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Synonyms: 1. Shackles 2. Manacles 3. Handcuffs 4. Irons 5. Chains 6. Bonds 7. Tethers 8. Ropes 9. Restraints 10. Cuffs 11. Bracelets 12. Trammels 13. Gyves
1. bilboes appear occasionally in literature, including Hamlet (Act V, Scene 2: "Methought I lay worse than the mutinies in the bilboes") and the journals of Captain Cook. [2] A notable case of excessive use is documented from Trinidad under British administration by governor Thomas Picton during the criminal procedure against eighteen-year-old
2. bilboes definition: Noun (uncountable) 1. (plural only) An iron bar fitting around the ankles of prisoners, and having sliding shackles.Anagrams 2. lobbiesOrigin Origin unknown.
3. Define bilboes. bilboes synonyms, bilboes pronunciation, bilboes translation, English dictionary definition of bilboes. n. pl. bil·boes An iron bar to which sliding fetters are attached, formerly used to shackle the feet of prisoners.
4. Synonyms for bilboes include fetters, shackles, bonds, chains, cuffs, handcuffs, irons, manacles, restraints and ropes. Find more similar words at !
5. Bilboes, like those pictured above, were commonly found in prisons and slave ships during the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries. bilboes used in the Bastille during the French Revolution are highly prized antiques. Medieval, Colonial, Civil war, and Rendezvous reenactors can use these for a taste of authenticity.
6. Every town, and the bilboes were disused, sold perhaps for old iron, wherein they again did good service. In Virginia the bilboes had a short term of use in the earliest years of the settlement; the Provost-marshal had a fee of ten shillings for "laying by the heels;" and he was frequently employed; but there, also, stocks and pillory proved easier
7. We found one answer for the crossword clue bilboes. Are you looking for more answers, or do you have a question for other crossword enthusiasts? Use the “Crossword Q & A” community to ask for help. If you haven't solved the crossword clue bilboes yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! (Enter a dot for each missing letters, e.g. “P.ZZ
8. Bilboes, Brands, and Branks Colonial Crimes and Punishments by James A. Cox "T" for thief was branded on the light-fingered criminal's hand. - Photo by Dave Doody The English-American colonies were autocratic and theocratic, with a patriarchal system of justice: magistrates and religious leaders, sometimes one and the same, made the laws, and the
9. bilboes — an iron bar with sliding shackles, used to fasten prisoners’ ankles. Bindlestiff — a tramp. Bingle — informal a collision. Blatherskite — a person who talks at great length without making much sense. Bleeding edge — the very forefront of technological development. Blind pig — informal a place where alcoholic drinks are
10. The Massachusetts magistrates brought bilboes from England as a means of punishing refractory or sinning colonists, and they were soon in constant use. In the very oldest court records, which are still preserved, of the settlement of Boston—the Bay colony—appear the frequent sentences of offenders to be placed in the bilboes.
11. Bil bo, n.; pl. {Bilboes}. 1. A rapier; a sword; so named from Bilbao, in Spain. Shak. [1913 Webster] 2. pl. A long bar or bolt of iron with sliding shackles, and a lock at the end, to confine the feet of prisoners or offenders, esp. on board of…
12. The Jersey-based gold producer is weighing an acquisition of bilboes Gold Ltd.’s Isabella-McCays-Bubi mines, in northwest Zimbabwe, said the person, who asked not to be identified as the details

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