellent starter homes for a wide range of annuals and perennials, including native plants and others that dislike root disturbance.

40. Example Claim: 100% Biodegradable

41. All ingredients in this product are readily Biodegradable in water

42. When looking for Biodegradable trash bags you will start to see terms like “BPI Certified” and “ASTM D6400 Certified”

43. BPI stands for the Biodegradable Products Institute, an association that was established to provide scientific testing for and education concerning composting.

44. Biodegradable plastics do not solve the litter issue, which is the result of irresponsible behavior

45. Not all Biodegradable plastics are made from biomaterials

46. A few types of Biodegradable

47. Biodegradable plastic is intended to break up when exposed to microorganisms (a natural ingredient such as cornstarch or vegetable oil is added to achieve this result)

48. "Biodegradable" suggests an item is made from plant-based materials

49. A major problem with "Biodegradable" …

50. The definition of Biodegradable is that a material is capable of undergoing biological anaerobic or aerobic degradation leading to the production of CO2, H2O, methane, biomass, and mineral salts, depending on the environmental conditions of the process.

51. Biodegradable balloons aren’t as environmentally friendly as manufactures like to make out

52. The ribbon can be designed with truly Biodegradable/recycled materials.

53. Biodegradable definition: Something that is Biodegradable breaks down or decays naturally without any special Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

54. Biodegradable: 1 adj capable of being decomposed by e.g

55. Bacteria “a Biodegradable detergent” Synonyms: perishable liable to perish; subject to destruction or death or decay

56. Examples of Biodegradable materials, often referred to as “bio-waste”, include the following: * Human and animal waste

57. Biodegradable polymers are a special class of polymer that breaks down after its intended purpose by bacterial decomposition process to result in natural byproducts such as gases (CO 2, N 2), water, biomass, and inorganic salts

58. Biodegradable Packaging will register an incremental spend of about USD 27.13 billion, growing at a CAGR of 5.40% from 2020-2024

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What do you think "biodegradable" means?


  • Means a living organism/bacteria/fungi can break it down
  • Eg.) Biodegradable bags are made from plant-based materials like corn and wheat starch rather than petroleum
  • BUT... For them to biodegrade means they have to be exposed to the right level of oxygen, UV light and temperature - which putting them in the kitchen garbage bag ...
  • More items...

    What is meant by biodegradable material?

    A biodegradable material can be defined as a material which can be decomposed by bacteria or other natural organisms and not be adding to pollution . Biodegradable wastes are such waste materials which are and can be degraded by natural factors like microbes (e.g. bacteria, fungi and few more), abiotic elements like temperature, UV, oxygen, etc.

    What is the scientific definition of biodegradable?

    Definition of biodegradable. : capable of being broken down especially into innocuous products by the action of living things (such as microorganisms) biodegradable trash bags.

    What are non biodegradable materials?

    Non-biodegradable substances are the substances that do not decompose by means of natural processes. Thus, these substances remain for longer periods in the environment without decomposing. Examples of widely produced non-biodegradable materials include plastics, polyethene, scrap metals, aluminum cans, glass bottles, etc.

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