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1. In Benediction, the bene root is joined by another Latin root, dictio, "speaking", so the word's meaning becomes something like "well-wishing"

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2. Perhaps the best-known Benediction is the so-called Aaronic Benediction from the Bible, which begins, "May the Lord bless you and keep you".

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3. 28 Benedictions for Your Church Service 1


4. A Benediction is a short, concise statement given in the Bible in the form of a petition, an assurance, a promise or principle

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5. The word Benediction means to say good, to voice good thoughts, to pronounce.


6. A Benediction is simply a blessing spoken at the end of a worship service

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7. A Benediction invites or asks God for divine blessing, help, guidance, and peace.

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8. The word "Benediction" derives from two Latin words - "bene" (meaning "well") and "dicere", which means "to speak"

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9. So a Benediction is a spoken request to God for the recipient to receive goodness and wellness


10. • The most popular Benediction originates in the Jewish faith and is known as the " Priestly Blessing " (Numbers 6:23-27).

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11. Our Heavenly Father, we ask for Your Benediction to rest on us this day


12. The etymology of the word Benediction, lets us know it’s meaning


13. So, the Benediction is a blessing that describes what good God will do for us

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14. There are many Benedictions depending on the religion, and certain religions have several different Benediction

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15. The tradition of a blessing or Benediction as part of an act of worship has been a part of Jewish worship for generations, and we can trace it back to the book of Numbers where Aaron and his sons bless the Israelites with this

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16. It was back in June of 2010 that I put together a collection of my favorite Benedictions and blessings

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17. (usually initial capital letter)Also called Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

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18. Often Benediction Roman Catholic Church A short service consisting of prayers, the singing of a Eucharistic hymn, and the blessing of the congregation with the host.

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19. Benediction From there you can descend again, a little drop of water, a blessing and a Benediction to the thirsty earth.

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20. A Benediction (Latin: bene, well + dicere, to speak) is a short invocation for divine help, blessing and guidance, usually at the end of worship service

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21. Rick Ross - Benediction (Explicit)#AugustAlsina #Benedic

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22. To obtain Benediction/Anathema: Step #1 - Obtain the Eye of Divinity


23. You can also view “25 of the Best Benedictions and Blessings in the Bible.” Since the following scriptures may contain an incomplete verse and have been removed from their contexts in the NIV Bible, it is up to you to make the final determination if they will properly accomplish the purpose for …

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24. Benediction (2021) Biography, Drama, War 2021 (UK)

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25. Reciting a Benediction is meant to encourage believers and stimulate joy and commitment to God

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26. Additionally, many believers find meditating on Benedictions during their “quiet times” is a soothing balm which deepens the spirit, provides succor for the ailing heart, and strengthens the faltering soul.

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27. According to the dictionary, a Benediction is a short invocation for divine help, blessing, and guidance, usually at the end of worship service.

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28. Benediction is often employed as a conclusion to other services, e.g


29. 10 synonyms of Benediction from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 34 related words, definitions, and antonyms


30. Find another word for Benediction


31. Benediction: a prayer calling for divine care, protection, or favor


32. Benediction wouldn't be replaced until at least Nefarian if Shamans/Paladins were okay with you rolling on the mace

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33. Find 26 ways to say Benediction, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


34. Benediction is an upcoming American-British biographical drama film written and directed by Terence Davies.It stars Jack Lowden and Peter Capaldi

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35. Formed in 1989 Benediction was quickly picked up by German underground metal label Nuclear Blast Records, a partnership that lasts to this day

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36. At it's core "Scriptures" is death metal, a subgenre Benediction helped popularize and perfect, fused with the punk rock anger and attitude.


37. Benediction and the accompanying novella Domestication are a perfect ending to the Diversion series


38. Benediction definition: A Benediction is a kind of Christian prayer


39. Lyrics to Benediction by Rick Ross from the custom_album_5945083 album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more!

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40. Let us end with the Benediction Our father who art in heaven I pray you free me from my demons and keep me level I know you kept me out of prison where I was headin' When I heard somebody killed my brother, one-eighty-seven I hope he made it to your presence, for me he was a blessin' At least I know he's rested and he ain't out here stressin'

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41. Benediction, a verbal blessing of persons or things, commonly applied to invocations pronounced in God’s name by a priest or minister, usually at the conclusion of a religious service

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42. 693 reviews of The Benediction by Toast "Here for the soft opening on a Saturday morning

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43. To pronounce / give / say the Benediction; the nuptial Benediction; a parting Benediction Synonym: blessing c

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44. Benediction is a pensive novel about the dailiness of life in a small town, the neighborly kindnesses as well as the regrets and missed chances that haunt its residents


45. At times it's more a lament than a Benediction


46. Perfect for Baccalaureate Mass or graduation, Benediction is a beautiful song of blessing for those embarking on their next journey

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47. There is a lovely video Benediction for churches who use multimedia based on the Romans 15:13 prayer at WorshipHouse Media

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48. Welcome to the WoW Classic realm discussion forum for Benediction


49. Benediction Lyrics: May the Lord bless you and keep you / May the Lord smile on you / Shine His light upon you / May the Lord lift you / Turn His face towards you / …

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BENEDICTION [ˌbenəˈdikSH(ə)n]

benediction (noun) · Benediction (noun) · benedictions (plural noun)

  • the utterance or bestowing of a blessing, especially at the end of a religious service.
  • a service in which the congregation is blessed with the Blessed Sacrament, held mainly in the Roman Catholic Church.
Synonyms: blessing . consecration . sanctification . hallowing . deconsecration .