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1. A Biddable individual is someone you can issue an order to-that is, someone who will do your bidding. The word dates to the late 18th century, and our earliest evidence for it is a quote in the …

Biddable, Bidding

2. Biddable definition, adequate to bid upon: a Biddable suit

Biddable, Bid

3. Biddable synonyms, Biddable pronunciation, Biddable translation, English dictionary definition of Biddable


4. 8 synonyms of Biddable from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 38 related words, definitions, and antonyms


5. Biddable: readily giving in to the command or authority of another


6. HILDEGARDE'S HOLIDAY LAURA E. RICHARDS In all wise are these men tame and Biddable, save that they rage against the Dusky Men, though they fear them yet


7. Biddable Frailty thy name is not woman but ignorance-a ignorant man or woman is Biddable and very frail He didnt used his mind in certain situations and became a Biddable person

Biddable, But, Became

8. Biddable - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


9. Biddable is a measurable and scalable activity When I went to see Gary Vaynerchuk speak in Boston, one of the most interesting things he discussed (between the copious amounts of swearing) was the family wine business he inherited and turned into a national success

Biddable, Boston, Between, Business

10. Merriam Webster dictionary informs us that the word Biddable means “ easily led, taught, or controlled, docile.” Oxford Dictionary says: “ meekly ready to accept and follow instructions.


11. See authoritative translations of Biddable in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


12. We found 5 answers for the crossword clue Biddable


13. If you haven't solved the crossword clue Biddable yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! (Enter a dot for each missing letters, e.g

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14. ‘Louse is potentially Biddable and a successful outcome needs the cooperation of all the adults with Louise's interests as the sole focus.’ ‘Joe is a strong Biddable dog with confident power and a great disposition,his pedigree has great depth which explains why …


15. Biddable are `strong enough to justify your bid'.

Biddable, Bid

16. Biddable allows you to pay for the items you win using cryptocurrency directly


17. Biddable adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (obedient, docile) docile adj adjectif: modifie un nom

Biddable, Book, Big

18. (Translation of Biddable from the PASSWORD English–Spanish Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)


19. To remember Biddable, which means "obedient" and "capable of being trained," think: "able" to do your "bidding." Certain breeds of dog, such as Golden Retrievers, are prized for their biddability. In other words, they are easy to housebreak, and you can train them to do tricks

Biddable, Being, Bidding, Breeds, Biddability

20. Headstrong dachshunds are not known to be Biddable.

Be, Biddable

21. Biddable items include a signed Everton photograph, racing silKs and clothing from Highclere Racing Stud, Huddersfield Town signed shirt, signed rugby ball …

Biddable, Ball

22. Biddable (comparative more Biddable, superlative most Biddable) Docile, amenable or compliant


23. Biddable Media is any media that is bought through real time bidding

Biddable, Bought, Bidding

24. What does Biddable mean? Strong enough to be bid

Biddable, Be, Bid

25. Biddable From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Biddable bid‧da‧ble / ˈbɪdəb ə l / adjective WILLING willing to do what you are told without arguing Examples from the Corpus Biddable • Lucinda was tall and beautiful , and most times obedient and Biddable .

Biddable, Bid, Ble, Beautiful

26. Low Prey/High Biddable The Collie is a Biddable, low prey drive dog


27. The ideal pet for the inexperienced or average dog owner is one that has a low prey drive and rates high in the Biddable department


28. Definition of Biddable adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


29. (Translation of Biddable from the PASSWORD English–Spanish Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)


30. Biddable is an adjective according to parts of speech


31. There are also several similar words to Biddable in our dictionary, which are Acquiescent, Amenable, Compliant, Docile, Obliging, Pliable, Submissive, Tractable and Yielding


32. Biddable is spelled as [bid-uh-buh l].

Biddable, Bid, Buh

33.Biddable media consists of ad placement opportunities that advertisers or agencies openly compete for and that are sold to the party offering the highest price


34. The assumptions around Biddable media are that ad placements are well described (location, size, audience, channel, etc.) and only price is being considered when awarded.”

Biddable, Being

35. Find 9 ways to say Biddable, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


36. 2 days ago · A Biddable environment enables more advertisers of different sizes to reach audiences through CTV, so we believe that bidding is going to become more prominent

Biddable, Believe, Bidding, Become

37. Biddable was created to help experiential artist, Robb Wagner, on interactive projects like Michael Jackson’s This is It 3D tour or the Academy Awards


38. ReBiddable definition, (of a suit) able to be bid twice, owing to length or strength, without support from one's partner

Be, Bid

39. Biddable \ ˈbi-də-bəl \ adjective: willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest _____ The word Biddable has appeared in five articles on

Biddable, Bi

40. Biddable second-raters like Romolo Cincinnati, Luca Cambiaso, Patrizio Cajesi, and even Bartolomeo Carducci had less difficulty painting to order and thus made stable careers

Biddable, Bartolomeo

41. ROLE OVERVIEW This is an exciting opportunity for an ambitious digital marketeer, to join the New York Biddable team of our fast growing and quick moving Digital Marketing agency…Founded in 2011, we are proud to partner with some of the world’s leading brands, including Vans, IWG, AXA IM, and The North Face - leading media strategy

Biddable, Brands

42. Looking for Biddable? Find out information about Biddable


43. The price or other Explanation of Biddable


44. Essentially, Biddable ads are ads that can be managed by an advertiser or agency through a self-serve platform, opposed to the TikTok managed ad services

Biddable, Be, By

45. One of the bigger questions for this type of platform is of cost, which can be somewhat of a grey area in any type of Biddable

Bigger, Be, Biddable

46. Biddable: willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest; "too acquiescent to challenge authority"; "a gentle and Biddable soul"; "children compliant with the parental will" I've always seen it to mean eager to please, obedient etc


47. Biddable Media is a trading name of Biddably Ltd

Biddable, Biddably

48. Head of Biddable, GroupM Services


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BIDDABLE [ˈbidəbəl]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does biddable mean?

Biddable is often applied to children and indicates a ready, constant inclination to follow orders, requests, and suggestions. Tractable suggests characteristics that make for easy guiding, leading, ordering, or managing; its antonym intractable (as in "intractable problems") is more common.

What does bidable mean?

1. willing to do what is asked; obedient: a biddable child. 2. capable of being bid or bid on. bid`da•bil′i•ty, bid′da•ble•ness, n. Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc.

What is the origin of the word biddable?

The word dates to the late 18th century, and our earliest evidence for it is a quote in the Scottish National Dictionary. There are a number of words in English that do what biddable does. Tractable, amenable, and docile are three of them.

How does biddable media work?

Biddable Media is any media that is bought through real time bidding. There is a market place (platform provided by third party) where all advertisers bid against each other for impressions and whoever wins will show the ad.

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