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1. Billed synonyms, Billed pronunciation, Billed translation, English dictionary definition of Billed


2. Charged: I was Billed for the repair; listed: She was Billed just after the lead actor.; advertised: It was Billed as a comedy.


3. (usually used in combination): a yellow-Billed magpie.


4. Definition of Billed : having a bill especially of a specified kind —usually used in combination spoon-Billed Examples of Billed in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Even after the lien reform, the …

Billed, Bill

5. To advertise something with a particular description; to describe someone in a particular way in order to advertise them or make them known: The movie was Billed as a romantic comedy


6. The young author was Billed


7. Definition of Billed in the dictionary


8. What does Billed mean? Information and translations of Billed in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


9. He is Billed as that and known all the world over, though he only began to play in public three years ago when his wife left him

Billed, Began

10. OLIVE IN ITALY MORAY DALTON I found the Short-Billed Marsh Wren quite abundant, and in such localities as it is found eastward


11. Billed-BLADET har alt om de kongelige, de kendte og det bedste fra tv

Billed, Bladet, Bedste

12. Få seneste nyt og se de flotte Billeder.


13. Billed Derived from the expression "Billy Bad Ass"

Billed, Billy, Bad

14. -Billed combines with adjectives to indicate that a bird has a beak of a particular kind or appearance.

Billed, Bird, Beak

15. In cases where a building is still on frontage and stores are metered properly, the commercial meters, while being read and Billed by the DEE are called branch meters.

Building, Being, Billed, By, Branch

16. Synonyms for Billed in Free Thesaurus


17. 2 words related to Billed: combining form, beaked

Billed, Beaked

18. Billed Cap was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017


19. If the concurrency for your function exceeds the configured concurrency, you will be Billed for executing the excess functions at the rate outlined in the AWS Lambda Pricing section above.

Be, Billed

20. Billed as synonyms, Billed as pronunciation, Billed as translation, English dictionary definition of Billed as


21. Before joining Billed Right in 2006, he was a Billing Operation Manager for Austin Medical Solutions and Grace Clinic in Texas, with back operation in Bangalore

Before, Billed, Billing, Back, Bangalore

22. He brings a wealth of leadership to Billed Right’s two India Operations and is a visionary who leads by example.

Brings, Billed, By

23. Individually Billed Account Travel Card Set Up Form Citibank® Government Travel Card Program Instructions: This form must be completed by the Department of Defense employee, approving supervisor and the Agency Program Coordinator (APC)

Billed, Be, By

24. Use this form to apply for a new Individually Billed Card Account to be used by a Department of Defense

Billed, Be, By

25. The largest of the woodpeckers north of Mexico and the third largest in the world, the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker was a bird of old-growth forests in the southeastern U.S

Billed, Bird

26. Billed adjective / past participle facturado adj (facturada f sl, facturados m pl, facturadas f pl)


27. Sometimes known as a duck-Billed platypus, this curious mammal combines the characteristics of many different species in one


28. The platypus is a duck-Billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed, egg-laying aquatic creature native to Australia

Billed, Beaver

29. Billed Right is very knowledgeable in every aspect of business

Billed, Business

30. First acquired the practice, it was a huge mess because one provider was leaving, and one was coming in but Billed Right stuck in there with patience and loyalty.

Because, But, Billed

31. Trump’s company Billed the government at least $2.5 million


32. Familiar acrobats of the air, Ring-Billed Gulls nimbly pluck tossed tidbits from on high


33. These are the gulls you're most likely to see far away from coastal areas—in fact, most Ring-Billed Gulls nest in the interior of the continent, near freshwater.


34. Yellow-Billed cuckoos display a strong preference for large, continuous riparian zones with cottonwoods and willows


35. A migratory species, yellow-Billed cuckoos begin arriving in western North America in mid to late May.

Billed, Begin

36. The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker is an icon of southeastern floodplain forests and a symbolic reminder of our historic loss of these wetland habitats


37. Billed amount is not defined in rule by any of the states with an APCD

Billed, By

38. Billed amount can be either the total amount Billed (Premera, Group Health) or the dollar amount charged on the service line for a service (Regence)

Billed, Be

39. The Medicaid definition is not definite on whether the Billed charge is …


40. The ivory-Billed woodpecker (Campephilus principalis) is a woodpecker native to the bottomland hardwood forests and temperate coniferous forests of the Southeastern United States and Cuba

Billed, Bottomland

41. Billed Height and Weight are what pro wrestling feds use to introduce their wrestlers


42. "to be Billed" is to be sent a bill, so it does not imply that it has been paid

Be, Billed, Bill, Been

43. Billed for Merchandise You Never Received? Here’s What To Do Y ou found the perfect set of linens in a mail order catalog


44. 1-16 of 312 results for "short Billed cap" Price and other details may vary based on size and color

Billed, Based

45. Pied-Billed Grebe Podilymbus podiceps


46. Change a WarnerMedia-Billed subscription HBO Max subscriptions are available through many providers


47. The monthly Billed revenue report provides you authoritative information about Billed revenue every month for accounting and other financial reporting purposes


48. The report has four sections: Billed amounts for hourly usage and monthly fees, variable-length subscriptions, field


49. Amazon-Billed subscribers can update their payment information via Amazon


50. Existing Amazon-Billed subscribers: Go to the website; In the top-right section of the screen, click on Shoppers (and sign in, if prompted); Go to the Merchant Agreements tab and select Hulu; Add or change your current payment method details and click Use this payment method


51. Like many woodpecker species, including the Red-cockaded Woodpecker and Hairy Woodpecker, the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker was sexually dimorphic (males and females different in appearance).Both male and female Ivory-bills were crested, with the crest black in females and juveniles, and red and black in males.

Billed, Both, Bills, Black

52. 5 hours ago · Ring-Billed Gulls are one of the most familiar gulls in North America due to their prevalence around dumps, parking lots, and beaches, where their bold, french fry-stealing antics have earned them a negative reputation

Billed, Beaches, Bold

53. When word spread in Arkansas of a sighting of an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker – a bird thought extinct – "Sunday Morning" correspondent Steve Hartman took up the challenge to …

Billed, Bird

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BILLED [bild]

billed (adjective)



  • (of birds, especially doves) stroke bill with bill during courtship.

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