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1. Bildungsroman, class of novel that depicts and explores the manner in which the protagonist develops morally and psychologically


2. The German word Bildungsroman means “novel of education” or “novel of formation.” Read More on This Topic


3. Bildungsroman is the combination of two German words: Bildung, meaning "education," and Roman, meaning "novel." Fittingly, a "Bildungsroman" is a novel that deals with the formative years of the main character - in particular, his or her psychological development and moral education.

Bildungsroman, Bildung

4. A Bildungsroman is a literary term describing a formative novel about a protagonist’s psychological and moral growth from their youth into adulthood. Bildungsroman novels are generally written in the first-person and often feature the name of the protagonist directly in the title, such as Emma, Jane Eyre, and David Copperfield.


5. Bildungsroman is a special kind of novel that focuses on the psychological and moral growth of its main character, from his or her youth to adulthood


6. A Bildungsroman is a story of the growing up of a sensitive person, who looks for answers to his questions through different experiences.


7. Bildungsroman is a genre of novel that shows a young protagonist's journey from childhood to adulthood (or immaturity to maturity), with a focus on the trials and misfortunes that affect the character's growth


8. Some additional key details about Bildungsromans:


9. A Bildungsroman is a specific type of coming of age story


10. Explore Bildungsroman examples in literature and pop culture.


11. A Bildungsroman novel, at its very core, is a story about a character’s maturing process, especially from childhood; in fact, it is often called a “coming-of-age” story


12. What is Bildungsroman Genre & its meaning: The term of Bildungsroman was coined in Germany and refers to the ‘coming of age’ of a sensible one, searching the answers of the questions of life to gain all the experience related to the world.


13. I am writing a new series to show how the Harry Potter series fits into the Bildungsroman genre, shares qualities with many bildungromans from European and American literary traditions and, I will argue, represents a re-connection with the Bildungsroman and contemporary popular literature

Bildungsroman, Bildungromans

14. So first, what is a Bildungsroman? Merriam-Webster: A novel about the moral and psychological growth …


15. What is Bildungsroman? Also known as a “coming-of-age story,” a Bildungsroman is a tale in which the main character transforms from child to adult, or …


16. The coming of age story, or Bildungsroman, is a staple of children and YA novels, not surprisingly because this is a struggle that everyone has to go through

Bildungsroman, Because

17. Bildung which means education or formation Roman which means novel In other words, a Bildungsroman is a novel of formation, education or culture

Bildung, Bildungsroman

18. Kontje, Todd Curtis, The German Bildungsroman: History of a National Genre, Camden House, 1993


19. This book is a critical overview of the Bildungsroman from the 1790s to the 1990s.

Book, Bildungsroman

20. Bildungsroman (n.) 1910, from German Bildungsroman, from Bildung "education, formation, growth" (from Bild "picture, image, figure") + roman "novel" (see romance (n.))

Bildungsroman, Bildung, Bild

21. Because dynamic is a term that can be applied in many different situations, while Bildungsroman is a term that can specifically be identified in the context of literary devices

Because, Be, Bildungsroman

22. Also, dynamic is an adjective used to describe the character’s changes throughout the story, and dynamic changes can just mean dying hair blue, while Bildungsroman is

Blue, Bildungsroman

23. A Bildungsroman is, most generally, the story of a single individual's growth and development within the context of a defined social order


24. See synonyms for Bildungsroman on noun, plural Bil·dungs·ro·mans, German Bil·dungs·ro·ma·ne [beel-doongks-raw-mah-nuh]

Bildungsroman, Bil, Beel

25. A Bildungsroman is a literary genre similar to the coming-of-age genre


26. Why is Invisible Man considered a Bildungsroman? In German, bildungs means education or formation, while roman means novel

Bildungsroman, Bildungs

27. Put the two words together, and you get Bildungsroman — a coming-of-age novel that follows the self-development of a young person from youth to maturity.


28. A Bildungsroman is a literary genre that focuses on coming of age stories, following a character’s progression towards adulthood


29. The word “Bildungsroman” comes from the German meaning “education” and “ novel.” It was coined by Karl Morgenstern in 1819 during a series of university lectures.

Bildungsroman, By

30. As opposed to the social novel, a Bildungsroman (a novel of education or a novel of educational formation) focuses on its hero's education toward a meaningful idea of himself and his role in the world.


31. The Way of the World, with its unique combination of narrative theory and social history, interprets the Bildungsroman as the great cultural mediator of nineteenth-century Europe: a form which explores the many strange compromises between revolution and restoration, economic take-off and aesthetic pleasure, individual autonomy and social normality.

Bildungsroman, Between

32. David Copperfield and Great Expectations are widely regarded as two of the earliest examples of the Bildungsroman (formational novel) in the English language


33. The German term Bildungsroman has been adopted in English criticism as a result of the fame during the 19th cent

Bildungsroman, Been

34. " A Bildungsroman is a novel that traces the development of a character from childhood to adulthood, through a quest for identity that leads him or her to maturity


35. The term Bildungsroman comes from the German for "formation novel," or "education novel" and most often focuses on the trials and misfortunes that affect the character's growth.


