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1. ‘they used to be Batchmates at St Jude until my sister changed schools’ ‘A student of the late 50s and early 60s, Bangara had a ‘homecoming’ experience meeting his Batchmates

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2. What does Batchmates mean? Plural form of batchmate

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3. Naturally, classmates form a stronger bond than Batchmates, although most Batchmates will of course know each other

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4. Synonyms for Batchmates include classmates, contemporaries, fellow pupils, fellow students and peers


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6. is a premier alumni portal! On you can - Join your schools and colleges and find alumni, find old school friends and reunite with them, meet new people and make new friends, invite friends and build your own social network, share your photos, old memories and interests, browse through a complete e-magazine, send exclusive ecards to your nearest & dearest …

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7. The achievement is no mean task as Nipun has emerged the winner from among more than 200 of his Batchmates.: Not surprisingly, he is the youngest in class and all his Batchmates are older to him by at least 10 to 15 years.: While all her male Batchmates were given comfortable postings within Kolkata city, Goel was posted quite a distance away.

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8. Punjab CM Amarinder hosts NDA Batchmates for a reunion after 58 years The reunion gave the men an opportunity to catch up with each other’s lives since they last met, as they went on a spree of


9. NAGPUR: Additional CPs Navinchadra Reddy and Dilip Zalke, Batchmates of 1995 direct DySP, were the first officers to take the Covidshield jab for …


10. ‘Popular, focused, brilliant’, school friends, NDA Batchmates say Sathe lived by motto ‘service before self’ Mohammad Anab / TNN / Updated: Aug …

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11. More than 17 years have passed since the first season of the reality show was aired on GMA but the ‘Ultimate Survivor’ maintained her friendship with her Batchmates

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12. Last January 27, Jennylyn shared a throwback photo with her Batchmates Yasmien Kurdi , Katrina Halili , Nadine Samonte , Sheena Halili , and Jade Lopez.


13. Story goes that his wife tried to get Batchmates to call him by his first name, but failed

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14. Even if people they meet after graduation know them by other, more respectable names, to fellow Batchmates they will always be known by whatever they were christened with in the early to mid-teen years

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15. Batchmates Latest Hindi News, Batchmates Breaking News, Find all Batchmates से जुड़ी खबरें at Live Hindustan, page1

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16. Creations of Batchmates to showcase to the world, starting with one-of-a-generation 'Summer time at Stanley' by Ramesh News and Achievements

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17. Personal and professional achievements of Batchmates Reunions


18. Batchmates Com Private Limited is a Unlisted Private Company


19. Here about 30 popular Free Online Dating, best buddies, college reunion India, free class reunion sites such as (Batchmates, Alumni Directory - Reunite with Friends, Classmates, Co-workers- -)

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20. Aired (March 28, 2020): Makalipas ang mahabang panahon, muling nagkita sina Elsa at ang kanyang mga Batchmates sa isang expo! Hanggang saan kaya aabot ang ka


21. A group photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Batchmates


22. is an online alumni directory that reunites friends, classmates, Batchmates, and colleagues from various schools, colleges and workplaces.


23. A group photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Batchmates


24. From: Tess Alcantara-Suarez Subject: [ICAMBatch83] THANK YOU DEAR Batchmates and FRIENDS!!! To: [email protected] Date: Tuesday, July 29, 2008, 1:13 AM


25. The two Batchmates have different interests


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27. The main purpose of these apps is to bring all the policemen of Bangladesh together and easily contact our Batchmates at any minor danger, blood requirement or anywhere

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28. Shah remembered that most of his Batchmates, including Puri, were pessimistic in their outlook


29. Dec 2003 - Present 17 years 2 months


30. Batchmates: News, Latest Bollywood News, Movies, Filmography, Photos, Videos & much more on Bollywood Hungama

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31. Dr Satish Jeevannavar and Dr Radhakrishna Jamagadni, the 1994-99 MBBS Batchmates of Karnataka University, have developed a pre-screening tool and Triage tool for COVID-19 testing, as part of their


32. Cop called Batchmates with their names


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does batchmate mean?

Top definition. batchmate. Commonly used in the British commonwealth countries, the term "batchmate" refers to a person who was in the same "batch" as you were in school, college, a military or administrative academy; or another intensive program where people get to know their cohorts quite well.

What is a batchmate in the Philippines?

To make the distinction, students who graduate from the same year are called of the same “ batch ” in the Philippines. That is why you will hear the word “ batchmate ” — which means you are of the same year. When Filipinos says “classmate” they mean they were of the same group of students who occupied the same classroom.

What is the difference between classmates and batchmates?

That is why you will hear the word “ batchmate ” — which means you are of the same year. When Filipinos says “classmate” they mean they were of the same group of students who occupied the same classroom. Naturally, classmates form a stronger bond than batchmates, although most batchmates will of course know each other. Ka-batch ko si Ana.

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