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Synonyms: 1. Benthos 2. Benthos
1. Were these organisms pelagic or benthic?
2. Finally there are the benthic foragers which comb the sea bed for small worms crustaceans and other invertebrates
3. benthic meiobenthos is one of the most community which can affect our opinion about deep - sea environment
4. In these two sites the benthic animal community were mainly composed of oligochaeta and chironmus larva they were adaptive to low concentration DO and were resistive to organic pollution
5. benthic meiobenthos is one of the most important community to biomedical research
6. benthic eutrophication is turning waters in Fuzhou Westlake into a black dirty and bad smell situation
7. benthic world is completely different space with the land that we are in
8. A Bathypelagic Ctenophore from the benthic boundary layerhttp://sentencedictcom/benthichtml which was found attached to seafloor by adhesive tentacles
9. The present invention relates to raising technology of benthic aquatic animal
10. The community structure of benthic nematoda in Tianjin offshore area was analysed with the multivariate statistical method A total of stations were arranged for nematoda sampling
11. The benthic extinction event BEE and larger foraminifera turnover LFT during the Paleocene-Eocene transition constitutes an important step in Paleogene larger-foraminifera evolution
12. This assemblage consists of planktonic spheroids benthic filaments and vase-shaped microfossils
13. High abundance ratio between nematode and benthic copepoda at shrimp ponds was related to disturbance
14. Organic matter was derived from terrestrial benthic algae and planktonic algae
15. This bath crock shoots the light of benthic if turn on the lamp in the evening the clear water that makes downy lamplight penetrable ripple it is romantic scene
16. What is true of bivalves is without much doubt true of the majority of benthic invertebrates
17. This trend implies the increase of PR is a stress for benthic macrofauna such as Polychaeta[sentencedictcom] Bivalvia and Amphipoda
18. A rotating liquid jet method based on the cramming and structure characteristics of porous was proposed to resolve the cramming problem in the design of benthic meiobenthos separating device
19. Schroeder was apparently the first to offer some information about the benthic algae
20. Underwater World Underwater World is Asias largest marine museum nearly kinds of benthic ordinary varieties and cultivars are rare
21. The study of meiofauna in deep - ocean has very important signification benthic ecology and benthic environmental monitoring
22. benthic definition is - of, relating to, or occurring at the bottom of a body of water.
23. Since 1996 benthic Software has produced high quality database tools for Oracle and other SQL databases. Our products are high performance Windows programs that are designed to be both powerful and easy to use. All products include a free 30-day trial period.
24. The benthic foraminiferal assemblage identified indicates a low oxygen environment with high organic detritus accumulation. 0 0 The diets were dominated by pelagic and benthopelagic prey and relatively little use was made of the benthic biota. 25.
25. benthic Gear is a gearing system in Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara similar to Legion's Relinquished gear and Mists of Pandaria's Timeless gear. This system allows players to obtain bind-on-account 385 item level gear and upgrade it just short of Heroic Eternal Palace raid level gear (425 Item Level) by doing world content on Nazjatar. The main difference in this system is there are significantly
26. benthic gear is the catch up mechanism that was introduced in Battle for Azeroth's patch 8.2. It's fairly reasonable to achieve the first level of benthic gear, and it can be upgraded over time, making it useful for players who are coming back or otherwise near the means to get gear near the level of players planning to raid the Eternal Palace this week.
27. benthic macroinvertebrates are commonly used as indicators of the biological condition of waterbodies. They are reliable indicators because they spend all or most of their lives in water, are easy to collect and differ in their tolerance to pollution. Macroinvertebrates respond to human disturbance in fairly predictable ways, are relatively
28. Added "append" as an option to script csv and delimited exports. This allows exporting from multiple queries to the same csv file (appended exports should use the NOHEADERS option.) Var statements can now include an assignment (e.g. var MyVar string = "benthic";) The scratch window has been updated to correctly show the optional null indicator.
29. benthic gems can be utilized far earlier (upgrading to T3 system level) than cultural invertics. From my experience, both in MP and SP, its extremely rare that games even last that long that i find myself needing to get those 3x T4 economy techs and unlock the T4 development in the first place.
30. benthic Sealant: Description We have been keeping an eye out for these unstable geysers. Since the water went away, the ocean has been trying to find a way back in. If we let it burst up just anywhere, we could all be doomed! Help me plug these up! Be careful, though, I found out the hard way they have a bit of a kick.
31. The benthic foraminiferal assemblage identified indicates a low oxygen environment with high organic detritus accumulation. 0 The diets were dominated by pelagic and benthopelagic prey and relatively little use was made of the benthic biota.
32. The benthic zone is the ecological region at the lowest level of a body of water such as an ocean, lake, or stream, including the sediment surface and some sub-surface layers.Organisms living in this zone are called benthos and include microorganisms (e.g., bacteria and fungi) as well as larger invertebrates, such as crustaceans and polychaetes. Organisms here generally live in close
33. benthic habitat maps are derived from aerial imagery, underwater photos, acoustic surveys, and data gathered from sediment samples. The resulting digital map is viewed using geographic information system tools.
34. benthic zone in a sentence - Use "benthic zone" in a sentence 1. The habitat of the fish is in the benthic zone. 2. Lives in the benthic zone and feeds on crustaceans and small fish. click for more sentences of benthic zone
35. benthic zones are found all across the world, wherever there is an appreciable water body. Now, the benthic zone begins at the shore and extends to the bottom of the ocean. This implies that the benthic zone could be as shallow as a few centimeters, but may reach a depth of a few thousand meters. On account of the depths it can reach, the
36. Define benthic. benthic synonyms, benthic pronunciation, benthic translation, English dictionary definition of benthic. n. 1. The collection of organisms living on or in the bottom of a body of water. 2. The bottom of a body of water. ben′thic , ben·thon′ic adj.
37. Examples of how to use “benthic zone” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs
38. Whereas benthic foraminifera are restricted to certain environments, planktonic foraminifera are dispersed over a much broader part of the world oceans and often are found in large numbers. On a geologic time-scale, events such as the first appearance of a given species or its extinction can happen very quickly.
39. benthic "Two Tubes," also known simply as "Tubes,"3 was a male Tognath mercenary pilot who flew alongside his eggmate and brother,4 Edrio. The two shared the nickname derived from the breathing apparatus that allowed their Tognath physiology to process oxygen atmospheres. Benthic's homeworld Yar Togna was conquered and occupied by the Galactic Empire, forcing him to flee as a refugee. Desiring
40. benthic primary productivity is measured by a variety of methods including the carbon-14 method for microphytic species, and harvesting and weight measurements of macrophytic plants. Methods of estimating benthic secondary production are similar to those employed for pelagic animals and described in Chapter 5. 6.

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