36. List of famous Bildungsroman books, listed alphabetically with jacket cover images of the books when available

Bildungsroman, Books

37. Information for these popular Bildungsroman books is included as well, such as the author's name and the book's publication date

Bildungsroman, Books, Book

38. This list includes the best Bildungsroman novels,

Best, Bildungsroman

39. Bildungsroman from Dickens to Golding, published in 1974, which proposes a broadly taxonomic definition of the genre

Bildungsroman, Broadly

40. According to Buckley, a Bildungsroman is a novel that portrays all but two or three of a set list of characteristics, among them “childhood, the conflict of generations,

Buckley, Bildungsroman, But

41. The Bildungsroman was especially popular until1860.ItsGermanaffiliation,however,caused anti-German sentiment during the world wars to contribute to the demise of its influence, along with the emergence of a multitude of modern experiments in novel writing


42. Nonetheless, James Joyce wrote his Bildungsroman, A Portrait of an


43. The Bildungsroman becomes television shows, graphic novels, and films, and they feature new communities of characters (formerly jostling for space as, in the expression of Alex Woloch, the ‘many’) in the glory of their indivi-duality or particularity, inscribed as such.12

Bildungsroman, Becomes

44. ‘A Bildungsroman of sorts, it charts the formative years of Dylan Ebdus, a Jewish boy growing up in Brooklyn in the 1970s.’ ‘Natasha is essentially a Bildungsroman for Mark written over several short stories; he doesn't necessarily grow wiser, just more assimilated.’

Bildungsroman, Boy, Brooklyn

45. The Bildungsroman is a genre novel whose territory is well traveled, that of a young and often alienated hero on the cusp of maturity, intent on discovering who he or she is and being true to that identity

Bildungsroman, Being

46. The German word Bildung refers to forming and shaping, and the first Bildungsromane in 18th-century Germany focused on the hero’s self

Bildung, Bildungsromane

47. The problems inherent in the use of the Bildungsroman as a form for women's writing and as a critical, theoretical tool go even deeper than the recent debate among critics over concepts of the self, of experience, and the possibility of representation


48. The Bildungsroman is a form …


49. Bildungsroman Friendship (10) Based On Novel (9) Book (8) Character Name In Title (8) Coming Of Age (8) Sequel (8) Teenage Boy (8) Actor Reprises Previous Role (7) Actress Reprises Previous Role (7) Albus Dumbledore Character (7) All Star Cast (7) Animal (7) Arthur Weasley Character (7) Based On Young Adult Novel (7) Blockbuster (7) Boy Wears

Bildungsroman, Based, Book, Boy, Blockbuster

50. 教養小説(きょうようしょうせつ、 ドイツ語: Bildungsroman )とは、主人公がさまざまな体験を通して内面的に成長していく過程を描く小説のこと。 ドイツ語の Bildungsroman (ビルドゥングスロマーン)の訳語で、自己形成小説 、成長小説とも訳される 。 この概念はドイツの哲学者ヴィルヘルム


51. Because it has no distinct formal characteristics, the Bildungsroman genre is defined only through the reader's recognition of the protagonist's transformation from an inchoate identity to a fixed, mature one.

Because, Bildungsroman

52. The Bildungsroman has been one of the most significant genres in Western literature since the eighteenth century

Bildungsroman, Been

53. Then the meaning of Bildungsroman novel along with the origin and development …


54. This is a set of all 8 Writer's Workshop booklets on 8 different genres: Bildungsroman, Comedy, Folk Tales, Horror, Mystery, Nature, Sci-fi/Fantasy, and Social Justice

Booklets, Bildungsroman

55. Find 3 ways to say Bildungsroman, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


56. A Bildungsroman is a story about a character who "comes of age," or who "grows up" psychologically during the course of the story


57. The character physically gets older as the action occurs, but in a Bildungsroman, the character loses his or her innocence and grows up mentally and psychologically due to what happens in the story.

But, Bildungsroman

58. The word Bildungsroman is a German word meaning "formation novel."


59. Mar 12, 2013 - Explore Jacob Schulz's board "Bildungsroman Movies" on Pinterest

Board, Bildungsroman

60. Bildungsroman Paper 2281 Words 10 Pages


61. One type of storyline in particular is the Bildungsroman plot


62. Bildungsroman books trace back to Germany in the early 1900’s (Cengage).

Bildungsroman, Books, Back

63. Bildungsroman is the name affixed to those novels that concentrate on the development or education of a central character.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some characteristics of a bildungsroman?

Bildungsroman Characteristics Questioning - The main character is questioning something in their life. ... Seeking answers - The questioning they feel inside pushes them to gain life experience or seek knowledge. Journey - The journey they take toward enlightenment and maturity is full of twists and turns. ... Maturing - Through their journey, the character grows mentally and physically. ...

What does Bildungsroman mean?

Bildungsroman is the combination of two German words: Bildung, meaning "education," and Roman, meaning "novel.". Fittingly, a "bildungsroman" is a novel that deals with the formative years of the main character - in particular, his or her psychological development and moral education.

What is the definition of Bildung, apart from bildungsroman?

The Bildungsroman literary genre originated in Germany. The German word "bildung" means education" and the German word "roman" means "novel." Thus, "Bildungsroman" translates to "a novel of education" or "a novel of formation."

What are the themes of Bildungsroman writing?

The enotes Study Guide on bildungsroman writing suggests the following themes occur regularly in novels of this type: Coming of Age and Apprenticeship ; Education; Identity and the Self ; Journey ; Love

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