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1. Bespoken’s Automated Testing for IVR has all the features you need to deliver state-of-the-art, high-quality Voice Experiences


2. Bespoken Spirits® has developed technology to precisely tailor spirits for aroma, color, and taste in just days


3. Image Credits: Bespoken Spirits Bespoken Spirits, a Silicon Valley spirits company that has developed a new data-driven process to accelerate …


4.Bespoken was able to take my poor attempt at describing what we wanted and putting it into a wonderful reality


5. Bespoken Coffee Roasters is owned and operated by Collin and Ann Schneider, a husband/wife team of coffee professionals based out of Corvallis, Oregon.

Bespoken, By, Based

6. Past participle of bespeak Synonyms & Antonyms of Bespoken 1 to arrange to have something (as a hotel room) held for one's future use bespoke the rental car weeks in advance of their trip

Bespeak, Bespoken, Bespoke

7. Martin and Stu founded Bespoken Spirits® on the premise that a spirit’s color, aroma, and most importantly taste, could be designed, engineered, and precisely controlled with modern science, technology, and data.

Bespoken, Be

8. Bespoken, Greenville, South Carolina


9. Bespoken Spirits says it is using science to produce better whiskeys

Bespoken, Better

10. Combining the rich history of classic Savile Row tailoring with Rock ‘n Roll styling, Bespoken adds modern details to existing classic fabrics and


11. Before founding Bespoken, Jackie amassed over a decade of experience as a director and curator of cultural public programming across New York City

Before, Bespoken

12. Bespoken Bureau hire trailblazers & tastemakers for speaking engagements We are tastemakers and rule breakers

Bespoken, Bureau, Breakers

13. Bespoken Beauty specializes in hair and makeup services in Houston and surrounding areas including weddings, prom, services for family photos as well as special events

Bespoken, Beauty

14. With an elite team specifically trained in classic styles, Bespoken Beauty offers a luxurious experience.

Bespoken, Beauty

15. Tasting Notes: Bespoken Spirits Bourbon Whiskey: Colored and Flavored with New Charred Oak Staves

Bespoken, Bourbon

16. Bespoken, whose first bottles appeared in stores last fall, joins a crowded field

Bespoken, Bottles

17. 🔧 Bespoken Tools - Tools for making voice apps faster and better cli alexa amazon-echo echo alexa-skills-kit google-cloud-functions google-assistant TypeScript Apache-2.0 …

Bespoken, Better

18. Bespoken is the second book in The Carmel Cove series

Bespoken, Book

19. Email: Bespoken[email protected] phone: 850.372.4907


20. In this episode of Bespoken Bones, we discuss: His personal relationship with his ancestors Spiritual traditions and the integration of the borderlands Fire tenders Untended grief and rage The concept of the Red Road Healing the…

Bespoken, Bones, Borderlands

21. The Bespoken Spirits method is a sustainable answer that keeps products out of wooden barrels in electricity-run rickhouses

Bespoken, Barrels

22. The whiskeys of Bespoken Spirits (image via Bespoken Spirits) “Rooted in material and sustainability science, Bespoken’s proprietary ACTivation technology extracts the key elements of the barrel that enhance aroma

Bespoken, Barrel

23. Welcome to Bespoken Beauty, Houston's premier hair and makeup team

Bespoken, Beauty

24. Bespoken Spirits, a modern spirits company, transforms source spirits into a high quality, matured spirit by re-imagining and replacing the antiquated, expensive, and …

Bespoken, By

25. Bespoken gave us all the small town romance feel, made us fall in love with a heroine from the very first chapter, and took us on her journey to self discovery and falling in love.It was sweet, heartfelt with a few heartbreaking moments of their own, and it was the perfect slow burn romance

Bespoken, Burn

26. Bespoken recently raised a $2.6 million seed round of funding from a group of investors, including former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter


27. Bespoken definition: to engage, request , or ask for in advance Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


28. An industrial-grade conversation-driven development workflow, based around Bespoken’s testing and training tools for voice and chat; Let’s jump in! The Architecture

Based, Bespoken

29. Bespoken Bahamas is The Bahamas leading Luxury Service Provider available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Bespoken Bahamas delivers end to end Services throughout The Bahamas

Bespoken, Bahamas

30. Bespoken Stitchery Aqua - Pat Bravo - Art Gallery Fabric - 100% Quilters Cotton BE-6105 fabricfetish

Bespoken, Bravo, Be

31. Favorite Add to Handmade Watercolour painting of the house, Bespoken drawing, Architecture drawing, Watercolour House Painting, Housewarming gift KlaudiaArchitecture $ 18.83


32. The Bespoken Video Conference Lighting Kit will brighten up your next Video Call and help you look your best

Bespoken, Brighten, Best

33. I thought “Bespoken” might also be heard in furniture showrooms or on garage forecourts and that rather obviously, the other main use of that tense was in marriage contracts: a man, more usually a woman “Bespoken” was a more poetic, romantic or more formal, albeit rather archaic option for the modern “spoken for” but pride goeth

Bespoken, Be, But

34. Bespoken is a mentorship program for women in classical, contemporary, and jazz music


35. Bespoken is a computer software platform that makes software development and monitoring tools for voice applications


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BESPOKEN [bəˈspēk]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does bespoke mean?

Bespoke is an adjective in British English that indicates that something has been custom made. It is derived from the verb bespeak, to speak for something. The use of this term in fashion originated among the tailors of London's Savile Row, where cloth for custom-made suits was said to be spoken for, or reserved for an exclusive client.

What is the new meaning of 'bespoke'?

Bespoke is not exactly a new term, but it seems to be gaining in popularity. It means the opposite of off-the-rack. Bespoke clothing is custom-made clothing. It is not made to measure, as featured by many good clothing vendors.

What is a bespoke design?

Bespoke is a term to describe products and services that are commissioned by a customer. The term is based on Bespoke tailoring that traditionally offers total control of the design of a garment with the support of a skilled tailor. As such, the term bespoke suggests that the customer is commissioning a unique design from specifications.

What is a bespoke suit?

In terms of fashion, the definition of a “bespoke suit” is a suit that the tailor crafts out of someone’s vision. It is an original, one-of-a-kind garment made to the wearer’s preference, to a T. That particular suit is made for and owned by exactly one man, and the suit was hand-drawn and crafted based on exact...

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