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bidding (noun)


  • offer (a certain price) for something, especially at an auction.
  • (of a contractor) offer to do (work) for a stated price; tender for.
Synonyms: offer . put up . tender . proffer . propose . submit . put forward . advance .


  • utter (a greeting or farewell) to.
Synonyms: wish .

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1. Bidding synonyms, Bidding pronunciation, Bidding translation, English dictionary definition of Bidding

2. An order; command (often in the phrases do or follow the Bidding of, at someone's Bidding)

3. Everything must go! DealDash is the fair and honest Bidding site.

4. Instead of set pricing, Bidding starts at $1

5. Bidding Owl, I've dealt with several Bidding sites over the past few years and just wanted to say I was impressed with yours

6. If you have an internet connection, you can become an online bidder by logging into your Barrett-Jackson website account (or creating one), clicking on the current event and selecting “Registration for Online Bidding.” Once you complete the online form, you will receive an email to e-sign the bidder agreement and

7. Bidding is an offer (often competitive) to set a price tag by an individual or business for a product or service or a demand that something be done. Bidding is used to determine the cost or value of something

8. Bidding can be performed by a person under influence of a product or service based on the context of the situation.

9. Vendor acknowledges that by participating in web-based Bidding, it is using its own electronic signature with the intent to form a contract, as provided for in the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.

10. Bidding Construction contractors interested in performing construction contracts with the department must first complete the Vendor Registration process

11. Upon successful completion of the process, contractors are encouraged to view Bidding opportunities posted by the department on eMarketplace.

12. Bidding noun [U] (OFFER) the act of offering to pay a particular amount of money for something, by different people: Most of the Bidding was done by phone.

13. If you’re Bidding for construction contracts, here’s a list from the Dodge Construction Central database to get you started

14. What does Bidding mean? A demand that something be done; a command

15. Over 1,000 public sector organizations have chosen the Biddingo Network to publish; Over 40,000 bid opportunities in the last 12 months to; Over 80,000 registered suppliers

16. In business, Bidding is a recognized way of competing with other businesses for a contract to do a project. The hiring company examines and compares bid proposals from the different businesses to choose the firm with the best overall proposal.

17. Construction Bidding is the process through which a general contractor (and, sometimes, an architect) is selected to work on a construction project.

18. A Bidding war is a real estate term for when a seller receives multiple offers on their home in a short amount of time

19. When Bidding slows to nothing, the auctioneer pounds the gavel and the item is sold

20. When time is up, the high bidder wins, even if people are still frantically Bidding.

21. "Detailed explanation of the Bidding process

22. The Bidding technology vendor landscape is less complex than many other construction markets

23. Some project management software companies, such as Procore, Prolog and HeadsUp, also offer feature-rich Bidding applications that can be purchased on a standalone basis.

24. The Bidding process is used to select a vendor for subcontracting a project, or for purchasing products and services that are required for a project

25. A typical Bidding process in IBM® TRIRIGA® consists of the following stages:

26. ‘The Bidding begins with the player to dealer's left and continues clockwise.’ ‘There is only one round of Bidding and the player who bids the highest number of points becomes the soloist.’ ‘The Bidding continues for as many rounds as necessary until all of the players except one has passed.’

27. 25 synonyms and near synonyms of Bidding from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 16 antonyms and near antonyms

28. Bidding: as in direction, instruction

29. Contract Bidding is a competitive sport and the spoils go to the organization that has the best players, strategy and record

30. A) Sealed Bidding shall be used whenever the conditions in 6.401(a) are met

31. (b) Sealed Bidding may be used for classified acquisitions if its use does not violate agency security requirements

32. Viewable CPM Bidding, like CPC manual Bidding, lets you set bids at the ad group level, or for individual placements

33. Focus on conversions (for Search and Display ads) With this advanced Bidding method, you tell Google Ads the amount you're willing to pay for a conversion, or cost per action (CPA).

34. Competitive Bidding involves a proposal by one company seeking to offer services or bid for business with another company

35. Everything must go! DealDash is the fair and honest Bidding site.

36. Bidding wars are common—in most of 2020, over half of home offers written by Redfin agents faced competitive bids, according to the company’s study

37. TSB Bridge Bidding Boxes - Set of 4 - Include Durable and Waterproof TSB Quality Plastic Bidding Cards - Easy to Open Stand and Stack - Green Color

38. Synonyms for Bidding in Free Thesaurus

39. 35 synonyms for Bidding: order, call, charge, demand, request, command, instruction, invitation, canon

40. Bidding definition: an order; command (often in the phrases do or follow the Bidding of , at someone's Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

41. Infusing automation into your Bidding practice is proven to help you adjust swiftly, optimize your time to focus on high-impact projects, and ultimately work smarter to drive optimal results

42. To help you take advantage of this technology, starting this spring, all your manual Bidding strategies will be optimized by Enhanced CPC (eCPC).


44. Bidding on an eBay auction is a great way to get the item you want – at a bargain price

45. All about Bidding eBay 581652471221 2cf088e8-bca9-45ef-8fad-d2caae6e9fc6:17855536a13 19997

46. You can maximize your chances of winning by having a good Bidding strategy

47. In the AdWords API, all Bidding parameters are managed via one or both of the following: The BiddingStrategyConfiguration object, for standard strategies at the campaign level.; The SharedBiddingStrategy object, for portfolio strategies.This object defines a Bidding type, scheme, and zero or more bids for the entity.

48. 1 day ago · When you’re Bidding against yourself for a guy with zero snaps from the year before but not being on IR, that’s a huge head scratcher

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What's the meaning of 'in a bid'?

Answer Wiki. a) 'In a bid', if followed by 'to' means 'in an attempt'. In a bid to attract youngsters to schools, the government will organise an awareness programme. He got his hands on the expensive paintings in a bid.

Do someone's bidding meaning?

Definition of do someone's bidding. : to do what one is told or ordered to do especially by one in a position of power or authority He was at the beck and call of powerful interest groups and was always willing to do their bidding.

What does bid offer mean?

Key Takeaways. A bid is an offer made by an investor, trader, or dealer in an effort to buy a security, commodity, or currency. The spread between the bid and the ask is a reliable indicator of supply and demand, for the financial instrument in question.

Is bid a noun?

1. countable noun [NOUN to-infinitive] A bid for something or a bid to do something is an attempt to obtain it or do it. A bid is an offer to pay a particular amount of money for something that is being sold. If you bid for something or bid to do something, you try to obtain it or do it.

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