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BASINET [ˌbasəˈnet]


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1. The bascinet – also bassinet, Basinet, or bazineto – was a Medieval European open-faced military helmet.It evolved from a type of iron or steel skullcap, but had a more pointed apex to the skull, and it extended downwards at the rear and sides to afford protection for the neck.A mail curtain ("camail" or aventail) was usually attached to the lower edge of the helmet to protect the throat

2. Basinet synonyms, Basinet pronunciation, Basinet translation, English dictionary definition of Basinet

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4. Basinet definition is - a light typically pointed steel helmet often having a visor.

5. What does Basinet mean? A small, light, rounded steel helmet from the Middle Ages, terminating in a point at the top

6. Basinet definition, a globular or pointed helmet of the 14th century, often provided with a visor or aventail: evolved from the cervellière

7. The Basinet is the exceptional version of the Full Helm

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9. 10 words related to Basinet: body armor, body armour, cataphract, coat of mail, suit of armor, suit of armour, aventail, camail, ventail, helmet

10. Cynthia Basinet, Soundtrack: Party Monster

11. More on Cynthia Basinet: The quirky natural beauty, entrepreneur and Nobel nominated social change activist with sparkling versatility as an entertainer, was born in Van Nuys, California

12. A resilient star, today Basinet shines as a rare inspirational gem of entertainment, combining her experience as an actor, performer, a sought after American

13. Basinet to młody zespół z ambicjami

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What is a bassinet used for and how it differs from a crib?

The most obvious one is size - a crib takes up a lot more space than a bassinet, so a bassinet can be easier in a smaller house. Their smaller size also makes bassinets more portable. In addition, many bassinets have a hood or cover that you can pull over while baby is sleeping. Bassinets are also easier to use for many parents.

How to choose a crib or bassinet?


  • Select a bassinet having a sturdy bottom with a wide base as this will help hold the baby's weight.
  • Avoid buying those having rocking features since they have been known to cause suffocation when the baby rolls to the edge.
  • A bassinet with folding legs should have a locking mechanism to prevent accidental collapsing. ...
  • More items...

    Is a bassinet really necessary?

    Bassinets are a necessary purchase for many parents because they provide a safe place for baby to sleep during the first several months of life, portability, and assistance with co-sleeping arrangements that allow for easier breastfeeding throughout the night.

    Do I really need a bassinet?

    You can safely use a bassinet until your baby is around four to six months old. The key indicator for needing a crib is when your baby starts gaining more control over their limbs, which allows them to sit up and roll over.

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