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Looking for sentences with "Benthos"? Here are some examples.

1. Do beautiful benthos you all shout reach first name?
2. The inspiration comes from the interesting shapes of benthos and weird flowers in the rain forest
3. In order to get the more accuracy benthos terrain not only the discrete electronic chart data but also the fathom lines etc data are considered
4. The fish feed on benthos larva of aquatic insect and other fishes
5. Along the estuary environmental gradients the structure of benthos community had some differences
6. One kind of virtual implement method of benthos terrain and current in the ocean environment which was used to realize AUV visual simulation is presented
7. Unionidae is an important group of freshwater benthos Due to the convergence phenomenon of freshwater mussels there is still much controversy in the classification of Chinese Unionidae
8. Large number benthos are discovered on the polymetallic nodules within the China pioneer area CC in eastern Pacific
9. They looked like lonely benthos some were integrated with corals some had lots of sharp outshoot others became monsters just like a fish
10. Plankton and benthos monitoring was carried out in The results in main gulfs were shown as followed in table
11. The benthos -- the animals living on and in the sediments -- populate this vast ecosystem
12. Because of the benthos activities and the interaction between the sea current tide wave and the sea-bottom the accurate estimation of the flux is very difficult
13. The molluscs were the first in biomass and density of the benthos
14. In this paper environmental impacts of deep ocean mining are briefly reviewed with emphasis on the effects on oceanic ecosystem They include effects on benthos planktons food chain and so on
15. The weak biodisruption in the thin bedded and laminate limestone indicates that the depressed marine ecosystem after the P-T Event set a limit to the drilling of benthos
16. Estuaries are the home of many living species that can be classified into plankton nekton and benthos based on their swim ability and the habitats they live
17. In our research we have investigated and analysed the types and amount of benthos in Qinghai Lake and evaluated the lake bottom condition and benthos' productivity
18. On the basis of monitoring results of water quality and benthos the impacts of two generic bulk berths construction in Nantong Port on downstream water quality of water intake were analyzed
19. This paper discussed the relationship of gas hydrate to submarine land slide global warming and benthos extinction
20. benthos is the community of organisms which live on, in, or near the seabed, the area known as the benthic zone. benthos generally live in close relationship with the substrate bottom, and many such organisms are permanently attached to the bottom.
21. The great majority of algae, however, grow like land-plants attached to a substratum, and to these the term benthos is now generally applied. 4 3 hich float on or are suspended in water, and of the benthos, or si 2.
22. Definition of benthos : organisms that live on or in the bottom of a body of water Examples of benthos in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Researchers believed that the remains of animals may have accounted for the benthos' carbon needs.
23. Benthos, the assemblage of organisms inhabiting the seafloor. Benthic epifauna live upon the seafloor or upon bottom objects; the so-called infauna live within the sediments of the seafloor.
24. benthos solves common data engineering tasks such as transformations, integrations, and multiplexing with declarative configuration. This allows you to easily and incrementally adapt your data pipelines as requirements change, letting you focus on the more exciting stuff.
25. benthos is used in freshwater biology to refer to organisms at the bottom of freshwater bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and streams. There is also a redundant synonym, benthon.
26. The definition of benthos are the organisms living at the bottom of a body of water. An example of benthos are seaweed and animals in a tide pool.
27. If we configure our enrichments within a workflow processor we can use benthos to automatically detect our dependency graph, giving us two key benefits: Enrichments at the same level of a dependency graph (claims and hyperbole) will be executed in parallel.
28. benthos is a high performance and resilient stream processor, able to connect various sources and sinks in a range of brokering patterns and perform hydration, enrichments, transformations and filters on payloads.
29. Used on the benthos Field Collection Worksheet. If sandy substrate is present, multiple bottles may be needed to contain all material, this can be washed down in the biology lab with a 500µm sieve to attempt to place whole sample in one bottle, if not use multiple bottles. 5.2.5 The ENTIRE sample should be washed and placed in sample bottles.
30. Use of benthos in lake monitoring Torgny Wiederholm Swedish Environment Protection Board, Uppsala, Sweden The rationale and requirements for the use of biological variables in water quality moni toring were summarized recently by James,1 Tittizer and Kothe,2 and Price.3 In brief, the authors pointed out that biological variables
31. benthos makes two models that often operate in tandem. benthos has periodically shown up in other headline stories. Rotaliids are primarily oceanic benthos, although some are common in shallower nummulitids. It's difficult to see benthos in a sentence.
32. The term benthic refers to anything associated with or occurring on the bottom of a body of water. The animals and plants that live on or in the bottom are known as the benthos. In ocean waters, nearshore and estuary areas are most frequently mapped.
33. benthos Buttons - Benthosis the community of organisms that live on, in, or near the seabed, also known as the benthic zone. Our sustainable fashion buttons contribute to keeping the oceans healthy.
34. benthos or benthic organisms live on the ocean floor, either on the substrate (epifauna and epiflora) or inside it, buried or burrowing in the sediment (infauna). Benthic organisms may be sessile, attached to a firm surface such as rocks and manmade structures, or mobile, moving freely on or in the bottom sediment.
35. benthos [ bĕn ′thŏs′ ] The bottom of a sea or lake. The organisms living on sea or lake bottoms.
36. The term benthos comes from the Greek noun βένθος "depths of the sea". benthos is also used in freshwater biology to refer to organisms at the bottom of freshwater bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and streams. How to pronounce benthos?
37. The benthos live on the ocean floor. Starfish, oysters, clams, sea cucumbers, brittle stars and anemone are all benthos. Most benthos feed on food as it floats by or scavenge for food on the ocean floor. Life at the Bottom. The benthic zone of the ocean is varied. There are mountains, trenches, volcanoes, flat muddy areas, sandy areas and rocky

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