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1. Disposable polypropylene Beakers feature mL/oz

2. Reusable borosilicate glass Beakers can resist thermal stress and shock to help provide optimal performance and a longer service life

3. Choose from a wide range of sizes at Grainger to help find the Beakers that can fit your applications.

4. The Lab Depot offers a full line of Laboratory Beakers - including Glass Beakers, Corning Pyrex Beakers, Beaker Sets, Plastic Beakers and Stainless Steel Beakers to meet your laboratory needs.

5. Plastic Beakers Scoop, measure, and pour without fear of contaminating your food line

6. Our Griffin, low form Glass Beakers, with spout, are manufactured with uniform wall thickness and offer optimum balance between thermal and mechanical shock.All Science Beakers have large, graduated, metric scale to indicate approximate content

7. Beakers have marking spots which are …

8. Plastic Beakers are a safer alternative to glass, won’t break, chip or shatter, are lightweight, chemical resistance, heat tolerant., polypropylene and polymethylpentene Beakers provide precise measurements, reliable support and dispensing control, high quality laboratory grade plastic materials for dependably lower levels of potential leachables and extractables.

9. Beakers Bongs are a highly desired body style, whether you prefer to medicate through a Bong or Dab Rig

10. Beakers Coffee is built off of relationship, quality, transparency, and science; all of which are the foundations of our core beliefs

11. It may sound impossible over a tiny cup of coffee, and it couldn’t be more true for us, but when you buy a cup of coffee from Beakers you're impacting the world.

12. Find chemistry Beakers for experiments and lab applications

13. Top-quality borosilicate glass Beakers withstand the high temps of normal lab procedures.

14. Beaker folk, Late Neolithic–Early Bronze Age people living about 4,500 years ago in the temperate zones of Europe; they received their name from their distinctive bell-shaped Beakers, decorated in horizontal zones by finely toothed stamps

15. Pyrex® Beakers are available with white metric scale markings in volumes of 50ml, 150ml, 250ml, 400ml, 600ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3000ml, and 4000ml

16. Beakers are available in a wide range of sizes, from one milliliter up to several liters

17. Little Beakers is a real science lab built just for kids, offering science learning and family fun for kids of all ages

18. For convenience, the 250 through 4000 mL Beakers have a double graduated metric scale to indicate approximate content

19. Laboratory Pyrex Beakers, Set of 3, Old Lab Glass, Vintage Scientific and Medical Salvage Erlemeyer Flasks PatinaRustandBling

20. Cowie Beakers, PTFE 007.150 Beakers $97.99 2 models Kimble/Kontes KIMAX Brand Griffin Beakers, Low Form, Double Scale, Borosilicate Glass 14000 150, Pack of …

21. Vintage Ceramic Cups, Porcelain Beakers, Laboratory Crucible, Medicine Stoneware, USSR 70s AtticandbasementVtg

22. Look no further for laboratory glassware we stock popular sizes of Beakers, flasks, graduated cylinders, bottles and vials

23. Browse our PYREX ® glass Beakers for all your experimental needs: PYREX - Berzelius graduated beaker, tall form with spout - offer excellent chemical resistance and are ideal for use with aggressive dry and liquid samples

24. Beakers Glass Beakers can be heated to much higher temperatures than the plastic counterparts, while offering higher clarity for content visibility and measuring

25. Glass Beakers feature uniform sidewalls and bottom thicknesses with a flat bottom and a beak, or small spout, for easier pouring.

26. Beaker bongs get their name and their distinctive shape from classic laboratory Beakers

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28. These durable 1000 ml / 1 L glass Beakers are a great value! They're made directly for Home Science Tools with high-quality borosilicate glass that can be heated directly in an open flame

29. Beakers are used for mixing and gentle heating and will withstand typical laboratory thermal variations common to chemistry processes like heating and cooling.

30. 250ml Glass Beaker 4pcs/lot Low Form Boro Beakers Lab Chemistry Glassware

31. Plastic Beakers are manufactured from polypropylene, HDPE (polythene), PMP (polymethylpentene), polycarbonate or PTFE.Plastic Beakers are popular for general use and minimise the risk of breakage

32. Glass Beakers are manufactured from borosilicate or soda lime glass, and generally offer greater longevity, all-round chemical resistance and autoclavability.

33. Polystyrene Beakers are not recommended for autoclaving

34. These disposable Beakers offer excellent chemical resistance to diluted or weak acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols and bases

35. DURAN® super duty Beakers provide a higher mechanical strength achieved by reinforcing the rim

36. Find here online price details of companies selling Glass Beakers

37. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Glass Beakers for buying in India.

38. Plastic Beakers Scoop, measure, and pour without fear of contaminating your food line

39. Get the best deals on Beakers when you shop the largest online selection at

40. These low form Griffin Beakers are made from high quality Type 1, Class A, 33 expansion Borosilicate glass.Graduated and non-graduated Beakers allow contents to be efficiently mixed, analyzed, and transported safely

41. Hard polypropylene Beakers, milky white with a fine pouring spout

42. 3,000 ÷ 15 = 200 Beakers So you make 200 Beakers extra at the hourly tick

43. So in our example, that would mean, 3,000 ÷ 12 = 250 Beakers So you make 250 Beakers extra at the hourly tick

44. Meaning that the 250 Beakers get multiplied by 1.3

45. SKS Science Products offers several varieties of plastic and glass Beakers in several sizes and styles

46. Some styles of our plastic and glass Beakers are also available in combo kits, offering one each in a range of useful sizes.

47. Globe Scientific offers a complete range of laboratory Beakers available from 5mL to 5000mL sizes

48. Plastic Beakers from Globe Scientific - Producers of Exceptional Quality Laboratory Supplies JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

49. The Beakers was always a thing of the heart to us, every minute we enjoyed in our little living room

50. 20 Pack Plastic Beaker Set, Double-Side Graduated 50ml / 100ml / 250ml / 300ml / 500ml /1000ml Plastic Liquid Measuring Beakers, 10 Plastic Measuring Cups, with 10 Disposable Droppers Pipettes in 3ml price from $ 5

51. Offering Beakers of different sizes, these kits can be used for stirring, mixing, or heating liquids in a variety of laboratory applications

52. These low form Beakers are designed for stability and are easy to use with a convenient handle

53. Apr 7, 2013 - Explore Science and Industrial Supplie's board "Beakers" on Pinterest

54. See more ideas about Beakers, beaker, vintage medical.

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What are the functions of Beaker?

The primary function of a beaker is to hold and work with liquids. If graduated, it can serve to make approximate measurements of liquid volume. The beaker is made of specialized glass so it can be heated and cooled without breaking. This type of glass makes the beaker brittle and it must be handled carefully.

What does the name Beaker mean?

The surname Beaker is a nickname for a person with a prominent nose. Looking back further, we find the name Beaker was originally from the Old English word beke or the Old French word bec, each of which referred to the beak of a bird.

What is a beaker is use for?

Kids Definition of beaker : a cup or glass with a wide mouth and usually a lip for pouring that is used especially in science laboratories for holding and measuring liquids

What is the function of the Beaker?

A beaker is a common container in most labs. It is used for mixing, stirring, and heating chemicals . Most beakers have spouts on their rims to aid in pouring. They also commonly have lips around their rims and markings to measure the volume they contain, although they are not a precise way to measure liquids.

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