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  • hit (someone) on the head.
Synonyms: hit . strike . buffet . bang . knock . thwack . slug . welt . cuff . punch . smash . concuss . stun . brain . skull . bop . clonk . clout . sock . biff . wallop . bash . plug . lam . deck . floor . clock . cosh . slosh . dot . conk . ding . boff . bust . whale . dong . quilt . smite . swinge .

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1. Beans are classified as a legume, along with peas, peanuts, and lentils

2. In the broadest sense, Beans are the pod-borne seeds of leguminous plants — excluding lentils, lupins, peanuts, and certain other types of legumes. Beans

3. Beans are hearty and versatile – perfect for soups, salads, burritos and more

4. Beans and legumes are the fruits or seeds of a family of plants called Fabaceae

5. Beans are a simply delicious, naturally nutritious food

6. We’re talking about dry edible Beans, Beans that are harvested when the Beans are dry in the seed pod.

7. Legumes and Beans are nutritional powerhouses that deliver tons of fiber and protein for pennies

8. Heirloom Beans tend to have a lower yield and can be much more difficult to grow but the pay off is in the unique flavors and textures that you don't find with bland commodity Beans

9. You can find a list of our waitlist Beans HERE.

10. Adzuki Beans are small Beans that mainly grow in the East Asian countries of China, Japan, and South Korea

11. While adzuki Beans are commonly red, they can …

12. High in fiber and antioxidants, Beans aren't just good for the waistline, they may aid in disease prevention, too

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14. Beans are an ancient food that provide protein, fiber, and a carbohydrate called resistant starch that's good for your gut

15. Find out why Beans are so good for your health and …

16. No cholesterol, rich in fiber, immensely versatile, incredibly convenient, and very affordable, Beans are an oft-overlooked source of protein

17. Beans Beans are the ideal complement to whole grain meals, and Bob's Red Mill offers a variety beyond compare

18. From our rainbow of lentils to colorful peas, speckled Beans and small or large lima Beans, these legumes are fit for any occasion!

19. Green Beans, anasazi Beans, navy Beans, black Beans, northern Beans, kidney Beans, pinto Beans, and cannellini Beans are all varieties of the species

20. Sometimes also called butter Beans, depending on your geography, lima Beans are small green Beans that look like seeds

21. Kidney Beans are a popular ingredient in chili, salads, and rice dishes

22. One cup of cooked kidney Beans includes:

23. Apache NetBeans can be installed on all operating systems that support Java, i.e, Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and BSD

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25. Dried and canned Beans are not only inexpensive, they are loaded with nutrients, satisfyingly filling, and versatile enough to be a favored ingredient in many world …

26. Garbanzo Beans • Pardina Lentils • Green Split Peas • Non-GMO Project Verified • 15 total LBS • 100% Non-Irradiated • Certified Kosher Parve • USA Grown • Field Traced

27. Black Beans are a healthy source of protein, iron, and fiber, especially for those leading a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle

28. If you’re looking for the best black Beans, whether dry or canned, seasoned or unseasoned, you’ve come to the right place

29. These are the best black Beans available for online purchase, as handpicked by our experts.

30. Beans Beans are a staple in nearly every garden — whether you grow to feed your family or to sell at market

31. Pork and Beans plus three other kinds of Beans simmer in a Dutch oven with ground beef and crumbled bacon for a big pot of Beans that makes a hearty main …

32. From pinto to butter, garbanzos to cannellini, Bush's® offers 81 varieties of high-quality Beans including classic baked Beans, refried Beans, and chili Beans

33. Famously, the English eat Beans on toast, and Beans and rice is an everyday dish in many of the world’s cuisines

34. Tuck Beans into whole-grain tortillas or pita bread

35. Toss Beans into sautéed veggies or mix them with cooked greens and garlic.

36. Baked Beans make for a perfect side dish to smoky ribs

37. Beans are among the most versatile and commonly eaten foods throughout the world, and many varieties are grown in the U.S

38. Because of their nutritional composition, these economical foods have the potential to improve the diet quality and long-term health of those who consume Beans regularly

39. Fava Beans, also known as broad Beans, are one of the oldest cultivated crops

40. Unlike other Beans, fava Beans are eaten when they’re still …

41. Beans offer several health benefits

42. Beans are high in amino acids, the building blocks of protein.


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44. Beans are also good sources of potassium and magnesium, key minerals for your heart

45. Easy, forgiving, healthy and economical, Beans are a home cook's secret weapon

46. Yes, canned Beans are convenient, but knowing how to cook dried Beans gives you flexibility, and makes for a far more delicious meal

47. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about preparing Beans and some of their relatives in the legume family, including lentils and split peas, both on the stove and

48. Beans Diesel-Bean Machine Multi Function Fuel Tank Sump Kit $179.99 Quick View Pick Options Bean Machine Supra Shock Tower Covers 93-98 $299.99 Blog BLACKOUT 2021 OCTOBER 16TH

49. Beans are intricately woven into the fabric of human history

50. The first 'permanent cultures' evolved when hunter-gatherers and nomadic people began tilling the earth and developing systems of agriculture, and Beans were among the first cultivated crops.

51. Dried Beans, peas and lentils — a.k.a

52. Buy Beans, Peas & Lentils from for freshness and quality guaranteed

53. Beans contain a lot of fibre or fiber, this is the reason they have so many health benefits

54. Beans have between 5 and 8.6 grams of fiber per 100 grams ’30 ounces’ serving

55. The chemicals in Beans that block formation of cancer cells are released.

56. Beans and peas are unique foods

57. Because Beans are so high in protein, they are considered by the USDA to be part of the Protein Food Group as well as the vegetable food group.

58. As calculated using the protein digestibility corrected amino acid score, the top five high protein Beans include soy Beans, winged Beans, fava Beans, royal red kidney Beans, and mungo Beans..

59. Canned Beans are convenient, but in terms of affordability, taste, and texture, dried Beans have them beat

60. If you’ve never cooked dried Beans before, don’t let it intimidate you! My method for how to cook Beans

61. With ground beef and bacon mixed in, these satisfying Beans are a big hit at backyard barbecues and church picnics

62. I'm always asked to bring my special Beans

63. Flat Italian Beans have the best bean flavor, and this one is the tastiest

64. Sweet, colorful, easy-to-harvest bush Beans

65. Beans Recipe- There arent too many ingredients that look gorgeous on a plate and require very little effort to cook

66. Green Beans need only a few minutes to cook and can be used in almost anything: from soups to salads, from curries and bakes

67. Learn how to use Beans to create magic with our 11 best Beans recipes: Walnut Oil Sauteed Green Beans, Beans Patoli Vepudu, Guaar ki Bhaaji, Beans

68. Beans Any perscription drug with effects that range from a head change to knocking someone out, sold in the street Adderall , Klonopin , valium are examples of Beans.

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What is the definition of a bean?

Definition of bean. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : fava bean. b : the seed of any of various erect or climbing plants (as of the genera Phaseolus and Vigna) of the legume family other than the fava bean.

What does 'to know beans' mean?

know beans about(Verb) To know something, even if only a little, about. know beans about(Verb) To know nothing, or almost nothing, about.

What does Old Bean mean?

old bean (plural old beans) (Britain, slang, dated, sometimes as a term of address) An old friend; an old chap or fellow.

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