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1. Bind: [verb] to make secure by tying

Bind, By

2. Bind redesigned, rebuilt and repurposed health insurance to make it work like the other useful services of our modern daily lives


3. Synonyms of Bind (Entry 2 of 2) 1 a difficult, puzzling, or embarrassing situation from which there is no easy escape with our vacation week fast approaching, and no arrangements for the care of our pets, we were in a serious Bind


4. Bind is health insurance designed like the other useful services of our daily lives


5. Bind is used successfully for every application from publishing the (DNSSEC-signed) DNS root zone and many top-level domains, to hosting providers who publish very large zone files with many small zones, to enterprises with both internal (private) and external zones, to service providers with large resolver farms.

Bind, Both

6. ASP.NET Core Blazor data Binding

Blazor, Binding

7. Razor components provide data Binding features via an HTML element attribute named @Bind with a field, property, or Razor expression value.

Binding, Bind

8. The following example Binds an <input> element to the currentValue field and an <input> element to the CurrentValue property: <p> <input @Bind

Binds, Bind

9. Find 145 ways to say Bind, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


10. The expressions “Bind” and “loose” were common to Jewish legal phraseology meaning to declare something forbidden or to declare it allowed


11. Verb (used with object), bound, Bind·ing

Bound, Bind

12. Verb (used without object), bound, Bind·ing.

Bound, Bind

13. When a socket is created with socket (2), it exists in a name space (address family) but has no address assigned to it. Bind () assigns the address specified by addr to the socket referred to by the file descriptor sockfd

But, Bind, By

14. Bind verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons


15. Search the definition and the translation in context for “Bind”, with examples of use extracted from real …


16. Bind verb (TIE/FASTEN) C2 [ T ] to tie something or someone tightly or to fasten something: They bound the packages with brightly coloured ribbon.

Bind, Bound, Brightly

17. The verb Bind means to tie, secure, or fasten as with string or rope


18. When you put a Christmas tree on the top of your car, you need to Bind it with twine to make sure it stays there while you drive


19. The past tense of Bind is "bound." To Bind is also to create an emotional attachment.

Bind, Bound

20. The Bind formula provides a specialized form of activated charcoal and powerful humates (humic and fulvic acids) along with key botanicals that effectively Bind toxins and prevent retoxification

Bind, Botanicals

21. Bind serves as a master drainage formula that attracts toxins, Binds them so they can’t be reabsorbed, and escorts them out of the body.

Bind, Binds, Be, Body

22. Bind’s configuration consists of multiple files, which are included from the main configuration file, named.conf


23. These filenames begin with “named” because that is the name of the process that Bind runs

Begin, Because, Bind

24. Bind - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


25. Bind to [sth] vi + prep (stick to) se lier à v pron + prép : In this recipe, the eggs Bind to the flour


26. Bind [sth] ⇒ vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat." (secure with band)

Bind, Band

27. Bind (Berkely Internet Name Domain) is a popular software for translating domain names into IP addresses and usually found on Linux servers

Bind, Berkely

28. This article will explain the basic concepts of DNS Bind and analyse the associated files required to successfully setup your own DNS Bind server.

Basic, Bind

29. What Does It Mean to Bind an Insurance Policy? If you meet with your Independent Insurance Agent to obtain an insurance policy, your agent may mention that your policy has been “bound”

Bind, Been, Bound

30. What exactly does that mean? When your agent Binds a policy, it means that he or she, as a representative of the insurance company, confirms that coverage


31. Berkeley Internet Name Domain (Bind) is the most popular Domain Name System (DNS) server in use today

Berkeley, Bind

32. Bind is an open source system free to download and use, offered under the Mozilla Public License.


33. Bind vs. Bound vs. Bounded Bound is a word used in different contexts just like found

Bind, Bound, Bounded

34. It is also a past tense and past participle of Bind, and can be used as a separate noun in completely different situations

Bind, Be

35. In this article, let us explore the words Bind, bound and related forms

Bind, Bound

36. Bind1 /baɪnd/ ●●○ verb (past tense and past participle bound /baʊnd/) 1 tie/fasten [ transitive] written a) to tie someone so that they cannot move or escape They bound my arms and legs with rope

Ba, Bound

37. Bound and gagged (=tied up, and with cloth tied around your mouth so you cannot speak) b) (also Bind up)

Bound, Bind

38. Bound (bound), Bind·ing, Binds

Bound, Bind, Binds

39. What does Bind mean? To Bind is defined as to tie or stick together or hold down


40. (verb) An example of to Bind is using string to tie a bundl

Bind, Bundl

41. Bind definition: If something Binds people together , it makes them feel as if they are all part of the Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Bind, Binds

42. Bind offers a menu of services that can be added to Core coverage, anytime

Bind, Be

43. For earlier versions, the .Bind() method is used for attaching an event handler directly to elements


44. Handlers are attached to the currently selected elements in the jQuery object, so those elements must exist at the point the call to .Bind() occurs


45. For more flexible event Binding, see the discussion of event delegation in .on().


46. Bind (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is an implementation of the DNS protocols and provides an openly redistributable reference implementation of the major components of the Domain Name System, including:

Bind, Berkeley

47. Domain Name System server; Domain Name System resolver library; Tools for managing and verifying the proper operation of the DNS server; The Bind DNS Server, named, is …


48. This is a reference page for Bind verb forms in present, past and participle tenses


49. The call to mul.Bind(null, 2) creates a new function double that passes calls to mul, fixing null as the context and 2 as the first argument


50. But Bind requires it, so we must put

But, Bind

51. Bind (together) Add an egg yolk to make the mixture Bind


52. Bind something (together) Add an egg yolk to Bind the mixture together


53. Book [transitive, usually passive] Bind something (in something) to fasten the pages of a book together and put them inside a cover

Book, Bind

54. Bind the people in the relationship more closely together


55. As reviewed below, the find-remind-and-Bind theory pushes beyond prior accounts to significantly enrich understanding of how the emotion of gratitude functions in social life

Below, Bind, Beyond

56. Already have a Spektrum™ transmitter, flight battery and charger? Bind-N-Fly® Basic (BNF Basic) models include everything else you need to get in the air

Battery, Bind, Basic, Bnf

57. Install your flight battery, Bind the model’s included receiver to your transmitter and fly.

Battery, Bind

58. The Bind() function Binds a unique local name to the socket with descriptor socket

Bind, Binds

59. ‘The meat will Bind itself when it is mixed with the rest of the ingredients.’ ‘Soya is used to ‘bulk out’ and Bind many processed foods, such as sausages, lasagne, beefburgers and chicken nuggets and it allows food firms to claim a higher protein content on the label.’

Bind, Bulk, Beefburgers

60. The Bind() function assigns an IP address and a port number to a socket


61. Generally, Bind() is called on server sockets as it is required for server programs to publish their IP address and Port number for the to connect to them


62. Bind ý nghĩa, định nghĩa, Bind là gì: 1


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