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1. Examples of Bettor in a Sentence Thousands of Bettors were at the race track last weekend. Bettors on the horse race have to place their bets at least 20 minutes before the start of the race

Bettor, Bettors, Bets, Before

2. Bettor one who makes a wager: The Bettor goes to Las Vegas as often as he can


3. BettorEdge is your new app for legal sports betting

Bettoredge, Betting

4. Since BettorEdge does not set lines or take a portion of your bet proceeds we are not subject to the same regulations as typical betting sites

Bettoredge, Bet, Betting

5. 1 day ago · The Bettor's parlay featured moneylines from NCAA Tournament games from Saturday and Sunday


6. The Bettor, who as you can see in the tweet above was …


7. Bettor (plural Bettors) A person who makes a bet, such as a wager on the outcome of a game of chance or a sporting event

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8. Bettor Safe is committed to educating consumers about the risks associated with betting on illegal websites

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9. • Professional Sports Bettor since 2008


10. Brandon Wittmeyer CBB, MMA Buy Picks • Data-driven team approach • Specializes in CFB, CBB, NFL and MMA • Las Vegas pro Bettor for 15+ years

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11. On top of that, the Bettor needs a No


12. Follow to make Bettor picks and learn.


13. beBettor is an independent technology and data science company focused exclusively on the responsible gaming sector


14. Anyone serious about betting knows that it takes time and dedication to become a professional Bettor

Betting, Become, Bettor

15. Bettortimes Sportsbook Online Agents offers the latest betting odds NBA and NCAA Basketball, MLB Baseball, NFL Football, Motor Sports

Bettortimes, Betting, Basketball, Baseball

16. ‘The pointspread is the big number for the sports Bettor.’ ‘This is serious gambling which often causes assaults and killing among hosts and Bettors when Bettors win huge amounts that hosts are unable to pay.’ ‘New York law expressly allows Bettors in other states to make phone bets to New York OTBs.’

Big, Bettor, Bettors, Bets

17. About: Bettors.Club offers free betting predictions from probably the best tipsters in the world

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18. Bettor Days Hosted by Mike Greenberg, Bettor DAYS is a character-driven reenactment show that brings to life the true stories of unforgettable gambling adventures.

Bettor, By, Brings

19. Contribute to papagorgio23/Bettor development by creating an account on GitHub.

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20. A sports Bettor bought a futures ticket on Loyola Chicago to win the 2021 National Championship on March 10th at PropSwap

Bettor, Bought

21. Bettor TITO is a non-commercial home use only product.


22. Bettor A: Setting your own odds This is the classic perception of a Bettor. Someone who is doing what the bookmaker does but trying to do it better

Bettor, Bookmaker, But, Better

23. One Bettor in Vegas just placed a $10,000 wager on the Wizards to win the NBA Championship The wager would win $5,000,000 💰 — BetMGM 🦁 (@BetMGM) February 16, 2021 Should Bradley Beal, Russell Westbrook and company come away with the title, the bettor would win $5 million according to the sportsbook.

Bettor, Betmgm, Bradley, Beal, Bett

24. Research Click here to learn about our Bettor TITO product options, how they work, and check to see if your machine type is compatible


25. ‘The first Bettor opened; the second Bettor raised.’ ‘Football Trends Inc


26. Always does a good job in providing the shortcut-seeking Bettor with betting angles.’ ‘Betting exchanges allow Bettors to accept wagers from other Bettors at odds that the involved parties determine.’

Bettor, Betting, Bettors

27. Spanky Sports Bettor service is very strict and requires great discipline by his members

Bettor, By

28. The remaining 99% fall into the category of “public” or “recreational” Bettors, despite a recent survey finding 76% of Bettors ages 21-34 view gambling as a form of entrepreneurship.


29. To most sports gamblers, a professional Bettor seems to have a perfect life


30. ‎Golf Bettor is the most complete Scorecard and Game app for avid, recreational golfers


31. Golf Bettor has 12 game formats with 65 different options, 18,000 courses and over 85,000 tee box options in the US and Canada making for over 5 million game combinations

Bettor, Box

32. 1 day ago · The Bettor correctly picked several upsets throughout the first weekend of the tournament


33. We talk a lot in this space about “sharp” Bettors, the approximately 1% of gamblers who win money long term and are so respected bookmakers move the line after taking their action

Bettors, Bookmakers

34. Sports Bettor Wins Nearly $1 Million With $604 Parlay Bet

Bettor, Bet

35. 4 synonyms of Bettor from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 10 related words, definitions, and antonyms


36. Examples of how to use “Bettor” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs


37. Most Respected Sports Bettor I’m in Costa Rica


38. Spanky is one of the best Bettors in the world

Best, Bettors

39. The original Bettor ended up posting his ticket on PropSwap, and a person offered him $20,000 for it


40. Here’s is the crazy thing, the Bettor declined the offer


41. One Bettor put in a Hail Mary $10 parlay during the NCAA men's tournament that paid more than $33,000


42. One Bettor didn't need to see how the offseason unfolds before making a bold bet

Bettor, Before, Bold, Bet

43. BetMGM said a Bettor placed a $25,000 wager to win $200,000 on the …

Betmgm, Bettor

44. The BettorIQ Podcast is your source for sports betting information, analysis and opinions

Bettoriq, Betting

45. Professional sports Bettor Andrew Lange hosts the BettorIQ Podcast daily Monday through Friday

Bettor, Bettoriq

46. Listen in as we break down the games, discuss betting strategies and provide free picks in an effort to raise your bankroll – and your Bettor IQ.

Break, Betting, Bankroll, Bettor

47. As individual avid sports Bettors, we recognized a problem with prior solutions, where too much money was being lost in house-favored lines, deposit fees, withdrawal fees, and inability to withdraw funds when needed

Bettors, Being

48. It was clear technology allowed for an enhanced platform that put the Bettor


49. The Bettor had three more six-figure wagers on the Lions — $110K on the Lions at +1, $100K on the Lions (+100) moneyline and another $110K on the Lions when the spread was a pick ‘em.


50. Sports Bettor allegedly made death threats against Washington Nationals and New England Patriots players A man called 'Parlay Patz' has the Department of Justice after him for allegedly sending


51. Betfair Betting Podcast · Football...Only Bettor Episode 48: A bit of beef and a bit of biff

Betfair, Betting, Bettor, Bit, Beef, Biff

52. FanDuel says a Bettor has placed an $8,600 money-line bet on Clemson to beat Syracuse at -100,000 odds

Bettor, Bet, Beat

53. If the Tigers prevail, the Bettor will add $8.60 to his bankroll.

Bettor, Bankroll

54. The same Bettor put down three $100,000 first-half bets on the three games in the noon window

Bettor, Bets

55. The Bettor backed all three favorites: Oklahoma …

Bettor, Backed

56. A Florida Bettor who placed a highly publicized $3 million parlay wager is considering legal action against DraftKings after the company froze the customer’s New Jersey mobile sports betting account late last month, Sports Handle has learned.

Bettor, Betting

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BETTOR [ˈbedər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of bettor?

bettor(Noun) A person who makes a bet, such as a wager on the outcome of a game of chance or a sporting event.

What does bet betting term mean?

As a betting term, the meaning is the same and it references the odds of a particular horse, dog, team or player. If the price on a particular selection is drifting, that means it is lengthening (getting bigger), which indicates that the bookmaker feels the outcome is becoming less likely to be correct.

What are sports betting?

Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. The frequency of sports bet upon varies by culture, with the vast majority of bets being placed on association football, American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, track cycling, auto racing, mixed martial arts,...

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