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BEAUTIFICATION [ˌbyo͞odəfəˈkāSH(ə)n]

beautification (noun)

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1. Beautification synonyms, Beautification pronunciation, Beautification translation, English dictionary definition of Beautification

2. Find 46 ways to say Beautification, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

3. What does Beautification mean? The definition of Beautification means the process of making something appealing to the senses

4. Beautification was far more complex than a garden club project

5. According to Johnson, “Though the word Beautification makes the concept sound merely cosmetic, it involves much more: clean water, clean air, clean roadsides, safe waste disposal and preservation of valued old landmarks as well as great parks and wilderness areas.

6. The Beautification Program utilizes Bed, Board and Beverage (BBB) Tax revenues efficiently and effectively to create, enhance, and preserve the sense of place, the built and natural environment, of Flagstaff.Working with community groups and the Beautification and Public Art Commission, this program generates enhancement projects such as streetscapes; landscaping

7. White Plains Beautification Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organization encouraging gardens and green spaces throughout the City of White Plains

8. Beautification refers to adornment intended to make the wearer more attractive, without affecting their placement within society

9. The function of Beautification is quite explicitly related to cosmetics use and does not need to be explained further

10. The Beautification Commission was created to develop strategies to preserve and protect the heritage and integrity of existing neighborhoods

11. On March 24 th Southern Baked Pie Company will be donating a portion of their proceeds from Alpharetta location sales and phone orders to Johns Creek Beautification for the 2021 Garden Tour

12. The Metro Beautification and Environment Commission works to make Nashville clean, safe, and attractive

13. The commission coordinates the efforts of volunteers, city departments, business and community groups, and government agencies to provide environmental programs, Beautification projects, as well as training and educational opportunities for the residents …

14. Beautification 'Beautification' is a 14 letter word starting with B and ending with N Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Beautification We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Beautification will help you to finish your crossword today.

15. Beautification of big boxes and office towers requires significant new amenities to create distractions and offset the bulk of cheaply produced large buildings

16. Within a few hours of the Beautification efforts, Building 4120 and it's landscape underwent a miraculous transformation --fresh layers of mulch …

17. To request copies while quantities last, please contact the ODOT Beautification Office at (405) 521-2557 or click to email

18. The Trash Poster Contest is organized by State Beautification Coordinator Melody Johnson – Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), and is coordinated in partnership with the following

19. Get your Car Exterior Beautification and Interior enrichment

20. Definition of Beautification in the dictionary

21. What does Beautification mean? Information and translations of Beautification in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

22. Neighborhood Beautification is a way to involve youth and other people who are often overlooked

23. The Alexandria Beautification Commission promotes Beautification of the City through advocacy, education and the celebration of community Beautification efforts

24. Welcome to Beautification Beauty Salon Nottingham Our luxurious indulgent retreat is set conveniently in Nottingham City Centre, yet is a world away from hectic, noisy city life

25. Donations of plants, flowers, trees, mulch, and other Beautification items are graciously accepted

26. The Sanitation Division’s Beautification unit branded Keep DeKalb Beautiful (KDB) is an active community and environmental steward, tasked with protecting, enhancing and maintaining the county’s streets, rights of way, roadways, intersections and county-owned properties.Through continuous Beautification initiatives, roadside enhancement activities, public education and resident engagement

27. Highway Beautification’s Regulatory Team is responsible for programs that are governed by Federal Laws, State Laws and State Rules and Regulations

28. Neighborhood Beautification Resources If you do not have all the resources needed to comply with the City ordinances related to Neighborhood Beautification, the following City-sponsored programs are available to help you: Garbage Container Collection Service for Disabled Persons: If you have difficulty moving your solid waste containers to the curb for pick-up and back out

29. What is the Campus Beautification Program? The Campus Beautification Program provides a means for gifts to be directed toward sustaining the excellence of the Cornell campus landscape and for the donors to be recognized for their generosity

30. The Geneva Beautification Committee consists of individual volunteers, families, businesses and organizations that adopt and maintain planting beds and flower boxes located in Geneva’s Central Business District

31. Gibraltar Beautification Commission, Gibraltar, Michigan

32. In the United States, highway Beautification is the subject of the Highway Beautification Act (HBA), passed in the Senate on September 16, 1965 and in the U.S

33. The Beautification Campaign (section IV.) Her Wildflower Center (section V.) "Ugliness is so grim," Lady Bird Johnson once said

34. ‘the city commissioned the Beautification of the tunnel with work by five artists’

35. The Beautification Office of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) was established in 1985

36. The City of Flagstaff Beautification, Arts and Sciences Program creates, enhances, and preserves the sense of place, the built and natural environment, public art, and the cultural heritage of Flagstaff by implementing the community's vision for character and design, the …

37. Beautification and placemaking enhancements, decorative elements including sculpture, painted pavement, murals, mosaics, decorative signal cabinet wraps, seating & benches

38. The Highway Beautification Act was actually the pet project of the first lady, Lady Bird Johnson

39. Beautification, Dublin, Ireland

40. Beautification box Beauty,Cosmetic and Personal Care Ships to your door

41. Beautification Department Operations

42. The Beautification Department was created to preserve, heighten, and embellish the

43. Venice Area Beautification, Inc

44. The new one-stop-shop for Beautification includes Code Enforcement, Foreclosure/Vacant Property Registry, Keep DeKalb Beautiful (KDB) and Roadside Enhancement

45. We have strategically integrated complementary county services that promote community Beautification.

46. The Lavallette Beautification Committee was established by Mayor Thomas Walls and the council of Lavallette in January 2004

47. Port Arthur Beautification Commission FALL SWEEP! Meet at the Pavilion, Downtown Port Arthur To help clean and Beautify Your city! Saturday, October 19, 2019 8 am -12 pm We Welcome All clubs, Organizations, ehurches, Individuals, Schools Register with Rev

48. "Some women report that Beautification is an agentic and assertive act, whereas others find Beautification to be oppressive and disempowering," state …

49. Beautification improvements are fundamental elements that contribute to the quality of life, vitality of downtown shopping, economy and entertainment for locals and visitors

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What is the definition of beautification?

Beautification. With regard to a town, city, or urban area, this most often involves planting trees, shrubbery, and other greenery, but frequently also includes adding decorative or historic-style street lights and other lighting and replacing broken pavement, often with brick or other natural materials.

What is beautification in Urban Dictionary?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Beautification is the process of making visual improvements to a town, city, or urban area.

How do you use beautification in a sentence?

Use beautification in a sentence. A couple work on the beautification of a park. noun. The definition of beautification means the process of making something appealing to the senses. Cleaning up a park and planting new trees is an example of beautification. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What does beautified mean?

The definition of beautification means the process of making something appealing to the senses. Cleaning up a park and planting new trees is an example of beautification.

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