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1. 18 synonyms of Bemusement from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 22 related words, definitions, and antonyms


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3. Bemusement: a state of mental uncertainty.


4. See synonyms for: bemuse / bemused / Bemusement on verb (used with object), be·mused, be·mus·ing

Bemuse, Bemused, Bemusement, Be

5. Bemusement: 1 n confusion resulting from failure to understand Synonyms: bafflement , befuddlement , bewilderment , mystification , obfuscation , puzzlement Type of: confusedness , confusion , disarray , mental confusion , muddiness a mental state characterized by a …

Bemusement, Bafflement, Befuddlement, Bewilderment, By

6. Find 10 ways to say Bemusement, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


7. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Bemusement. Princeton's WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: bewilderment, obfuscation, puzzlement, befuddlement, mystification, bafflement, Bemusement (noun) confusion resulting from failure to understand

Bemusement, Bewilderment, Befuddlement, Bafflement

8. Public Bemusement with modern art is shared by Her Majesty, a new book has revealed

Bemusement, By, Book

9. It buys him first Bemusement, then solicitation, and finally enmity and a serious whack upside the head

Buys, Bemusement

10. The name caused a lot of Bemusement, but over the course of his life Dryfess obligingly chose to respond to several different variations of it.

Bemusement, But

11. Translation for 'Bemusement' in the free English-Italian dictionary and many other Italian translations.


12. ‘All of these things cause my brain befuddlement, Bemusement and general confusion.’ ‘IT is very easy to be snooty about the work of John Steinbeck who, to the Bemusement of many, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962.’ ‘Asked to describe its colour, she replied ‘gosling green’, much to the Bemusement of the locals.’

Brain, Befuddlement, Bemusement, Be

13. Bemusement Sentence Examples There was Bemusement in Darian's voice


14. Cowbell solo of'Move on', the tambourine wielding antipodeans get off to a poor start as Bemusement spreads


15. Bemusement is the feeling that you have when you are puzzled or confused by something

Bemusement, By

16. A look of Bemusement spread across their faces


17. Synonyms: puzzlement, surprise, confusion, uncertainty More Synonyms of Bemusement COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.


18. Synonyms for Bemusement include bewilderment, bafflement, befuddlement, puzzlement, confusion, perplexity, mystification, stupefaction, bamboozlement and

Bemusement, Bewilderment, Bafflement, Befuddlement, Bamboozlement

19. SIR - I read with Bemusement the attempt (January 4) by Labour Councillor Nigel Dix to blame the former Plaid Cymru administration in Caerphilly for the pay scandal crisis which engulfed the county borough council soon after Labour took control in May, 2012

Bemusement, By, Blame, Borough

20. The outburst caused some Bemusement, because at least three of his opponents are frontline politicians

Bemusement, Because

21. Times, Sunday Times (2012) The billboards advertising it that towered over the slums of Mumbai were met with Bemusement and anger

Billboards, Bemusement

22. Bemusement translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'bemuse',bemused',bemusedly',basement', examples, definition, conjugation

Bemusement, Bemuse, Bemused, Bemusedly, Basement

23. Bemusement 0 points 1 point 2 points 5 months ago Most of these toggles will just pry open with a small screwdriver, try pushing the point in where the cords enter and lever up and see if anything separates.


24. Of particular Bemusement is the Lib Dem and Tory refusal to speak up for the "more powers for Holyrood" option which they seemed to be desirous of before the election

Bemusement, Be, Before

25. I particularly loved the businessman washing his hands and shaking his head in Bemusement at the sticker in the mirror.

Businessman, Bemusement

26. My parents looked at me in Bemusement when I told them I wanted to become an acrobat

Bemusement, Become

27. High quality Bemusement gifts and merchandise


28. 1 History 2 See Also 2.1 Footnotes The Belt of Bemusement was a Deviant device used to restrain prisoners

Belt, Bemusement

29. It's power could be adjusted to deal with prisoners that possessed superhuman strength, even an Eternal.1 1 appearance(s) of Belt of Bemusement 1 image(s) of Belt of Bemusement Gallery of

Be, Belt, Bemusement

30. Bemusement Park Alternative · 2003 Preview SONG TIME Frequent Flyer


31. Bemusement n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


32. The series of antinomy and Bemusement fitly reflected the literary men's angst and exploration to the development direction of Chinese culture after the middle of the Ming Dynasty


33. From the start, she notes almost with Bemusement , there was a contrast between her own “executive style” and her colleagues’ “more consultive style.”

Bemusement, Between

34. Dismaland: Banksy's 'Bemusement park' is deeply unsettling but bizarrely entertaining

Banksy, Bemusement, But, Bizarrely

35. BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese social media users watched election day in the United States with Bemusement and mockery, as President Donald …

Beijing, Bemusement

36. See thesaurus at confused — bemusedly / bɪˈmjuːzɪdli / adverb — Bemusement noun [uncountable] a look of

Bemusedly, Bemusement

37. Bemusement Park is a Map in Resident Evil: Resistance available after the August 5th update


38. Dismaland Bemusement Park program, 2015 and Exit Through the Gift Shop poster, 2010, 2015/2010


39. Community watches Frein manhunt in fear, Bemusement


40. Chinese social media users watched election day in the United States with Bemusement and mockery, as President Donald Trump complained of a "major fraud on our nation" and falsely claimed victory


41. In the place of the “Bemusement park,” currently, is a real-life fun fair


42. Wonder, Bemusement Reign In Moore's 'Gate' Lorrie Moore puts her penetrating prose and sly observations to work in her latest novel, A Gate at …


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BEMUSEMENT [bəˈmyo͞ozmənt, bēˈmyo͞ozmənt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does bemusement mean?

bemusement - confusion resulting from failure to understand. bafflement, befuddlement, bewilderment, mystification, obfuscation, puzzlement. confusedness, disarray, mental confusion, muddiness, confusion - a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior; "a confusion of impressions".

What does I am bemused mean?

It is a synonym of confused, as in the sentence "I am bemused as to why a professed dictionary would have an incorrect definition.” The reason why we have this definition is that it is an accurate reflection of the way that people use bemuse.

What does bemuse mean for kids?

Kids Definition of bemuse : to cause to be confused and often also somewhat amused He was bemused by all the attention he was receiving.

What is the difference between bemuse and bemused?

You may use bemuse in this fashion if you wish, but bear in mind that some people find it objectionable, insisting that bemused and amused are entirely distinct and that bemused properly means “marked by confusion or bewilderment.”

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